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Teh Menz on Teh Menz June 19, 2010

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for anyone who has ever wondered “what the fuck is wrong with men” and didnt really want to know the answer, or really to even consider the question…i offer you “the mankind project.”  (if anyone does want to explore the very real problem of WTF is wrong with men…read anything on any radical feminist blog, especially about PIV).  but i digress.

heres what teh menz think is wrong with teh menz.  but not to worry, men-luvahs!  its really not a “problem” so much as a slight energy blockage.  in fact, theres really nothing wrong with men at all, its all just in their minds.  because men are known to be masochists, dont you know.  and they dont externalize any of it of course, and its nothing that cant be fixed by a weekend of crying and s’mores:

  • they “feel stifled.” apparently.  even though this has nothing to do with actually being stifled, in real life. because they arent.
  • the painful sense that they could have more.  even though they already have pretty much everything that matters, as judged by the rules they made, to benefit themselves.  awww!
  • they cant feel their feelings, because they are too busy learning and working in the skilled trades.  oh the poor babies.  my guess is that if trauma-bonding and PTSD paid better, they would find the time.  no?
  • an annoying sense of worthlessness.  which couldnt possibly have anything to do with their actually being worthless.  you know, cause they are teh menz!
  • the unsettling sense of contentment that comes from feeling completely comfortable with your life. yes, this is what passes for “emotional pain” if you are a man. y-ouch!
  • hollywood.  and stuff, and things.
  • all the men in their lives were abusive; therefore, they didnt have any male role models.  think about this one for a good long time.  srsly.  oh, and: therefore, men are awesome.  huh?
  • men dont spend enough time with other men.  mm-kay.  see also # last.
  • fear.  and like…obstacles.  or something.  i dont know, i think i fell asleep for a minute.
  • they have “families”.  oh, boo fucking hoo.  that wouldnt have happened if any of them could keep their dicks in their pants would it?
  • they dont have enough opportunities to network.  with other men.

and some more trite, imaginary bullshit about “fear” and “shame.”  thanks, teh menz!  now…heres what one of their ex-gfs thinks is wrong with the men who produced the above video for “the mankind project” (this made me laff and laff):

yes, i think that about captures it, especially around 3:40-4:00. thanks, ex-gf!  and only slightly tangentially, if it werent for ex-gfs, many rapes, murders, gang-activity, and other crimes would go unsolved every year.  i mean, many *more* than already go unsolved.  cause ex-gfs TELL THE FUCKING TRUTH, as a rule.  oh yes they do. enjoy!