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Signing Off Again March 13, 2015

Posted by FCM in logic, meta, politics.
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just wanted to drop a note saying that i will be signing off again.  since last time i really believed it would be permanent, and it wasnt, i wont repeat the goodbyes now. because who knows right?  i can say that at this point i am not planning to write again for the foreseeable future.  the main reason currently is that i plan to be completely saturated with medical cannabis for at least the next few months and i refuse to subject anyone to not only inebriated radfem writing, which certainly would be bad enough, but inebriated nutty radfem writing which would probably be a bit difficult to follow.  haha.  maybe in a good way, but frankly i do not think as a writer i am up to the challenge.  and it bothers me to think that i might start to think i am, at a later time, but when im really not.  savvy?  so best put the lid on this now.  youre welcome!

to be clear, my research indicates that you do not have to be stoned on pot to get the healing qualities of cannabis, and in fact there is plenty you can do that will not get you stoned at all.  drinking 4-8 ounces daily of juiced fresh cannabis leaves will not get anyone high, but it will begin to saturate you, every nook and cranny of you, with the healing goodness of medical pot.  in fact there are those who talk about juiced cannabis as if cannabis is a vegetable, and that modern humans suffer from a cannabis deficiency — humans and cannabis evolved together over millions of years and it was a part of our daily diets until recently.  mammals including humans have cannabinoid receptors throughout our bodies through which we process cannabis.  so it seems as if we are literally built to consume it.  i have only been looking into this for a couple of weeks, and admittedly this kind of stuff is way above my pay grade.  however i can report the following: from what i can tell, cannabis patients seekers with my condition, and with various conditions, are overwhelmingly getting good results; and its best to take the whole plant including activated (psychoactive) THC.

i can also report the following sensation: upon seeing a virtual glass of juiced cannabis for the first time, i would have done just about anything to consume it.  every bit of me, it seems, wanted me to drink it down, and then lick the inside of the glass.  cant argue with that.  i plan to do everything possible with cannabis including putting it in my ass if it will improve my (sad, degraded) condition — and indeed, people are doing colonics with the juice.

anyway, back to signing off.  i came back several months ago (after leaving the first time) to write about NTE stuff and i have done so.  i really really believe that near term human extinction, or at least human extinction, is the logical end result to global patriarchy.  living outside mens subsidy model which we all ultimately do — in the natural world in other words and subject to natural (not mens) laws, and where the costs ride alongside the benefits and are inseparable from them, and where resources are finite — eventually you run out of things to destroy.  that is just the extremely simple, and self-evident truth of it.  the “unsustainable” thing — the thing that cannot go on forever by definition — will end.  words mean things, and everyone is using the “unsustainable” word these days, but failing to grok what it actually means.  which is aggravating, but not surprising i suppose, considering that “trans women are women!” but trans-atlantic is clearly not atlantic.

by the by, regarding this pomo word salad garbage, i dont think its that “nothing means anything anymore” rather, it seems as if in all cases, the male-supremacist/pro-patriarchal meaning is the “real” meaning.  all other meanings can fuck off.  in a pro-patriarchal context, “unsustainable” just means women need to work very very very hard to make it work?  i guess?  whereas the “natural” (real) context is simply one of cause and effect, and natural law dictates that the unsustainable thing > will end.  there really is no debating that, so any rational discussion would then proceed to address HOW (not whether) it will end.  considering that the problem of men and maleness is a self-reinforcing feedback loop, where men rape > creating more men > who rape more…it seems as if the end will be abrupt, and catastrophic.  such is the fate of self-reinforcing feedback loops in general.  get it?  patriarchy, as everything, is subject to the laws of nature/physics. who knew?

welp, women knew, as it turns out.  women knew and women know — women have tried to stop men from raping and otherwise impregnating us for milennia, thereby ending the self-reinforcing feedback loops of global overpopulation and over male population but it didnt fucking work.  men would not allow it (us) to work.  today, 25% (and increasing) of american women are on reality-altering big pharma because its the only way anyone has found to quell womens knowing and womens agony at knowing, and womens resulting resistance, even if its “just” that we cant seem to pull ourselves out of bed in the morning to continue to contribute to our own demise (including our legal and moral responsibility to the next generation of rapists and impregnators, otherwise known as male children).

