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Déjà Vu January 7, 2015

Posted by FCM in logic, meta, rape.
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i commented earlier that it feels very familiar to be where i am now, that is, having taken my thoughts to their logical conclusion, i find previous “networks” and even somewhat friendly working relationships have become…strained.  due to the sudden onset of my obvious insanity i mean democratic politics, man-hating, transphobia, defeatism, i am not simply no longer on the same page as my former colleagues, but as of 5 minutes ago or whatever i am no longer able to evaluate evidence/reason, to make connections, or to correctly intuit or interpret the world around me and am in fact completely unrecognizable and also a big jerk, a mean drunk and retarded on top of it.  stop hurting my feelings guyz!!!!!! i mean did i miss anything?  happens every 5-6 years or so, looking back on my history (i came out as a democrat in high school).  nothing new under the sun.

so anyway!  i wanted to document, since that is what weve been doing here this whole time, and since there may or may not be some questions about it, exactly what brought me to the place im in now — having given up all hope for social or political reform, because i have given up on men, because i see what they are and what they do and that they will never stop, because they never have, i see pretty clearly that men have already successfully destroyed the world.  its a done deal.

to be clear, i now believe that abrupt global climate change, up to and including that which will cause human extinction in our lifetimes is a real possibility, not only because there is evidence to support this (there is) and not just because i can feel it (i can) but because there could be no other outcome but this.  this is in fact the only logical outcome to the problem of men and maleness that has infected the world cross culturally and across time (and which therefore transcends socialization…but i digress).

as many of you know, because you were there, about a year and a half ago, i really started to see men for what they are, which is ruthless brutal necrophiles and creative destroyers, and i reasoned that they like being this way and want to continue — if they didnt, they would not have created all their social institutions to support it.  (tell me they hate themselves and what they do!  i dare you.)

and not only do males like what they are and want to continue (the quality of maleness), they want to increase it (the quantity of maleness) — men want MOAR men and MOAR maleness.  if they didnt want that, and if they themselves did not understand that what we know as “maleness” is inherent to themselves/bone deep, they would never have started the global practice of female-specific infanticide to create relatively more males than females; nor would they have rather ingeniously come up with pro-male and anti-female technologies including medicine, where males are known to be the more feeble and sickly sex.  get it?  now we have MOAR males, in both relative (more males than females) and absolute (increasing numbers of men) terms.

indeed, it is obvious that men have created more men and maleness than nature would have ever allowed in the absence of brutal pro-male, anti-female social engineering envisioned, built and enforced by males for millenia.  and here is where we get into the thick of it, and why, i believe, our fate has been long sealed: men have created a self-reinforcing feedack loop whereupon males exist in unnatural numbers globally, where males are violent necrophiles and creative destroyers, thus males wield sexual/reproductive power over females abusively, creating more males.  get it?

and it is not just a problem of global overpopulation at this point, although that is a very serious problem as well, but a problem of too many (violent, necrophilic) males, specifically.  this is what will destroy the world, or at least will make it uninhabitable for humans, or much anything else, and probably sooner rather than later.  to wit:

males exist in unnatural numbers globally >  those males wield sexual/reproductive power over females abusively > creating more people > men’s social engineering unnaturally skews population in favor of males > those males wield sexual/reproductive power over females abusively > creating more people > men’s social engineering unnaturally skews population in favor of males > those males wield sexual/reproductive power over females abusively > creating more people > men’s social engineering unnaturally skews population in favor of males > those males wield sexual/reproductive power over females abusively > creating more people > men’s social engineering unnaturally skews population in favor of males > those males wield sexual/reproductive power over females abusively > creating more men.

get it?  men continuously make more of themselves, thats what they do.  the problem of global overpopulation generally is also a feedback loop and as a whole exists due to male-enforced mandatory intercourse and rape — in terms of sheer destructiveness including resource extraction and global climate change this in itself would be bad enough, but then necrophilic males further skew the balance to favor themselves via female-specific infanticide and “saving” males via medicine and technologies when no male should be saved.  because of what they do and what they are.

and self-reinforcing feedback loops are game changers, they really are.

so, once i realized that men will NEVER stop making more of themselves — via the above feedback loop — and they will NEVER stop raping, torturing and murdering women based on our sex — because they dont want to stop — well, it made it very easy, actually, to see that they are NEVER going to stop destroying and pillaging the world.  men will NEVER EVER stop ever.

