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Vagina-As-Fuckhole Hurts Men Toooo!!!11!1! July 23, 2010

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so what about teh poor menz.  right?  raise your hand if you feel sorry for men, or have ever felt sorry for them, either before, during or after these discussions of PIV, dangerous male-centric sexuality, and vagina-as-fuckhole-for-men.  i dont.   

but i also cant help but notice a correlation here, between mens perception that womens vaginas are fuckholes, and an old MRA favorite: boo freaking hoo, i have to pay child support!!!!111!1!  yes, the old deadbeat dad schtick.  and i dont just mean that regarding vaginas as fuckholes causes men to make babies and run, although this is frequently the case.    

no, i actually think that mens (OBVIOUSLY INCORRECT) perception of vagina-as-fuckhole causes men to hate their own children, at least among the poor-me set.  and that this is a fucking epidemic, among men, because they pretty much all believe the same thing, when it comes to women and our vaginas.  in a frame:   

i've got wesson-ality!

men think that born-women are really just castrated men, with fuckholes between our legs.  aka.  transwomen.  yes, they do.  they literally (LITERALLY) dont get that vaginas are organs, attached to other organs.  part of a functional organ-system that, you know, does stuff.  they dont get it!  

if men understood that vaginas were organs, that do stuff, they would never regard a neo-vagina as a vagina.  born-men would never want a neo-vagina as a part of their transition into “women”, because they would know that real vaginas are not fuckholes, for men, and that having a sheath between your legs has nothing whatsoever to do with being a woman.  and doctors (DOCTORS!  WHO HAVE STUDIED ANATOMY!  HELLO!) would have never even come up with this insane (as in delusional) idea that a hollowed-out dickskin is the same as a babymaker.  because its not.   

but this is not the world we live in. so imagine (IMAGINE!) their surprise, no their horror, no their RAGE when they find out for sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt (by knocking someone up) that everything they ever thought about women was a lie.  

and imagine them projecting this rage onto the products of conception, aka. their own fucking kids (and even the pregnant belly itself many times).  boo-fucking-hoo indeed.  how terrible.  we now have incontrovertible proof that vaginas are NOT just fuckholes, for men.  but instead of confronting the truth of it, and confronting womens, you know, HUMANITY for what would likely be the first time, they would rather abuse, neglect, abandon, deny, and rage over the existence of their own children

the existence of children fucks up the narrative, you see, that vaginas are just fuckholes, for men.  your sperm traveled BEYOND the fuckhole, see?  into the fallopian tubes, into the uterus, AND BACK OUT AGAIN.  and now its sitting at your goddamned kitchen table and it wants a sammy, with the crusts cut off. 

WTF?  vaginas, like, do stuff??  why, yes.  as a matter of fact.  they do.   

so there you have it: i admit that vagina-as-fuckhole hurts men too!!!!11!!1!  it makes them fucked up assholes who deny the existence of their own children in order to perpetuate an anatomical untruth a misogynist lie.  so heres the solution for the “what about teh menz” crowd: no, teh menz, you cant wear pink, sparkly shirts to work, sorry.  but you can (and should) stop engaging in PIV.  because womens vaginas are not fuckholes, for men, and you are delusional if you think otherwise.  see, i care about your mental health.  (insofar as mens delusions are the direct cause of immense and horrible suffering of women and children, around the world).  

but they arent going to do that, are they?  so it must not hurt that bad.  or…the payoff for men of vagina-as-fuckhole is just exponentially greater (DUH) than the alleged “sacrifice” of men being abusive, PIV-entitled pricks, who believe that women are really just castrated men, and for whom the existence of their own children cannot be reconciled with their worldview.   

what about teh menz, indeed.

