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When You Can No Longer Consume, Conform, Reproduce, Obey. What “Disability” Means Under Capitalism & Patriarchy April 4, 2018

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my new project. enjoy 🙂

Cannabis Refugee, Esq.

“Consume, conform, reproduce, obey” is a reference to the 1988 American science fiction film “They Live” which suggests that subliminal and other cultural messages essentially program people to behave in certain ways which benefit the state and for-profit corporations.  Although the film was fictional, there is an excellent case to be made that it was also based on real life and the real experience of human beings existing under the brutal systems of capitalism and patriarchy.  Here, we are expected to conform to society’s rules with an alleged “greater good” prioritized over the needs of the individual; to obey the mandates of our elite corporate and public overlords created by them to benefit themselves at our expense; to reproduce if we are able and to seek medical assistance to conceive if we cannot; and of course to consume as many products and services as possible which generates income…

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Dear White Male Activists. Collect Your Pigs. Jesus. July 22, 2015

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white male activists of every stripe, but especially the enviros and liberal progressives like DGR males (no matter what you call yourselves, and no, you arent radical) could do something about this if they wanted to.  but they arent, even though they arent generally opposed to doing both underground and above board “actions” designed to bring XYZ to its knees.

it apparently doesnt occur to these white male pig activists to “start” by neutralizing their own personal brute squad, but it wouldnt, would it?

you are disgusting fucking cowards who get off on images of black women being brutalized by other white males, and you and only you benefit when a black woman is killed for calling a white male pig a coward and a pussy.

you dont actually want it to stop.  but you know that already.  and so do i.

Blogging at the end of the world. June 27, 2015

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they are actually trying to hypnotize us now.  and mom: your sugar-faced boy child is a monster.

in case anyone was wondering how my latest project is going, i can report the following: after seeking treatment and treating with medical cannabis for about the last 3 months, not only have i gotten much, much worse, but about 2.5 months into it i got both sick of being stoned all the time and tired of being a consumer.

to be clear, i now believe there is an anti-consumerist component to whatever the hell this thing is — i am sick and tired of being penetrated and pronged by men and maleness all the damn time including mens pollution and poison including frankenfoods, all mens consumer products including their drugs, and including their dope, and that includes their organic dope.  and specifically regarding their dope, it doesnt matter who grows it, or owns it, or dispenses it.  get it?  i now believe that everything on this planet is poison and it is all poison.  there is plenty of evidence that this is in fact true.

and as much as i had hoped otherwise, i dont think any aversion to being penetrated by mens filth and poison is anything “in my head” i can easily or even painfully get over — i think being penetrated for 40+ years by men and maleness (living as a female in patriarchy) has made me so sick that there is nothing that will save me now.  putting stuff in, at this point, can only be counted on to make things worse.

as far as pain relief, however, i can report that there is relief to be had in medical cannabis if you can stomach it; there is absolutely no debating that there is palliative care here for women, if they are able to access it.  understanding a few things about medical cannabis helps us understand what is there for us, and also pokes at why its been kept from women, specifically, for as long as it has, and why even current regulations on it look the way they do.  for example, higher body fat means you need more.  get it?  just speaking in generalities, this means that women will need more than men will to treat those diseases we share with men.  were the current regulations including therapeutic dosage and legal possession thresholds constructed with this in mind?  probably, considering that there is no differentiation between male and female patients for any reason including legal reasons.  it was all made for men.

nausea, of course, is the other rather glaring sex-based difference in patients seeking palliative care with medical cannabis.  how frequently would any male, as a member of the male sex class, be reasonably expected to suffer from nausea in their lifetime (and how many men are likely to never experience it?)  compare and contrast where some 70% of the worlds women are impregnated and give birth.  more than that are impregnated but do not carry to term.  every single one of them (us) is at risk for nausea including severe, debilitating nausea.  and cannabis is known to cure it without side effects to either the woman or the baby.  what an excellent reason to make it illegal for decades, and what an excellent reason to impose pro-male policies on even legalized medical cannabis today.  because women are suffering because of men and what men do to us.  because.  there may be actual causation there.  we need to consider this.  i am sure some of you already have.

but what i really wanted to say was this.  i am 1000 miles away from anyone and everyone i know, treating my chronic pain with medical cannabis.  and i really, really feel like i am doing the right thing, and its not just because i am sick and unlikely to be well again.  there are no bees anymore.  there are no butterflies anymore either.  im in big sky country now and i look at the stars through the branches of a dead tree.  there is a stump in the grass 10 feet away from it where another tree had obviously lived and died too.  it feels like the whole world is dying now.  deadening my pain here at the end of all things feels like the right thing to do, and it seems literally insane to me that not everyone is doing this.  of course i know not everyone can.