and once one realizes that men will NEVER stop destroying and pillaging the world, well, it becomes self-evident that none of this will be saved.  doesnt it?  it actually becomes very easy to imagine that it was likely too late decades ago, and they didnt stop then either, just like they wont stop now.  because thats what men are and thats what men do.  and even if the threshhold/point of no return in terms of global climate change due to male-caused overpopulation has not been crossed as of today, it is still too late, because the tipping point will occur sometime — this is a 100% (mathematical) certainty — and men wont stop then either.  they will never, ever stop.

this all seems very logical, and obvious to me, and i am not the only one.  if anyone can SHOW me how and why the terminal destruction of the natural world (including human habitat) is not the logical, reasonable outcome to mens global, timeless destructiveness and necrophilia, please do so in the comments below (or somewhere!  anywhere!  go ahead).  please dont forget to show your work, including (importantly!) how human habitat is likely to be extended beyond 20-50 years, or indefinitely, considering feedback loops including male-caused global overpopulation and if you have time, global climate change.  thank you.


1. Hatto - January 7, 2015

Of course men won’t stop. They CAN’T stop, because even when they try to, their nature just surfaces in another way. Look at China’s “one child policy” as a measure against population growth. Now there are so many abortions and infaticide of females that some parts of China have up to 30% more men than women (117:100 on average). And surely this policy didn’t decrease the number of males PIV-ing with their gf and wives – women are probably left to deal with the problem, and the law, the best they can (using that wonderful medicine, no doubt).

2. Black Metal Valkyrie - January 7, 2015

Do you wim in this space who believe in NTE find it liberating or does it cause crippling anxiety?
However you are lead to it, giving up on men is certainly at the end of my thoughts also. Women only organizations for our own healing are the only logical thing I can think of for women. It was feminists who created the first rape crisis centres after all. Too bad most shelters and rape crisis centre now allow rapist males in and sometimes even flaunt their trannie love.
I have always dreamed of having my own charity of non-profit. Maybe I could make my own woman’s centre, not focused on reforming the law but just as a place women of all ages can have true woman’s space. I would have all the RF books in print there that I can. It would be a very healing place.
Much better than one of countless places where women are like hamsters running on treadmills with male supremacist policy makers ignoring many extremely intelligent proposed policy reforms. No matter how much we protest, how eloquently we speak- whatever we do- men feed off our suffering and they would like it to continue. This is why I don’t believe in NTE, but I can see men destroying our lovely planet eventually. I don’t know when.

3. danceexploits - January 7, 2015

Medicine also keeps women alive. And more and more scientists/doctors are women. If the determination to breed more males vs females was the case, the difference would be more obvious around the world. If the human race/planet was going to end anytime soon, we would be significantly feeling it in daily lives- all of us having to use oxygen masks or something. Your point about rape causing overpopulation was a good one btw.

FCM - January 7, 2015

danceexploits, positive feedback loops cause abrupt, catastrophic change, otherwise known as exponential change. do keep up, we have been talking about exponential change for awhile now! including the excellent video posted by wordwoman that explains it well including using visual aids. it very clearly addresses “why” you would not necessarily know anything was wrong until literally the moment before it was terribly, terribly wrong. this is also why it is so aggravating for math and science people to discuss anything with non math and science people, as the old math guy says there seems to be a particular mental block in “humans” specifically (i would say its generally men) against understanding and visualizing the concept of exponential change. women seem to understand “NO” and STOP and “its not sustainable” well enough in our bones (we globally despise and avoid PIV and multiple pregnancies where we can help it for example, as well as what may well be an intuitive “knowing” patriarchy will never last).

also, i think a couple of percentage points globally, as well as up to 5-10% and even 100% sex ratio in some places (100% means no females at all) is significant, especially considering what it probably should be, and would be but for male intervention, which is majority female. honestly, i trashed your comment at first, but decided to publish it anyway. i will probably regret that because its completely ignorant and evinces no work done on your part at all to even understand whats been said including googling NTE for more information about feedback loops if necessary…however your perspective is probably shared by others.