Rape Culture Birthed the Neovag July 16, 2010

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what is a “vagina” in a rape culture? 

if we were to abbreviate the narrative of rape so that even a rapist of below-average intelligence could understand it (because they all apparently do) i think we would be left with this: men: ejaculate into a womans vagina, and leave.  wouldnt we?  a rapist of ANY INTELLIGENCE understands this.  rapists who are developmentally disabled understand it.  so i think its time that we understand it too.  to a rapist, a vagina is nothing more than a sheath for a dick, and a semen receptacle.  right?  thats all it is.  again: a developmentally disabled rapist could get this right, and does.  (oh no, am i not supposed to talk about developmentally disabled rapists?  is that being ableist?  oh well.)  speaking of made-up words…

thinking that womens vaginas are really just extra-large condoms for mens dicks is a very, very old tradition.  its a problem thats embedded in our language, if that tells you anything.  as has been noted elsewhere, “vagina” literally means “sheath.”  its so embarrassingly obvious a metaphor that even the editors at medterms.com caught on (well kind of):

The word “vagina” is a Latin word meaning “a sheath or scabbard”, a scabbard into which one might slide and sheath a sword. The “sword” in the case of the anatomic vagina was the penis. Love and war, it would seem, have been connected in the minds of people for millennia.

love, you say?  people?  sure.  the millenia part they got right.  this fucked up, reductionist, rape-fantastical thinking about vaginas has been around a long, long time.  but we all knew that already.  enter transpolitics.

as much as transwomen and transactivists love to pretend otherwise, they just dont get what rape culture is all about.  they say they are “against it” to gain feminist cred, but what are they “against” really?  they are against born-men having to use mens toilets when they would prefer to use womens, is about all thats to be gleaned from that discussion.  oh, and something about poor, transwomen of color sex-workers (which NONE of these internet transactivists actually are, and they dont know any either) who are raped and killed by men.  you know, because men thought they were women.  they passed!  which is exactly what the internet transwomen want for themselves.  to pass, i mean.  not to be raped and murdered, by men.  but therein lies the rub, which born-women know all too well.

because the fact of the matter is that unlike born-women, who have everything (literally, everything) to lose from rape culture, transwomen have at least something (everything?) to gain.  to a transwoman, cutting off her dick and turning it (inside out) into a fuckhole between her legs makes her feel better.  from transwomens own mouths, we know that these fake fuckholes alleviate transwomens suffering.  turning their dicks into extra-large condoms for other men to penetrate (or not, whevs…thats my hat-tip to the internet “lesbian transwomen”) actually tamps down their anxiety, and feelings of dysphoria.

but surgical transition of born-men to MTF transsexuals would not exist if every single goddamned man in the world (including transwomen and their doctors too) didnt already believe that vaginas were just fuckholes, for men.  if it werent for rape culture, in which men ejaculate into womens vaginas, and leave.  this, in point of fact, is what transwomen have to gain from rape culture:

i've got wesson-ality!

the neovagina!  so while teh menz are consumed with making everything all about themselves, (as usual!) and taking advantage of rape culture (duh) to make themselves feel better, what noone seems to get (and dont care to) is that born-women are actually passing as MTF transsexuals.  yes, they are.  this is what men see, when they look at us: castrated men with a fuckhole between our legs, who feel more feminine than any born-woman ever does. 

and men theorize from here, when they theorize about us.  doctors treat THIS, when they are treating us.  men are fucking THIS when they are fucking us.  this is what men are raping, when they rape us.  this is what a vagina is, in a rape culture.  this is rape-culture in one fucking frame.  ONE FRAME!  a political cartoonist couldnt abbreviate it any better, or more concisely.

we are passing as them.  hows that for “delicious irony?”  (thats my hat-tip to the fucking internet drama-queens who get off on trite, privileged bullshit such as “irony”).  its so delicious i feel like i just ate a pound of shit, then threw it up, and ate it again.  if i really wanted to give myself heartburn, i would continue on about the narrative of PIV being identical to the narrative of rape (dont believe me?  watch this).  but i will leave well enough alone, for now.