by the by, china is big enough in both land and people to take out the entire world, or to make the whole thing in their own image, or something, and “they” have created an ecological apocalypse for all of us to share.  i am assuming you all read this.  the beginning is the descriptive part, where 30 years of chinese (male) policy and practice of resource extraction and construction projects has literally and utterly destroyed china.  because of the pollution and loss of habitat from these necrophilic projects, chinese people are sick, really sick.  they are suffering and dying.  the last part is just nonsensical pro-patriarchal jibberish and fingerpointing as the western progressives and radicals try to pretend that it was capitalism and communism that did in china and us all, and not men, in the case of china including corrupt chinese males and western investors who also happen to sport/support dick (and necrophilia).

also, extreme weather sunk a chinese cruise ship.  this is after 2 full size commercial jets have gone missing in a similar part of the world, one of them after diverting to avoid extreme weather.

thing is, there is no “us” and “them” anymore.  savvy?  if people are not starting to understand that, then i seriously wonder whether they have thought any of this through.  query: what would widespread illness and palliative care happening against a backdrop of “business as usual” look like?  consider that you dont know how the person in the next car is feeling, or where they are going, or where they have been.  they might be feeling sick, or are medicating so they dont feel anything.  as time goes on, i would pretty much count on it.

these are just my observations of course, and i am but one person.  🙂  🙂  so hows things going where you are?  how are you feeling?  how are things looking?  im just asking.

PS.  if NTE were real, and the US supreme court justices (as members of the powers that be) knew it, what would they probably do wrt gay marriage and obamacare?  palliative care for all?  or stick in the knife further and twist it more?  methinks they want us all on dope, in one manner or another.  methinks they are smart, and calculating, to do what they did, ridiculous inflammatory dissents included.  enjoy your gay weddings and subsidized big pharma and unsubsidized medical cannabis yall.  i suppose youve earned it (some of you by aligning yourselves with the dangerous males SCOTUS itself has likely come to fear).

comments open.

Signing Off Again March 13, 2015

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just wanted to drop a note saying that i will be signing off again.  since last time i really believed it would be permanent, and it wasnt, i wont repeat the goodbyes now. because who knows right?  i can say that at this point i am not planning to write again for the foreseeable future.  the main reason currently is that i plan to be completely saturated with medical cannabis for at least the next few months and i refuse to subject anyone to not only inebriated radfem writing, which certainly would be bad enough, but inebriated nutty radfem writing which would probably be a bit difficult to follow.  haha.  maybe in a good way, but frankly i do not think as a writer i am up to the challenge.  and it bothers me to think that i might start to think i am, at a later time, but when im really not.  savvy?  so best put the lid on this now.  youre welcome!

to be clear, my research indicates that you do not have to be stoned on pot to get the healing qualities of cannabis, and in fact there is plenty you can do that will not get you stoned at all.  drinking 4-8 ounces daily of juiced fresh cannabis leaves will not get anyone high, but it will begin to saturate you, every nook and cranny of you, with the healing goodness of medical pot.  in fact there are those who talk about juiced cannabis as if cannabis is a vegetable, and that modern humans suffer from a cannabis deficiency — humans and cannabis evolved together over millions of years and it was a part of our daily diets until recently.  mammals including humans have cannabinoid receptors throughout our bodies through which we process cannabis.  so it seems as if we are literally built to consume it.  i have only been looking into this for a couple of weeks, and admittedly this kind of stuff is way above my pay grade.  however i can report the following: from what i can tell, cannabis patients seekers with my condition, and with various conditions, are overwhelmingly getting good results; and its best to take the whole plant including activated (psychoactive) THC.

i can also report the following sensation: upon seeing a virtual glass of juiced cannabis for the first time, i would have done just about anything to consume it.  every bit of me, it seems, wanted me to drink it down, and then lick the inside of the glass.  cant argue with that.  i plan to do everything possible with cannabis including putting it in my ass if it will improve my (sad, degraded) condition — and indeed, people are doing colonics with the juice.