FCM - January 7, 2015

why does something have to EITHER be liberating or cause crippling anxiety? this makes no sense to me. the truth is value neutral isnt it? its the context within which we exist, and we fail to understand it at our peril. for those of us who find cognitive dissonance particularly painful, which i do i guess, the truth, although value neutral, is a balm always. finally, something makes some damn sense, unlike anything most feminists have proposed about how this is all likely to end. global climate change and catastrophic loss of human habitat due to male-caused overpopulation. DUH. all NTE does is bring the obvious home with evidence that its right around the corner due to feedback loops and exponential change. but really this is the only way it could possibly have ended. it really is the only way and (therefore) we are headed there now.

FCM - January 7, 2015

also, i have to say that certain “reformism” or at least palliative care for women by women makes more sense to me now, standing in this place, than it ever did before. while it would surely be a waste of time and energy to “lobby” for anything from men, particularly anything that will take years and decades to develop considering the circumstances (and would be a waste even without considering NTE) there is at least a precedent for believing that palliative care is appropriate at the end, much like hospice. its something to think about. is this what women have been doing all this time? where they doing effective palliative care before they got sucked into endless lobbying and begging for political crumbs for men? believe me, i am as surprised by this new development in my thinking as anyone.

4. endlessleeper - January 7, 2015

this is one of those things i think i just subconsciously knew my entire life but was never allowed to expand upon. i saw some shitty little ~oppwessed gay disaybowed man~ on tumblr saying how able-bodied women “benefit” from medicine that “oppresses” disabled men. as if gynecology didn’t exist, as if women weren’t being exploited to care for men who should just be left to die and frankly should never have been born, as if the entire POINT of “medicine” wasn’t to strengthen weak males so they could better abuse and exploit women. what a piece of shit. at least he isn’t putting his penis inside women and whining about how it’s oppressive to him to be doing it (tangent: i HATE gay/bi d00ds whining about how their parents are mad they like sucking cock. buddy, women wouldn’t fuck you anyway. we’re glad you stay the hell away from us. even though they’re gay gay gay all they think about is fucking women but it’s different than how str8 boys do it apparently).
i really hope there’s a mass male die-off, i really, really do. the ultimate female palliative care would be to have 99.9% of males in the world die. imagine the freedom we’d have. imagine how much safer things would be. it wouldn’t even matter how long we had to live until the world died because few men would be around to hasten the process or interrupt our grieving.
this thought process makes me so, so, so ill. i hate men. hate hate hate hate HATE them, and there’s nobody in my immediate life i can say this too because ~da mens r oppwessed too~. my big fat disabled ASS men are oppressed. their comfort with speaking about how oppression directly impacts them in specific ways and getting paid and recognition and privileges to do so indicates that they are not oppressed in any fucking way. holy shit this is working me up.

5. sellmaeth - January 7, 2015

You know, I felt some grim glee (schadenfreude) about the female infanticide in China and India when I first read about it – let them die out, if that is what they want! But then I read a book about it, and realized: They are not going to let this happen. They already abduct and rape womem from neighbouring countries. And the sad think is I don’t know what to do about this. Let’s hope they poison themselves with dioxine (makes males less likely to have sons, it seems), as men have already done all over the world.

If your feeling that the world is about to end is correct, we need to get as many women out of harm’s way as possible, and hand out popcorn to them as they watch men commit suicide. If Indian men want to die out, that is their problem, but I don’t want women to suffer in the process.

To danceexploits I just say: Ever looked at the birth statistics for the whole world? In best case scenario, there are 1.04 boys on every girl born in developed countries. In Germany, there is a whopping 1.07 boys born for every girl, even though male fetuses are more prone to spontaneous miscarriage – please explain to me how that is possible? I think there is a small, but not insignificant number of men who cause their female partner (prisoner) to miscarry by repeated beatings if they carry female fetuses, or even commit/ urge women to commit infanticide in that case, so the birth is never registered.

In southern countries where I assume there is less medical care (no abortions, either), there are less boys born per girl, probably because the bad living conditions make women miscarry male fetuses early, and there is no intervention to prevent miscarriage. However, men soon outnumber women. In Katar, the birth ratio is 1,02 boys per girl. At age 24, however, men outnumber women: 2,83 men for every woman. And it continues until men are 3,29 men on every woman!

There is a war on the female sex going on. And medicine saves more men than women – everything is tested on men. Built for men (airbags in cars are built for men!). Male physicians routinely infected women with puerperal fever (infection that causes death in childbirth), and when one man pointed out that, hey, more women died on the stations where the men went right after examinining the dead bodies of women who died in childbirth, they refused to wash their hands in disinfectant inbetween because they didn’t believe it was transmitted that way.
The most determined man-hater could not invent something like this, and yet, it did happen. Google “Semmelweis” if you don’t believe me.
Maybe they’re not doing it on purpose, exactly, but they sure as hell don’t care much about “accidentally” killing women, either.

