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Oh Golly Gee, Girls Are So Confusing!!1!11 January 16, 2010

Posted by FCM in gender roles, kids, pop culture.
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they really start playing this game early in life, dont they? boys and men have everything to gain from pretending that girls and women are “confusing.”

pretending that girls and women “dont know what we want” so what, thats a free pass to give us everything you know we *dont* want? because thats what it looks like to me.

lets start here.  women are human beings, and human beings *dont want* certain things, by design.  like pain, fear, uncertainty, stress, and abuse.  seriously.  if little junior here could just remember that, he would be, like, seriously ahead of the game, compared to many boys and men.  READ THE LIST AGAIN AND MEMORIZE IT.  i am not even fucking kidding.  it will be the best thing you ever did.

from there, we can move on to more advanced topics, like having to share too little resources with too many people.  nope, women dont like that any more than human beings like it.  so stop knocking us up.  but for now…just stick with the basics.

sadly, its not just boys and men who are playing this game.  girls are playing along with the same tired lines, including “i want to be mysterious!” and “youre right, i *dont* know what i want!”  but i am not going to post a video here of a teenaged girl playing into the misogyny of her culture.  thats just not fair.  plus its clear that several girls who responded to this disarmingly cute british boy typical little exhibitionist attention-grabbing male were just trying to flirt with him.  also not going there.

but i did watch most of them, and this young woman had the best response so far:  she basically says that if you want to understand girls, “hang out with them and talk to them.”  you know, like you do with the other humans.  thats good advice.

too hard for you? or, just not really *that* interested in answering your own tired bullshit question? dont worry junior.  just stick with the list.  carry around a cheat-sheet if you have to.  laminate it, and consult it often.  no shit.