and if i wasnt already planning to sign off again, that in itself might be enough to push me.  25% of american women, and i would think that the number is significantly higher among female activists by the way (i have heard of activist groups that are 100% medicated) are unable to sense the context/reality of patriarchy and male violence and subsequently are unable to appropriately respond/react to it.  the appropriate/reality-based female response of course being feelings of hopelessness and despair > followed by withdrawal of female energies from the patriarchal death machine (followed by possibly refocusing energies elsewhere.  that is if there is any female energy left).  theres a drug for that (many actually) and more and more women are taking their medicine.  its not as if they (we) have much other choice.

so.  add womens widespread anti-depressant use to the growing list of reasons feminism will fail.  its not going to work.  its over.  this is a done deal.  for those who are having trouble letting go, or want more evidence (as if 100 or 1000 or 10,000 years of womens feminist/anti-patriarchal failure is not evidence enough) as a thought exercise, for those who believe that consciousness raising will be our ticket to freedom, try to reconcile “liberating class:female” with “25% of american women are on antidepressants” that deliberately render them unable to sense and respond appropriately to patriarchy.  does that mean that the 25% of american women who cannot be reached through consciousness raising are not included in class:female?  im just asking.

for those who think that harm reduction will be the ticket, why exclude activist women themselves from the “class” that ought to get away from men how, where and when they can — rather, activist women are expected to negotiate and politic directly with dangerous men!  are female activists not included in class:female (for purposes of radical feminist liberation) either?  okay!

so…just so we are all on the same page, how small a class are we talking about, when we (radical feminists) talk about liberating class:female from dangerous and violent men?  we are already comfortable excluding 25% of american women from liberation via consciousness raising (i guess? not to mention probably lots and lots of other women who are un-reachable for various reasons globally) and all activist women are excluded from harm reduction strategies via the ONLY thing that is guaranteed to work, which is decreasing proximity to dangerous men.

we clearly arent talking about liberating “women” as a biological class anymore, so what are we talking about?  this is a serious question.  i would propose that, since we arent talking about women as a class anyway, not really, lets (continue to) look at increasingly tiny groups, just for fun, and ultimately lets examine a really really small group/class, including possible regional, local or even hyper-local (individual) solutions.  i mean why not right?

or would people prefer to continue talking about this like its something its not?

i will leave comments open on this one in case anyone wants to discuss.  thanks for coming back and reading and discussing with me/us.  to be clear, as last time, this will be my last post…unless its not.


1. cherryblossomlife - March 13, 2015

Female sufferers of MS (which I understand is a primarily female condition) have always been open about the pain relief they feel when they use cannabis. Ever since I began reading women’s magazines (admittedly the devils work) I would now and again, ,about once every 18 months, come across yet another article about a woman “confessing” her use of cannabis to ease her MS symptoms. It struck me that these women weren’t saying that cannabis masked the pain the way that morphine would, but they were saying it took the pain away from the source. Or I mean, I’m sure they could have asked for pain killing drugs, but they were saying that cannabis eased other symptoms too.

They weren’t activists, they weren’t fighting to legalize cannabis. It was their quiet secret IYSWIM and the articles always took the form of a “confessional”. And yet at the same time they were so self-assured in their writing and, to be fair, the editors of the magazines just wanted to sell make up and shit and so didn’t seem to pass any moral judgement as long as they got a fairly interesting story to draw in women (who are desperate to read something)

It really struck a chord with me when you said that men might purposely NOT make cannabis available to women on the basis that it might ease the pain of female sufferers of certain health conditions…

I guess hemp is the same thing, but in a different form? Hemp is widely used in Japan. Hemp seeds are seen as a superfood. Hemp tea is widely available and so on. I think I’ve seen it in a lot of other forms.