6. JoJupiter - January 7, 2015

Medicine is mostly needed by women to undo the harms of men, dance (PIV, poison food/air/water, direct physical abuse). And it offers another opportunity to get women under men’s control, via the medical establishment.
People in China are already wearing oxygen masks. And buying cans of fresh air.

FCM, your palliative care comment reminds me of the story about the beach full of stranded starfish, and a woman throwing them back, one by one. Because it matters to that starfish. And though I agree there is no saving us at this point, maybe that’s still something. Helping other women breathe easier, while we still can. Thank you for this. I’ve been struggling with what to do, what to do, and maybe this will get my hamster brain off of the wheel.

FCM - January 7, 2015

yes, i am still thinking about it, but preliminarily i would suggest making a distinction between palliative (hospice) type care and pointless reformism, and discarding reformism completely. then really parsing whether, and if so how, where, when and what type of palliative care is acceptable TO US, not only in medical “hospice” which we may not agree with to the extent its necrophilic/medicalized and controlled by men, but in the conditions we currently find ourselves. maybe this would only mean taking ourselves and the women we love to a quiet (quieter) place, for example, and nothing any more drastic than that (although any change will be hard enough). i do think it will be important not to jump to action just for the sake of doing something. we have discussed this before.

FCM - January 7, 2015

and it does kind of seem like small, localized “actions” are what we are talking about here, with women we know and love and little intervention from the outside — what hospice care mightve been before it was medicalized perhaps? it might be important to think about how long we have left since “the end” in terms of global human extinction is not just a few minutes, weeks or months — a protracted dying. i recently saw a prediction of 2-20 years, and the 2 years was based on the imminence of a huge methane release (i think?) which could happen literally at any time now, and then it would take a year for the methane to spread across the atmosphere globally. but 20 years, or 40, or 100 is a long time in human terms but is just the wrong number of years to be very actionable isnt it? because it might not happen TO US at all, or anytime soon (although there is evidence that it will indeed).

FCM - January 7, 2015

i do think it is beyond time for us to at least start paying attention, such as fucking NOTICING that people are already in fact wearing masks…and “unusual” and extreme weather events (like buffalo NY recently getting 10 feet of snow in 2 days or whatever). i am waiting to see what the causes were for the recently “disappeared” commercial airliners for example, and if one or both of them are weather related as i suspect, i will definitely make a note of it.

7. sellmaeth - January 7, 2015

What are your thoughts on adoption of Chinese and Indian girls to the US or other places where female infanticide is not practiced on such a large scale?
The law makes this very difficult and expensive, but to the individual girl, it does matter. (Me, I have a snowball’s chance in hell of being approved for adopting a baby, but I am thinking about suggesting it to others)

8. JoJupiter - January 7, 2015

Yes! Reformism is worse than pointless, just plays into men’s vampiric energy-suck. Tried for half an hour one day to explain this to a Democrat woman on my front porch, ended up just exhorting her to read Mary Daly. Come on starfish, head for the open water…

I ran across the hospice concept first on the Nature Bats Last site, and so was tempted to dismiss it out of hand. I agree with his science-based conclusions, but as a man he can’t possibly understand how to die properly or with dignity. Seems Carolyn Baker actually invented the hospice idea for that crew, though, so with that and what you’ve said here, will consider it again from this angle. I’m of the mind that at this point it’s much worse to do the wrong thing or waste my energy than it is to do nothing at all.

Expanding my garden (adding rue this year, for example) seems important. Doing more of the things I WANT to do seems important.

9. JoJupiter - January 7, 2015

Please look to the stories/blogs/tumblrs written by young women who were adopted out to the US, sellmaeth. Many have had experiences ranging from less-than-favorable to disastrous. (If you go ahead, consider moving to a neighborhood where you are the minority, not them.)

