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On Consumerism (Prophylactic Goods and Sexxxay Services) October 26, 2011

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theres a lot of talk about the economy lately isnt there?  and i once heard someone say something about the environment too!  you know, just in passing.  but what i have never heard (at least not yet) is anyone besides radfems seriously considering the implications of PIV and PIV-centric sexuality on both.  which means they arent really taking any of this seriously.  or more to the point, if it gets in the way of anyones precious PIV, its not an option: if a solution to any problem comes at the price of decreased sexxxay, the cost is simply too high.

heres one example of someone (kinda-sorta) going down that road and stopping abruptly: when discussing so-called “eco-sexuality” or “green sexuality” the best they can come up with is biodegradable lube and green vibrators.  what the fuck?  they hint at a female-centered sexuality and one thats good for the planet, yet they never come out and say that noone should be engaging in PIV because its male-centric and destructive.  they dont seem to care at all that if you have to purchase a product to engage in it, whatever you are doing is consumerist and supports profit-driven economies.  and that these things are not sustainable, and make already rich and powerful men even richer and more powerful-er.  biodegradable lube?  really?  how about the effects of overpopulation on the planet, as the direct result of mandatory PIV and unwanted and ambivalent pregnancies?  they dont say.

heres another example: at nopornnorthhampton they stress the importance of sustainable sex, which sounds really good!  since the average professional longevity of a female porn actor is a few months to a couple of years for example, its very easy to see that a certain kind of “sex” and sexuality is not sustainable for women, and indeed is not compatible with life for women.  while NPNH advocates for the abolition of porn and prostitution, it doesnt seem to care that PIV itself is not sustainable for women, if for no other reason than the vaginal changes that occur at menopause (not to mention all the stress, spending and consumption that comes with it).  heres how they see it:

Green sexuality is sustainable sexuality. It is characterized by long-term, mutually respectful relationships that enhance the lives of the lovers and the wider world. Green relationships look more like erotica and less like porn. Green sexuality is a union between two equals, embracing both heterosexual and homosexual bonds but excluding polygamy, adult-child sexual relations and bestiality.

Green relationships are mindful of the impact of sexual choices on physical and mental health. They value integrity, wholeness and communication and avoid exploitation, abuse, promiscuity, infidelity and prostitution.

Green sexuality is consistent with the principles of the larger green movement, emphasizing long-term thinking, respect for other people, and an awareness of the consequences of personal choices. The green lover avoids mindless excess. By giving up superficial, fleeting, unsatisfying experiences, green relationships cultivate a finer, deeper, richer and more robust way of living.

at least they are willing to exclude certain things, bravely venturing into sex-negative “prude” territory by rejecting bestiality (!) and “avoiding” prostitution and abuse (is that the same as excluding them outright?  if so, why make the distinction here between what they “exclude” versus what they merely avoid?  im just asking).  well im sorry but thats not good enough.  anyone who is considering the long-term health and wellbeing of women and sustainable sexuality for women must address the problems of short-term payoff versus long-term consequences of PIV, and must perform this analysis separately when examining the practice from the perspective and experience of men versus the perspective and experience of women.  this is obvious when so many women report that there really is no short-term payout for them from PIV at all, and that they dont even like it.

but nobodys going there are they?  because going there means having to examine PIV for reals, which quickly and obviously exposes it as a harmful cultural practice that benefits men at womens expense.  and to admit that this is the case, and that so many men continue to do it anyway, casts men in a very unflattering light.  even the allegedly “good ones” who would otherwise not harm a fucking fly.  how very fortunate to be a fly, then.  meanwhile, men and women are advancing and advocating for green movements generally that dont even have womens or the environments best interests at heart, ignoring womens specific and unique concerns (as approximately half the population of the planet, give or take) and failing to consider real solutions if it would mean putting an end to PIV.  this, they cannot have.  even at the obvious cost of successfully achieving the very result they say they are aiming for.  which means they are lying about what they really want, does it not?  i mean really.  the refusal to examine certain practices and solutions out-of-hand is highly suspicious.

and women are participating in progressive movements generally alongside men who refuse to give up their precious sexxxay, including PIV and porn, and alongside men who are actually having PIV with actual women on the ground in the middle of the actual protest itself, with people having to step over them, and creating a market for novelty condoms to celebrate (and mitigate the harms of) all of this, without seeing or caring that there is a very serious problem with that for women.  and that its all very consumerist to boot.

theres a big old pot of steaming reality brewing on the radfem blogs, for anyone whos interested in fully waking from this nightmare.  of course, everyone reading here already knows that.  and once again, radfems are putting it all on the line and creating community for women who wake up from all of this alone, and finding themselves very suddenly unsupported by their protesty PIV-entitled bretheren and the women who make excuses for them, with nowhere else to go.  but DAMN its so fucking aggravating.  and its so BORING.  lets go to the ends of our thoughts, people.  its called intellectual honesty, and internal consistency.  and its not too much to ask.

and PS.  porn is a consumer product.  DUH.