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And With That, The Entire House Came Crumbling Down November 26, 2012

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oh how i wish this would just happen already!  the internets have blown up with the PIV-critical talk — and this makes me so happy i cant even.  of course, i doubt this will be the final throes of the PIV-as-sex paradigm — the one that has left literally billions of damaged, dead and dying female bodies in its wake across time and place — which makes me so sad i cant even.  we will have to live like this for a bit i think, but how long is a “bit” really?  things change on a dime (in some cases).  that one piece of the puzzle finally clicks into place and the picture becomes clear — in some cases.

and did i mention men lie?  they make shit up, they create realities that arent real.  this makes our job harder, but moving through mental molasses is still movement.

an illustration.  what does this image conjure for any of us when we see it:

sea monsters arent real. so what is this?

sea monsters arent real mkay.  so what are these images a placeholder for?  whats really going on, and what are men lying about exactly when they create these elaborate scenarios and images that attempt to explain real phenomena but with the added “twist” of building males up and increasing male power, and stumping for men and a pro-male agenda, whatever that means at the time?

in the case of the mythology of the sea monster…an entire false history complete with evocative imagery and compulsory emotionality/sentimentality seems to have been written by men to explain away entire ships — hundreds of them — being lost at sea, possibly due either to bad seamanship or to rogue waves.

according to the history channel, historically, when not-incompetent seafaring men reported seeing or being damaged by one of these “monster waves” — assuming they survived at all — the other men laughed at them, and called them drunks or worse.  so the men just started making shit up.  because they could, you see.  men create reality; the rest of us just live in it.

in the case of the seamonster, men created an incredibly rich, vivid and yet as it turns out completely false reality narrative that *kind of* explained what had happened, but which made them look better than the actual, real truth, and deflected the blame away from them onto something — anything! — else.  only when other men found “scientific evidence” of rogue waves did anyone start believing they were real, and (happily!) this truth was exculpatory of men and mens incompetence, and knowing that, men started widely reporting the actual real truth about rogue waves and the part they play in anyones reality.

i find it particularly striking that rogue waves are known to take out the masts of ships — knowing how frequently we see images of seamonsters grabbing onto the masts of ships.

and speaking of rich, vivid and yet completely false narratives, what of this:

this isnt real either. so what does this image stand for?

feel the emotion and history there?  so do i.  unfortunately though, just like in the case of the seamonsters, this “history” — of PIV and what it is and what it means — is not real.  we are left to deal with the fact that this imagery and this history feels real, and is physically and emotionally evocative — of something made-up, that never happened.  talk about a mindfuck.  does it help to understand that men do this all the time?  that they invent imagery and entire histories of things that feel or seem real — and that deliberately somewhat-correspond to actual events — but which never actually happened in real life?  because they do.

like this:

men lie.

feel that?  feel the witchy history there, the evocative narrative, the sounds, the smells, the emotions and all of it?  thats intentional.  but its not real.  srsly, how do they do that — how is emotion and history manufactured so easily and so effectively?  i cant say i fully understand the mechanism, but look — “witches” were mainly women — regular women.  witches cauldrons were for cooking, a cauldron is just a big pot, get it?  and all women had one in their homes.  brooms were for sweeping, (not for flying ffs) and all or almost all women had one in the house.  just like we do today.  get it?

mens ability to rewrite this and to have their lying-ass version of history just last and last is terrifying, it really is.  think of these examples as mansplanations, perhaps — and then realize how malicious and malevolent mansplanations really are.  men lie.  and men kill women on purpose, and lie about it, including inventing evocative histories bursting with sentimentality and emotion which deflect our intellect and imagination to where men want them, instead of on the real actual truth.  and this of course includes the truth about PIV and what it means for female-bodied people across time and place.

in the case of the seamonsters, the actual, real truth was exculpatory of men, so men were more than happy to report the truth when they finally knew it.  but this is *not* the case with accused witches and what men did to them because they wanted to and because they could — that history has been trivialized, and all but completely erased.  and it is not the case with PIV either.  the truth will never be reported, by them.  the picture will never finally come into focus, relying on that one critical piece of information, supplied by them.  we have to do this ourselves, or it will never be done.   and once the truth is out, we will probably have to work very hard to preserve it.

