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what’s femonade?

femonade isnt a real thing, i made it up.  but it evokes a cool, refreshing experience, escapist and yet fundamentally corporeal.  and thats how i think – and what i love – about radical feminism.  (and “misandry” is a euphemism for feminism, nothing more).

epistemology means “the making of knowledge” and yet, most people dont realize that everything we know, and every piece of information in every book or every brain was, at some point, created.  who made this stuff up, how, why, and is it really true? — are all questions that need asking.  not surprisingly, feminists are the only ones asking them, and they are finding answers.  oh yes they are.

for those whose intellect or personality is wilting under the dry, white heat of patriarchy and misogyny – and for those who are being boiled alive – dissecting and examining the source of our pain is exquisitely refreshing.  feminist studies reaches across all other academic fields, and is relevant to each and every transaction any of us have ever made.  because of that, its endlessly fascinating.

feminists are cracking the code of patriarchy and busting the balls of misogynists, so some push-back from those who have been benefiting from both is to be expected.  but the anti-feminist backlash just comes and comes.  i have been around long enough to have witnessed – and been the target of – misogynist verbal attacks, of the most vile kind.  feminists and even non- or baby-feminists who are tentatively exploring power differentials are being called “man-haters” and “misandrists” even though no such thing exists in reality.  in reality, both terms are used as euphemisms for feminists and feminism, and to expose that truth, i am reclaiming that term in my work.  (for background on the misogynist – and modern – foundations of the word “misandry”, see the very excellent article on adonis mirror.  view the newsvine discussion here).

finally, to the men, transwomen, MRAs, would-be misogynist trolls and stalker-types: this space is FAAB-only.  piss somewhere else, i dont care where!

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