10. sellmaeth - January 7, 2015

@jojoupiter: I don’t live in the US, moving to a different neighborhood is not an option.
So, you don’t think adoption is a good idea? I mean, is being a racial minority worse than being a minority as woman? Hm. Well, I guess I could (if I ever get to a place where I can take care of another living being) adopt a girl from a country closer to mine. You don’t have to go very far from here to come to countries where people openly admit to not wanting to have daugthers. My initial impulse was to get Chinese and Indian girls the hell out of there, but those are not the only countries were women have it significantly worse than here. (Not that my home country is perfect in that respect, I do consider emigration as an option for the future, but as of yet, it is bearable.)

11. freefromsexpozzies - January 7, 2015

Ah, the freedom in accepting that men and their messes are totally out of your control. Nothing like it. No more guilt for not using up my days “fixing” things I didn’t destroy, and have no hopes of resolving. I am all for hospice for women, its the only type of action thats not a waste of time.

I find NTE liberating in the extreme, as would anyone that takes an honest look at the future and realizes they are wholly unprepared for dealing with it. I wasn’t looking forward to suffering, penniless, in old age, worrying about how men are killing my daughter. NTE puts an end to this, writ large.

I was anxious when I thought “OMG I gotta DO something!” Accepting defeat? Freeing. And there’s no cost to it, no down side, even if Im wrong. This is because the only changes Im making are positive ones, like focusing on/spending time with women and girls, and not putting effort into mens BS. It’s not like Im refusing to save for retirement now- I was never going to be able to do that anyway. If we all perish, then I didn’t waste life on reformism/ working to death for savings. If we don’t, I get to live without anxiety, and go on the same as I would have otherwise.

As for producing more males, men have created a necrophilicly ingenious solution to guarantee more of themselves: they make life so horrible for women and girls, that moms willingly kill the daughters.

I never understood how a mom could kill her baby girls, until I had my very own daughter. Now I know that those moms don’t hate their girls, they love them. They are doing the one, and only, thing they can do to spare their babies from the hell that they themselves live in. They are truly powerless to do anything else, this is the sole way they can protect their girls.

And MEN love this, because they are men. Infanticide and aborting girls an easy problem to fix, if men wanted it fixed. But men like it this way, so it will never change.

I read one person speculate that with fewer women, they would become more valuable. That person obviously doesn’t realize what men are really all about. LOL, women won’t gain value. In reality, fewer local women increases trafficking, kidnapping, rape, and abuse. To think, women gaining value? Why, when men could simply rape and abuse more instead? Maybe even war amongst themselves for more rape victims. That’s the male way!

Thanks for stopping back to write these last few posts. I really appreciate it.

FCM - January 7, 2015

re the hospice idea on the NTE blogs, well, all i would say about that is that its a good idea to be skeptical/critical about that because as you say, males cant do anything right and that includes dying/caring for others while we die. using the straight analogy of patriarchal, medicalized hospice we can identify problems with it (i might go into that later) but also, guy mcperson is apparently now ending his lectures with something like “at the edge of extinction, there is only love” or some such tripe. what this means to women and men of course is going to be completely different. love for men means to revel in whatever is pleasurable to them no matter how destructive it is, and where “making love” causes babies to be made, male-defined “love” at the edge of extinction of the human race due to male-caused global overopulation is in reality an orwellian nightmare, excruciatingly ridiculous and exactly like what they have always done forever. its not a bit different, except they dont even have to pretend to care about the consequences since they believe there wont be any FOR THEM. male NTEs are really fucking pigs, they really are.

FCM - January 7, 2015

male NTEs. lol. this is a parody of the fence-shaking scene from terminator 2. the original is a bit harder to find for some reason?

FCM - January 7, 2015

srsly, they should just stick to the facts. disgusting fucking pigs. (im not being at all fair to pigs obviously).

12. sellmaeth - January 7, 2015

So true, freefromsexpozzies. I have read theories that there was a lot of prostitution in the Victorian Era because there were more women than men, due to the war. The women could not find husbands, so they had to prostitute themselves.
But, realistically, there should have been less demand for prostitutes, because all those men were married? As if!
There is no sex ratio that will make men value women more, as long as we live in patriarchy.