How fascinating that you felt instinctively that drinking the leaves would be healing!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, there’s plenty of cannabis in my new neighbourhood, so by all means come for a visit someday. My landlady jokingly mentioned that she turns a blind eye to the plants she sees growing in peoples’ bedrooms. I think at the time she was trying to somehow reassure me because she could see my horror at the thought of moving into this shit hole. But I’m here now and it’s okay.

FCM - March 13, 2015

hi cherry! very glad to see you here at “the end.” i have seen hemp seeds used in natural energy bars and things like that. what i am reading suggests that it is not beneficial to separate the plant from its parts, and that it is most beneficial when its taken whole, and that includes both the getting high parts and the not getting high parts. no matter who is using it, they seem to be separating it…recreational users do not juice it, and in fact it is not even legally available in the quantities and types needed for juicing unless you are authorized to use medical pot (it is a process by which you apply for a license). its still very fucked up and very compartmentalized. and you still need to have some fight left in you to jump through the hoops. this will not benefit the most vulnerable (the sickest and most alone) among us who have no one to do this for them, but it is a definite motivator for those who still can to “do it now” before you get worse. thats what i am trying to do. i think its going to work. 🙂

FCM - March 13, 2015

also, it is really amazing what women can get away with saying when it is framed as a confessional. you can pretty much say anything you want as long as it seems as if its just personal, and its only happened/happening to you (and no one else). female “confession” has no teeth and men know it. mary daly commented on the confessional aspect of both faux feminism and therapy. i think its made our discussions so much more interesting that in general, we have not used it to “confess” shit, and that includes privilege checking nonsense. scoff if you will, but radfem discussions are far more interesting than anything else for a reason. look at whats there (and whats not) to find out why.

FCM - March 14, 2015

i am receiving some personal well-wishes that i will not publish. i do not have a radfem email anymore so if anyone wants to contact me privately, the best i can offer is for them to write something in a comment prefaced very obviously with DO NOT PUBLISH at the top. and even then, know that wordpress owns it (and that i could accidentally press the wrong button). so dont say anything too personal. and yes i am aware of the research. 🙂 thanks everyone. i will leave comments open here at least overnight, or longer if i can stand it. so post em if you got em. take care yall.

2. Lisa Jones - March 14, 2015

fcm, I live in a US state where recreational marijuana is legal. This (your blog) is the first I’ve heard of juicing pot plants. Marijuana edibles are a big thing here, but not juicing. I imagine that a dose of marijuana juice is similar to a wheatgrass shot. If so, I imagine it’s bursting with micronutrients. It actually sounds healthy.

Here, the pro-legalization campaign has succeeded in positioning marijuana as a safer alternative to alcohol. It seems to me that the biggest beneficiaries of legalization other than the pot shops are the armies of young males getting baked all over town. Lip service is paid to wellness and health, but legal pot is mostly for getting stoned.

Pot is unavoidable and everywhere now, and I can’t take a walk in a park without getting at least a whiff of it, or drive somewhere without pot smoke getting sucked into my car’s ventilation system while waiting at a red light because a carpool-soccer-dad is having a toke-on-the-go. And it’s worse than cigarette smoke, IMO, because it lingers and clings…. It’s enough to make me dismiss all health and wellness claims about marijuana.

But juicing pot plants — that’s something else. It sounds promising.

FCM - March 14, 2015

yes! i think it does sound promising, very promising. and much, much better than a wheatgrass shot. we should be cautious about “believing” in the potential healing benefits of anything, and i am, but i am really very hopeful about medical cannabis, and especially the juice. you should see it, it is so green omg. you take the juice in the morning and you are not stoned from it at all, do your thing during the day, then before bed you take a piece of edible or some smoke/vape with the psychoactive (get high) parts and that helps you sleep, and works on you while you rest. do this for 8-12 weeks > ??? > positive outcomes. there appears to be something rather magical in the ???. IOW “they” dont really know exactly how and why it works, but it does, and its not as effective unless you take the whole plant. that makes perfect sense to me, and i suppose it would make sense to many people reading here. and yeah, it is totally predictable that the doods are getting baked, and that many, many fewer people (or virtually no one) is talking about the juice. google it for more info.