anyway, back to signing off.  i came back several months ago (after leaving the first time) to write about NTE stuff and i have done so.  i really really believe that near term human extinction, or at least human extinction, is the logical end result to global patriarchy.  living outside mens subsidy model which we all ultimately do — in the natural world in other words and subject to natural (not mens) laws, and where the costs ride alongside the benefits and are inseparable from them, and where resources are finite — eventually you run out of things to destroy.  that is just the extremely simple, and self-evident truth of it.  the “unsustainable” thing — the thing that cannot go on forever by definition — will end.  words mean things, and everyone is using the “unsustainable” word these days, but failing to grok what it actually means.  which is aggravating, but not surprising i suppose, considering that “trans women are women!” but trans-atlantic is clearly not atlantic.

by the by, regarding this pomo word salad garbage, i dont think its that “nothing means anything anymore” rather, it seems as if in all cases, the male-supremacist/pro-patriarchal meaning is the “real” meaning.  all other meanings can fuck off.  in a pro-patriarchal context, “unsustainable” just means women need to work very very very hard to make it work?  i guess?  whereas the “natural” (real) context is simply one of cause and effect, and natural law dictates that the unsustainable thing > will end.  there really is no debating that, so any rational discussion would then proceed to address HOW (not whether) it will end.  considering that the problem of men and maleness is a self-reinforcing feedback loop, where men rape > creating more men > who rape more…it seems as if the end will be abrupt, and catastrophic.  such is the fate of self-reinforcing feedback loops in general.  get it?  patriarchy, as everything, is subject to the laws of nature/physics. who knew?

welp, women knew, as it turns out.  women knew and women know — women have tried to stop men from raping and otherwise impregnating us for milennia, thereby ending the self-reinforcing feedback loops of global overpopulation and over male population but it didnt fucking work.  men would not allow it (us) to work.  today, 25% (and increasing) of american women are on reality-altering big pharma because its the only way anyone has found to quell womens knowing and womens agony at knowing, and womens resulting resistance, even if its “just” that we cant seem to pull ourselves out of bed in the morning to continue to contribute to our own demise (including our legal and moral responsibility to the next generation of rapists and impregnators, otherwise known as male children).

and if i wasnt already planning to sign off again, that in itself might be enough to push me.  25% of american women, and i would think that the number is significantly higher among female activists by the way (i have heard of activist groups that are 100% medicated) are unable to sense the context/reality of patriarchy and male violence and subsequently are unable to appropriately respond/react to it.  the appropriate/reality-based female response of course being feelings of hopelessness and despair > followed by withdrawal of female energies from the patriarchal death machine (followed by possibly refocusing energies elsewhere.  that is if there is any female energy left).  theres a drug for that (many actually) and more and more women are taking their medicine.  its not as if they (we) have much other choice.

so.  add womens widespread anti-depressant use to the growing list of reasons feminism will fail.  its not going to work.  its over.  this is a done deal.  for those who are having trouble letting go, or want more evidence (as if 100 or 1000 or 10,000 years of womens feminist/anti-patriarchal failure is not evidence enough) as a thought exercise, for those who believe that consciousness raising will be our ticket to freedom, try to reconcile “liberating class:female” with “25% of american women are on antidepressants” that deliberately render them unable to sense and respond appropriately to patriarchy.  does that mean that the 25% of american women who cannot be reached through consciousness raising are not included in class:female?  im just asking.

for those who think that harm reduction will be the ticket, why exclude activist women themselves from the “class” that ought to get away from men how, where and when they can — rather, activist women are expected to negotiate and politic directly with dangerous men!  are female activists not included in class:female (for purposes of radical feminist liberation) either?  okay!

so…just so we are all on the same page, how small a class are we talking about, when we (radical feminists) talk about liberating class:female from dangerous and violent men?  we are already comfortable excluding 25% of american women from liberation via consciousness raising (i guess? not to mention probably lots and lots of other women who are un-reachable for various reasons globally) and all activist women are excluded from harm reduction strategies via the ONLY thing that is guaranteed to work, which is decreasing proximity to dangerous men.

we clearly arent talking about liberating “women” as a biological class anymore, so what are we talking about?  this is a serious question.  i would propose that, since we arent talking about women as a class anyway, not really, lets (continue to) look at increasingly tiny groups, just for fun, and ultimately lets examine a really really small group/class, including possible regional, local or even hyper-local (individual) solutions.  i mean why not right?

or would people prefer to continue talking about this like its something its not?

i will leave comments open on this one in case anyone wants to discuss.  thanks for coming back and reading and discussing with me/us.  to be clear, as last time, this will be my last post…unless its not.