13. cursethereign - January 7, 2015

first, all males practice female infanticide. all men abuse and/or neglect female children in one way or another, whether through murder, forced abortion, abandonment, abusing the child’s mother and therefore reducing her availability to the child, even sucking energy from any mother of a girl child, that is female infanticide of the child, and femicide to both mother and child. simply being male and not doing anything about it when their bro is doing one of the above: also female infanticide. and there are a lot of ways to passively kill a baby girl. my ex, for example, simply stopped showing interest in parenting when i told him our unborn child was female. he’d had a “boy” name picked out and everything… not that he would have contributed much materially to the family anyway, and we are still surviving, anyway, but you get the point. when she dies, even if she lives to be 98 and the doctor says “natural causes,” it will be partly his fault. so female infanticide takes many forms, it is the rule, not the exception, and there are no exceptions.

secondly, as implied by firstly, all women die of male violence, by femicide. it is simply impossible to calculate the minutes, days, months, years, etc. males take from our lives. men have killed every woman or girl who ever existed, in one way or another. sexually abusing a child is the same as killing her, because the logical thing for her to do afterwards is to kill herself. if only therapists and recovery groups didn’t gaslight us into thinking there was such a thing as “healing and moving on,” in a world where what happened to us as children was actually just the beginning of the torture we would endure at the hands of males, we would be well-advised to just end it right then and there. but there’s money to be made in convincing women patriarchy was just a bad dream of childhood, when the truth is that when we are allowed to live, even as adults, we are not allowed to pursue lives for our own enjoyment but are forced to exist for men’s benefit. and against our will, since when we “choose” to stay alive, we do so having been lied to, we have not given informed consent to continue living. females have probably been living largely against our wills since patriarchy began, at least i imagine there are many (other) women who would kill themselves if it wouldn’t make them feel guilty about something, like abandoning their kids, or their friends or their cats or their begonias or whoever. or guilt about abandoning a parasite, of course. even if it’s just subconsciously.

14. JoJupiter - January 7, 2015

LOL, FCM – great vid, perfectly captures the essence of the nte male emotional shit fit.
The “there is only love” quote from guy sounds like something out of a beatles song. (That is not a compliment.) It’s a thought-stopping phrase, isn’t it? And “love” itself, as a concept (as has been said before by other women) is meaningless when used by men. He might as well just say, “there is only more dick sticking until there’s no more breath in our bodies” and get it over with.

FCM - January 7, 2015

some male pantload just stopped by to tell me he is planning a rebuttal of this post on his own blog. i dare him to “rebut” the point that males have caused global overpopulation through mandatory intercourse and rape, or even better, to “rebut” that there is overpopulation at all. as for the NTE stuff, he can take that up with guy mcpherson and the rest of the NTE doods, i am sure they will vigorously defend their own work against some pantload who doesnt even have the brainpower to understand what hes reading, and thats assuming hes even tried to educate himself on the issues before his smug dismissal. and i am sure the male radfems like derrek jensen will take on these male detractors as well. lol.

15. freefromsexpozzies - January 8, 2015

An angry adoptee here…
There are many ways to learn more about the evils of adoption, but the TLDR version:

ALL facets of patriarchy LOVE adoption: most governments, the free market, NGOs, right wing conservatives, lefty liberals, As well as the parents that are infertile, and the general public.

When all the male institutions agree like this, you have to know that there is someone deeply evil about it. It obviously has to be necrophilic, abusive, exploitive, and involve rape and slavery.

Longer version: the problems with adoption are enormous, international adoption even more so. Adoption is also a good example of how individual solutions actually make shit worse overall, by providing demand to fuel a gusiness in need of profit. Well meaning people can fall for this oppressive, exploitive, system, because the propaganda is excellent and deeply entrenched.

I understand the desire to rescue a girl from what you perceive as guaranteed horrors. Everytime I hear about girls sold as sex slaves, forced marriage, etc, I dream of being able to go and buy them all, so I can help them survive. So many girls suffer so much, its only human (female) to want to *do something*.

*IF you were actually adopting a girl like this, that would be one thing.*
You would still have to be aware that she would be pushed into an unfamiliar culture, into the care of utter strangers, and that rape and abuse also happens here. You would also need to realize that ripping kids from families, because they are poor (the main reason for adoption, worldwide) and shipping them far away, is no solution; suporting their moms locally, is. Still, if the girl is escaping forced marriage, etc, these things may be the lesser of two evils, and an individual action better than nothing,.

*But, in most cases, you won’t be getting these girls.*

Instead, you could be getting a child that still has a family, which are likely to have been lied to, with promises of a Western education/ citizenship, in order to get the kid away from them. Or, the girl was removed by force. Or had a mom coerced into pregnancy.