The Neo-Vagina Monologues January 23, 2010

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like women, vaginas dont have much of a voice in a patriarchal, misogynist culture.  thus, a woman playwright created “the vagina monologues.” 

the title was shocking, but even more so was the very notion that vaginas, like women, have experiences. of course, born-women know that.  but not surprisingly, noone ever asks about womens experiences, or those of our vaginas.  now that someone has mentioned it, my vagina is pretty pissed off too. all vaginas are, thats the whole point. 

vaginas are pissed off because they are treated like shit, like garbage. like toys. when in reality, vaginas are organs. organs, like hearts and lungs are organs. got that? good.  and organs, like, do stuff.  they are good for more than one thing.  working in conjunction with other organs and tissues, organs create organ-systems.  often, overlapping systems that, like, do stuff.  like this: 

now, a question.  what other organs do we deliberately treat like shit?  do we expose the heart and lungs to poisons, chemicals and irritants in order to improve them?  what other of our organs are considered defective and in need of intervention, when they are working properly in their natural state?  none. got that?  good. 

this is the state of the union when it comes to women and our vaginas.  our sex.  literally, our born-sex.  vaginas are organs, but women are the “other.”  medically, socially, and sexually, we are a defective knock-off of the real thing: men.  thats going to cause some problems for us. because its a shared problem, theres a shared history there.  a female-specific history, specifically related to our born-sex.  think i am an essentialist for pointing that out?  go fuck yourself.  then, consider this common example: our first periods.  menstruation is treated as if it were a disease, and women as if we are diseased, even though its a completely normal function of a healthy organ system.  and many of us remember the first time we menstruated just like we remember where we were on 9/11, or when kennedy was shot (or whatever):

our vaginas are also the preferred target of men’s abuse.  this necessitates men protecting us from other men, begging the question: protection from WHAT?  we dont need men to protect us, we need men to leave us alone.  but they never do, do they?  “the vagina monologues” includes the story of one woman who, as a child, was raped by her dad’s best friend.  her dad shot him, and she didnt see her dad again for 7 years because some other men sent him to fucking jail.  for shooting a rapist, while the rapist’s dick was still inside the mans minor daughter:

these are compelling stories, every one of them.  now i ask you, people.  what would a neo-vagina have to say, if a neo-vagina could talk?  this is a serious question.  to help you get into character, heres a prop: this is what a neo-vagina looks like:


Sorry, Sex-Positive Transwomen: I’m Not Buying What You’re Selling. At All. November 9, 2009

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sex-pos transwomen–if i were born male, like you were, i might be “sex-positive,” too.  you know:  exhibitionist, pro-porn, and squeeee!-fully sexually available to men.  if only….

i had been lavished with male privilege since the day i was born, and taught that the only thing that mattered was my wants, my feelings, that i was entitled to turn my desires into reality, no matter how trite, fleeting, or bizarre.  if i grew up with an entirely misogynist view of women, instead of one interspersed with actual, lived, female experience.  like you, believing that girls and women were emotional manipulators, that just have to cry big, black tears to get “their way“–and merely the sum of their fleshly and artificial parts–as observable by men.  the clothes, the eyelashes, and always, always how fuckable they are.  if i had no cramps, and no fear of pregnancy.  you know, all the things you obviously think constitutes “woman” as well as the things that you dont think about, at all, which make your interpretation of “female” so deeply problematic.  if i had been taught to stick my dick into anything that moved from day one, and to enjoy it.

if i had to have regular intercourse with men, on advice from my sex-reassignment surgeon, literally on pain of death: lest i lose my “use-it-or-lose-it” neo-vagina or experience life-threatening complications from (gasp) not being fuckable enough!  (oh, thats rich.  and how “pleasing” to men generally must one be, to ensure oneself of regular access to their sex?)

in other words, if i had grown up a man, like you, i might be as inclined as you are, to tell women that they should be having sex with men.  if i literally had to have regular intercourse with men or DIE, that would color my perspective, as well.  but guess what?  i wasnt, and i dont.