3. freefromsexpozzies - March 14, 2015

I must try the juicing. I hate being stoned on pot but think it may be awesome otherwise, especially for health reasons. Thanks for mentioning it.

As I have mentioned here before, one of the 1,000,000 things that currently pisses me off is how women (especially the poor, minorities) helped keep the pot business going for so long, but now that its profitable and legal, pot biz has become dominated by wealthy white men.

And I think we all agree- You simply CANNOT trust men. at all. with anything. And wealthy white men? if you see them getting on board with something, run, the most thorough exploiters have arrived.

I do not trust they won’t screw with the pot, whether its growing it in some way that it reduces medical value, or adds uncomfortable side effects, etc, along with then limiting the ability for people to buy elsewhere, or effectively grow their own (monsanto anyone?). Patriarchy NEVER allows an unmitigated good, especially for women, so legalization has to, must, come w added harm.

As for liberation, I have no idea what others are doing, and who they think they are doing it for. Personally, I can only do (limited) actions that are local, practical, and that wont be an energy sucking black hole. ALL fall under “hospice”, because at this point, it’s what we CAN do. If an activity is not more destructive to me me than my current situation, I will consider it a win. if its not, forget it.

**I thank you for making me see that activating for rad fem is just a killer of women**, so now I do things focused on being w women- all types- and that is as good as it gets.

So, I am making a co-op to get/keep women in the local pot business, and make sure we get some of the profits, and most vitally, keep some pot genetics out of the hands of greedy shit bags. (at least as long as possible) Another activity is organizing neighborhood women into “gangs” so when SHTF we don’t have to be totally defenseless, nor depend on men. Neither are rad fem per se, just looking out for working class/poor women.

And while I DO think NTE/vicious collapse is gonna happen, I still don’t wanna see greedy necrophiles hurt womens chances of relief w pot in the meantime. I also want to see women armed, and able to fight back when the end arrives. Maybe I will succeed, but if not, at least I hung out w women until the end!

On meds- I don’t think psychotropic drugs mask the crap, they merely make you not kill yourself living in it- says someone that tried it all. I don’t think it’s drugs that limit liberation, but the structure of patriarchy itself. Just like male civilization, it’s inescapable, and not fixable. Small reforms can happen when its in the masters benefit (ie: allowing abortion to gain unfettered PIV w out even a bit of responsibility), but that’s it. Even IF women would all wake up and decide to get rid of men tomorrow its too late.

Hope this post makes some sense.

I wish you well, and hope the pot juicing works well for you. we all need whatever relief we can scratch together.

4. cherryblossomlife - March 14, 2015

It could be that all these pot heads, which is the typical image you get when you think of cannabis, is a deterrent to put WOMEN off the scent. If I recall, growing marijuana in the UK receives a much higher penalty than dealing it, which is a law that would affect women more, women being more aware of the body and more interested in health and healing than the average man. Women would probably hand the stuff out for free if they thought it would help ease somebody’s pain.
Well they would, wouldn’t they.
I have just googled it. It makes me annoyed to feel the certainty that it was women who first discovered and understood what marijuana did for the body.

5. Alexis Flamethrower Daimon - March 14, 2015

hi fcm,
thanks for the interesting posts on nthe. Currently i am in observer mode, I scan headlines in newpapers and occasionally watch the news on tv to get cues on where we are with the sudden collapse thats coming. Obviously, as always with patriarchal media, you have to read and sense between the lines. it doesn’t look good. weapons and refugees everywhere (in europe).