This is because adoption is an industry thats products are humans, and when there is demand, there will be supply. Lots of abuse is committed to facilitate adoptions.

16. Black Metal Valkyrie - January 8, 2015

Thanks for responding fcm. I didn’t mean make it seem like a dichotomy. As witch has said, the truth is ALWAYS liberating. I just cannot imagine both existing concurrently in my own self. I’m not exactly a historian but my intuition is that most feminism has always been reformist but in the 2nd wave there was more palliative care. Wim thought because had fought so hard, that the state would finally pick up the slack but instead they turned it into gender neutral baloney underfunded unstable bullshit. I am envisioning a woman only centre where low income women can go to do relaxing things like eat, watch tv, read radical feminist books, have talking circles, sauna and some other natural healing stuff. No trannies! Your writing is transformative fcm. You have a gift of presenting the truth.

FCM - January 8, 2015

very true that ALL women are killed by femicide eventually. that women live as long as we do (and longer than men!) under these brutal conditions is testament to female life energy reserves and our resilience as well as our abilities to heal ourselves and each other. and i daresay in most (but certainly not all) cases, a testament to the mothers who manage to birth and “raise” females under these brutal conditions so we at least have a chance. it must be torture for these mothers, utter torture. it is nothing i ever wanted to experience myself.

i had another thought wrt the hospice idea, and i do not think we should forget that it will be females who have the better (any) chance of surviving this mess, or at least we will survive better and longer than males will (males are not born at all, or the rates of male births fall drastically under conditions of extreme pollution and maternal stress). so thinking of this as a prolonged dying is perhaps apt for the collective male fate, but what about the female? already we can see that these are not the same so should not treat them as such, or think of them in the same terms. it makes me think that maybe palliative care for women, like getting to quiet, clean (not sanitized) spaces, surrounded by friends and animals, a focus on pain reduction in general (which requires identifying sources of female pain and then avoiding/eliminating them as much as possible) will be in preparation for our female lives (survival) such as they are, and not necessarily our deaths, or not just yet. the males are going to have a rough time of this, and surely the challenge for many females will be to NOT hospice males, and instead to just let them suffer unaided and die the “natural” deaths they have created for themselves? just thinking out loud here. surely the women reading here will not have that problem as much as other women (being prone to coddling and comforting men).

FCM - January 8, 2015

also wrt hospice, its obvious that the ONLY time anyone is interested in identifying and alleviating female pain is when we are but days away from death. but days! our whole lives we are injured and suffer but it is not until the very end, when it cant be used to improve our lives that our pain is addressed. i also wonder if the “pain” meds we are given make us unable to remember or speak about this at the end (some drugs seem to make you recall and speak freely, are we given those kinds at the end? i dont know). anyway, lots to think about here. i do close up comments when the discussion stalls, because it becomes stressful and pointless to keep “checking” so if anyone has anything else to add i hope they will.

endlessleeper - January 8, 2015

this is EXACTLY my medical situation for almost 18 years now: i have a health problem i’m worried about and the solutions i’m offered are the harmful ones i’ve tried that have failed miserably and then nothing else is offered and my suggestions (groundbreaking, innovative, popular-in-advanced-places-in-europe suggestions) are completely shot down. my concerns are brushed off completely until the only fix is to do surgery or some other invasive treatment. this is a constant, endless cycle and i’ve fallen into a deep depression realizing how much genuine, outright abuse and torture i’ve endured at the hands of people whose LITERAL ONLY job is is to HELP ME and how i’ve been expected to be thankful for it and have been manipulated and coerced into shutting up and pretending i enjoy the violations and brutal, expensive “care”. i can’t take this shit anymore. you are completely and utterly right that our pain is only alleviated days before death. only before our deaths do we get respite from this conspiracy. i hate the medical torturers and their endless gaslighting and their constant pushing my boundaries and demanding my gratefulness and pushing dangerous treatments on me to force me into being an unpaid lab rat. i hate this so fucking much.
we as women are literally tortured day after fucking day and yet we make meaningful lives for ourselves anyway. i refuse to die. that would be the ultimate acquiescence and i want resti-fucking-tution.