“Woman Hating” Part 2 August 15, 2010

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since i started talking about dworkin’s “woman hating” i thought i may as well finish.  for those who havent read it, dworkin starts out describing fairy tales and porn, and how they both “tell us who we are,” mapping out very clear psychological, physical, and behavioral distinctions between women and men.  from the fairy tales we were all told as children, or that we were at least aware of, we know that the only good woman is a dead/sleeping/inert woman.  and men are heroes, no matter what they do (or dont).

and porn…well porn and fairy tales seem to share that narrative, dont they?  realizing that PIV is inherently dangerous to women, women are inert as all receptacles must be, and participating in our own destruction when we engage in it.  and men come out smelling like roses as they say, even as they actively annihilate us.  all hail the heroic come-shot!  also, viewing women as “carnal” and evil when they arent asleep or dead, porn takes the evil-stepmother figure, quite literally, for a ride.

in “woman hating,” dworkin made the connection between the shared narratives of fairy tales and porn, and between two of the worst (best?) examples of misogynist hate, gynocide, the world has ever seen: chinese footbinding, and the persecution of witches.  of course, mens entire belief-system about women is all a bunch of shit, misogynist reductionism, and lies.  but clearly, when they are the ones writing the narrative, they can make up any old shit they want: then, men make their own wildest dreams about women come true.  for example:  women are inert, ineffectual humans who exist only to be destroyed (and perhaps also rescued) by men…becomes womens feet should be only 3-inches long.  presto change-o!  yes, they were, in china, for 1000 or so years, thanks to ritually binding chinese girls and womens feet.  three!  inches!  womens this and that are thus-and-so, and mens arent.  you get the picture.  or…just in case you dont:

woo-hoo!  this creating-reality stuff is all so sexxxay, isnt it?  and it apparently has a lot to do with womens feet.  in fact, dworkin characterizes footbinding, and the eroticization of the bound foot as nothing less than a MASS DELUSION about women.  literally millions of men worshipped the bound foot over a period of 1000 years, and claimed to be able to see and feel yummy “extra folds” inside the vaginas of footbound women; folds that (OF COURSE) werent even there.  it wasnt real.

regarding witch burning, women were long regarded as being carnal and evil…and also happened to be lacking in all kinds of manly attributes.  and lo and behold, all the specifically male attributes women pretty unsurprisingly lacked made them susceptible to the influences of the debble!  so over 300 years, an estimated 9 million people, almost all women, were imprisoned and executed for “practising witchcraft.”

and again, we see the MASS DELUSION aspect of it: for example, witches were said to be able to render mens dicks invisible, and some witches were even allegedly able to collect mens dicks in boxes, where they were fed oats and corn and scurried around like hairless mice in the bottom of the box, until returned.  PEOPLE REPORTED ACTUALLY HAVING SEEN DICKS IN BOXES, EATING CORN.  i nearly choked on my lunch when i read that.  i wrote “wow” in the margin, and thats only reserved for the truly, truly noteworthy, in my margin-writing parlance.  i think i have only used it maybe a dozen times in twenty years of reading and marking up my books:

dworkins point was that all our mens fucked-up beliefs about women are being acted out, on real girls and women, in real time.  and that there are acts of gynocide being perpetrated, lasting across centuries, millenia, and they are barely being recorded as noteworthy.  rather, they are “footnotes” in american, european and “world history.”  a curiosity of a culture, at most.  or as fashion.

its worth noting that dworkin largely critiqued literary pornography, which she was well-versed in, having spent many years of her early life immersed in “great” literature…which she eventually realized was absolutely steeped in misogyny.  today, of course, our pornography is happening in real time, to real women.  so its entirely possible that modern-day porn will be looked back on as a century (or more) of misogynist hate, and as fairy-tale and literary-porn narratives being acted out on real girls and women in real time too.  and that our own participation in it, and responses to it, will also be remembered. 

as dworkin has pointed out, these gynocidal atrocities have something in common, and they include MASS DELUSIONS about women, by men.  so, in the case of modern porn, can anyone spot the MASS DELUSION?  anyone?  i think i can.  in addition to PIV = sex, which is clearly, CLEARLY not true at all, we have this:

i've got wesson-ality!

the neo-vagina!  vagina-as-fuckhole, for men.  women are just castrated men, with fuckholes between our legs.  aka.  transwomen.  noone knows where children come from: its a great mystery, and a conspiracy against MRAs.  or something.  honestly, i think PIV, the neovag, and women-as-castrated-men is the great mass-delusion of the century, if not the millenia.  this is what we are living with, and living through, every fucking day of our lives.