Funny that you mention pot, because being saturated on pot is basically how I get through my days. it has helped me get through my depression over the past 3 years, even though i only smoke, not juice. but what you said about juicing reminded me of the herbal infusions i drink every few days. i got the idea from susun weed. she recommends drinking one litre of herbal infusion a day. for example nettle, linden blossom, oatstraw, mullein, red clover. you take one ounce of dried herb, boil a litre of water, put it all in a air tight class container over night, strain, and refrigerate the liquid and drink it within the next 36 hours. nettle, especially ahs the effect on me that you describe cannabis jouce has on you.it’s dark green and velvety and makes me want to drink it so much!!

anyway, i hope to read you again some time, even though i wish for you to take care of yourself first and foremost, obviously. Reading you these past few weeks (months?) was nice, because it was reassuring to see that we were still in synchronicity with where our thoughts were going re: how this all will end. So often reading your posts was like reading my own thoughts, spelled out. So, thanks for that (and is your star sign gemini, by any chance?)! Take care!

6. endlessleeper - March 14, 2015

i read this last night while i was nursing a sapporo and gotta tell you it really put some hope in me. weed and beer are two things that i absolutely cannot get enough of. last night i looked up [immune disease]+ beer and apparently it can be quite beneficial, alcohol included. the world is fucked because of men, and while i’m angry i may never get to travel because of this, hopefully i can remain peacefully inebriated the rest of my life. whenever i’ve ground up weed i get the urge to just stuff it in my mouth (so sticky and fresh, like the tastiest vegetable) so perhaps that’s what i’ll do. glad to see we all have the same idea. pot is sooooooo wonderful, EVERY woman should be using it or at least try it. men say it doesn’t work and is harmful, therefore it isn’t. peace out everybody ❤

FCM - March 14, 2015

wow the doods are really coming out of the woodwork. i must have the limpy gazelle vibe happening or something. fuck off doods.

7. magicpoppy - March 14, 2015


I ditched this internet persona and quibbling online a few years ago for many of the reasons you’ve discussed recently. This:

in a pro-patriarchal context, “unsustainable” just means women need to work very very very hard to make it work? i guess?

really resonates with me, because ditching the “I’d better do something about this” reaction to pomolib fuckery and kicking the lefty bro out of my head has probably been harder than kicking out the fundie/dad! It made me feel panicked to even consider refusing to clean up liberal dudes’ messes, because I knew if we didn’t do it, it wouldn’t get done. No matter what, lefty bros will just continue to sit back, stroke their chins and delegate to us the shit work that is largely pointless since as you said they never stop making messes. At least the fundies don’t tell us the female sex class doesn’t exist while continuing to treat us as such.

I’ve continued to lurk here and a few other radfem spaces just because I enjoy the voices of the women who write there. Just wanted to say thank you for your writing and happy trails, whatever you do.

FCM - March 14, 2015

kicking the lefty bro out of your head! ha! thanks for reading and commenting magic poppy. good to see you again.

FCM - March 14, 2015

i do not have it in me to respond to every comment, but if you all want to respond to each other, please do. i will be closing comments shortly. thanks!

FCM - March 14, 2015

BTW i love the idea of a female only cannabis co-op. excellent. make sure you use only organic fresh leaves for juicing and do not heat the juice! there is *some* info out there re chronic illnesses and cannabis use, not as much as there should be but it is there. google juicing, rick simpson oil and [medical cannabis/marijuana] + [your illness] to see what comes up. and be prepared to see that whatever you need will likely not be available recreationally, even in states where both recreational and medical are legal. for some reason (!) the stuff that WONT get you high, in the quantities that you will need it to do any good, needs a prescription and paperwork. but the doodbros can get baked all day and all night with no bother and no energy expenditure at all. nothing new under the sun.

8. endlessleeper - March 14, 2015

i’m unlucky enough to be chronically ill but lucky enough where fun things like alcohol, dancing, sex and pot significantly improve my symptoms for at least a day after. i’m only on one pill twice a day and if i can rustle up some pot i don’t even think i’ll need that anymore. medication prevents further damage but it doesn’t actually turn back the clock, unlike tailor-made physio (dancing, yoga, massage, walks, etc) and things like herbal supplements and crystals. synthesized chemicals can only do so much. massages should be considered a basic human (female) right, btw. massages and pot? holy fuck. THAT is healthcare.

FCM - March 14, 2015

take care everyone. im out. ❤

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