FCM - January 8, 2015

there was a commercial playing on an endless loop over the holidays for st judes childrens hospital, where they asked for money to support their medicalized torture of children, they called it LOVE. sending gifts of LOVE to sick children…then we are shown scenes of abject torture, children with IVs, chest tubes and catheters sticking out of everywhere, shaved heads, sunken eyes, neonates in incubators and with grotesque surgical wounds. some children were subjected to 20 or more surgeries in their short lifetimes, a span of only months or years. this is not love. this is males getting off on cutting, penetrating and torturing children as well as contributing to global overpopulation and global male overpopulation. some children should not live, that was always the way of things. then they grow up to have lifetime dependencies and recurring medical issues, and their poor mothers…its horrifying. i have firsthand experience with this set up, i was there from day one and it is torture, pure and simple.

endlessleeper - January 8, 2015

these children will never, ever be healthy and were probably the product of rape which obviously lessens their chances of having good or even adequate lives. they were forced into a world that poisoned them in the womb and will continue to do so until they’re dead. subjecting children to these procedures over and over is abuse. they don’t want these kids to heal, that’s why the procedures never take. men ADORE violating people who can’t say no and call it “abusive” when mothers don’t want their kids to go through this torture. men KNOW these procedures are useless which is why they keep doing them. it’s about having an endless, costly (for the victims) supply of vivisection candidates. i’m so, so glad my mom recognized the torture and protected me from it early on. she can’t do everything (and she refuses to believe me when i call doctors sadists even though she told me point blank she was horrified by what they would probably do to me) but she knows what’s up. mothers–all women and girls–aren’t fucking stupid. men know this too. that’s why they poison and deaden us, because they know.

17. Delphyne49 - January 8, 2015

Endlessleeper said: men ADORE violating people who can’t say no and call it “abusive” when mothers don’t want their kids to go through this torture.

I saw the following story yesterday and it demonstrates what you wrote. These “health professionals” do not care about women’s or children’s bodies and actually do torture them. In this case, the 17 year old young woman was forced to agree to the torture. She ran away after 2 chemo treatments, was found and was strapped to a hospital bed while a port was surgically implanted into her heart.

Torture, pure and simple. And absolutely sickening.

The system would recognize and prosecute her as an adult if she killed one of her torturers, yet the State decided since she was still a minor, that they should be granted custody for them to torture her.

Fortin said it wasn’t until September that doctors at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center (CCMC) ran a biopsy and said Cassandra likely had Hodgkin lymphoma.

Fortin said Cassandra wanted to seek a second opinion, so she pulled her daughter’s records to bring to another hospital.

But Fortin said CCMC doctors understood that as “neglect” and reported her to the state’s Department of Children and Families. Fortin said that DCF filed a motion and was granted temporary custody of Cassandra.

“When they come and take a child from you, and I can’t even call her up at nightitme and say, I love you honey goodnight. It’s horrible.”

After a court order, Cassandra initially agreed to undergo chemotherapy, according to her mother.

But her mother said that after just two treatments, Cassandra ran away and went missing. Police issued a silver alert for Cassandra in November. Cassandra was found, but tensions only grew with DCF according to her mother.

The 17-year-old was ordered to remain at the hospital and was eventually strapped to a hospital bed while a port was surgically implanted into her heart.


18. sellmaeth - January 8, 2015

FCM, that dude really thinks he can “rebut” your post? *snickers* Let’s be real here, the only way men can really rebut feminism is by not oppressing women anymore. But they never try that. (Obviously, because if they didn’t want to oppress women, there would be no need to fight feminism) Instead, they threaten feminists, and if they’re lucky, the feminists don’t talk anymore, but who do they think they fool? Any reaction to feminism justifies feminism.

@freefromsexpozzies: *sigh* You’re right. It is no solution. But then, what is? Drives me crazy.

FCM - January 9, 2015

delphyne49, thats horrible. i just saw that on the nightly news as well, right after i read your comment. interesting that a 17 year old girl can “consent” to be pronged by a dick in any state (i think?) which implies her right to refuse to be pronged as well, but the same 17 year old cannot consent or refuse to be butchered and tortured by doctors (so the doctors just do what they want). wow, its not at all obvious whats going on here wrt “consent” and the age of consent for various things. what the fuck. i fucking hate doctors and i hate men.

FCM - January 9, 2015

and yes, her mother is trying desperately to protect her from these monsters, but she is powerless to do anything about it. its like a nightmare. honestly i think NO woman should have children under these circumstances. no wonder so many mothers are fucking crazy. this is exactly the kind of shit that is likely to cause women to crack, and its just another damn day. horrifying.

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