Nothing to Read Again. Or, Finally, A Shortcut. March 4, 2015

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now that i have become interested in the topic of NTE i have sought it out; like radical feminism, the body of work on NTE is so tiny it would be well within any of our abilities to read literally every word ever written on it.  it was/is theoretically possible so i tried with both (radical feminism and NTE) but became bored both times, although it took longer with radical feminism because it is at least written from a female/radical perspective and tries not to be misogynist.  at least that.  with NTE, beyond the science, which i am not personally competent to understand without having it interpreted/explained to me, these people should just stop talking. seriously.  the good ones do stop talking — after a point, what can be said about NTE?  about that which is so obvious (men have raped and pillaged the world) and about that which is written in stone/cannot be influenced or changed (self reinforcing feedback loops get worse, meaning they get more/bigger/faster of what they already are, but they dont stop or get better).

welp.  the NTE activists (or whatever they are, they are not really activating toward anything) who do keep talking say some weird and boring shit indeed.  of course they speak about the end of the world due to male-caused global climate change in sex-neutral terms, that “humanity” and “industrial civilization” caused this mess.  in the case of “population overshoot” as if women participated equally globally and across time in raping ourselves and forcing pregnancies on ourselves and forcing ourselves to raise unwanted and ambivalent children.  in the case of resource extraction as if women had anything approaching equal decisionmaking power this whole time regarding anything, including that (and the connection between the two — resource extraction to what ends?  to clothe, house, etc. the worlds cumulative/aggregate 100-billion rape babies globally and across time.  obviously).

the wordier NTEs also go on and on about grief, as well as how “difficult” it is to accept the idea of NTE even in the face of overwhelming evidence that its a done deal.  to be clear, i am talking about the believers here — they have no qualms about the science, for them this is not the issue.  they accept the physical/scientific reality of NTE, and yet find themselves overwhelmed that it has happened and grieving over what they believe has been lost.  this makes little to no sense to me.

the environmentally-minded among us have been talking for a long time about “sustainability” by which they mean “this cannot go on forever.”  okay.  so, the thing (patriarchy) that cannot go on forever > meaning it has to stop > will stop.  so what?  its only logical.  the woman giving the above presentation said it took her years to get her intellectual mind around the inevitability of NTE caused by runaway feedback loops of “population overshoot” and related “resource extraction” but why?  once i first heard of it, it didnt take me long at all to “get my head around” the idea that men, because they will never stop > didnt stop raping and pillaging the world.  it didnt take a lot of mental or emotional energy at all to come to terms with the inevitability of and connection between this cannot last > this will not last, and then, i suppose > this stops.  duh.

the conversation in which non-feminist NTEs attempt to get their minds around what men have done is thought-terminating and painful, its gruesome in fact, as they gymnastically avoid the real issues and then ultimately truncate their thoughts out of exasperation and as it were, necessity — the issues being, obviously, patriarchy and male parasitism and male necrophilia.  these concepts/realities are literally unspeakable in nonradical space, so NTEs are in the uncomfortable position of being unable to talk or even think about whats really going on (all the while patting themselves on the back for hosting the “most radical conversation” on the internet or anywhere).  its painful, and embarrassing.  whereas radical feminists understand this reality intimately, and speak about it easily.  the nutty ones of us do anyway.

so in the end, after likely many missed opportunities over the years to save my own time and (therefore) my own life, by coming to radical/rational conclusions faster, without having to reinvent the damn wheel, this might be the first time i have gotten to use this shortcut thing and i have to say: if getting ones head around NTE is supposed to take years, the shortcut provided by a radical feminist understanding of the world has probably saved me some serious time (and apparently, horrible grief).  regarding NTE, i get it.  its logical, and unassailable.  of course men have destroyed the world, was there ever any other possible or likely outcome than that?

of course, i again find myself in the position of having little if anything to read on a topic i am interested in (because none of it goes far enough, meaning, it doesnt take its own evidences/thought processes/conclusions all the way to the beginning, or to the end).  but if whats on offer on the subject of NTE, after the science, is a bunch of bullshit gaslighting and jibberish about how “humanity” caused the end of the world; and how civilization patriarchy mens global reign of rape and torture has literally burned itself out because it was not sustainable to rape and torture this much for this long (there i fixed it for them); and how this finally ending is supposedly a bad thing…well its hardly worth my time.  is it.

i am, however, still interested in what radical feminists have to say on the subject, if anything.  i am going to leave comments open on this one, and see if theres anything forthcoming, as posting into the void really isnt my bag and it never was.  so, post em if you got em.  i am seriously running out of things to say.