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Nothing to Read Again. Or, Finally, A Shortcut. March 4, 2015

Posted by FCM in logic, meta, politics, pop culture.
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now that i have become interested in the topic of NTE i have sought it out; like radical feminism, the body of work on NTE is so tiny it would be well within any of our abilities to read literally every word ever written on it.  it was/is theoretically possible so i tried with both (radical feminism and NTE) but became bored both times, although it took longer with radical feminism because it is at least written from a female/radical perspective and tries not to be misogynist.  at least that.  with NTE, beyond the science, which i am not personally competent to understand without having it interpreted/explained to me, these people should just stop talking. seriously.  the good ones do stop talking — after a point, what can be said about NTE?  about that which is so obvious (men have raped and pillaged the world) and about that which is written in stone/cannot be influenced or changed (self reinforcing feedback loops get worse, meaning they get more/bigger/faster of what they already are, but they dont stop or get better).

welp.  the NTE activists (or whatever they are, they are not really activating toward anything) who do keep talking say some weird and boring shit indeed.  of course they speak about the end of the world due to male-caused global climate change in sex-neutral terms, that “humanity” and “industrial civilization” caused this mess.  in the case of “population overshoot” as if women participated equally globally and across time in raping ourselves and forcing pregnancies on ourselves and forcing ourselves to raise unwanted and ambivalent children.  in the case of resource extraction as if women had anything approaching equal decisionmaking power this whole time regarding anything, including that (and the connection between the two — resource extraction to what ends?  to clothe, house, etc. the worlds cumulative/aggregate 100-billion rape babies globally and across time.  obviously).

the wordier NTEs also go on and on about grief, as well as how “difficult” it is to accept the idea of NTE even in the face of overwhelming evidence that its a done deal.  to be clear, i am talking about the believers here — they have no qualms about the science, for them this is not the issue.  they accept the physical/scientific reality of NTE, and yet find themselves overwhelmed that it has happened and grieving over what they believe has been lost.  this makes little to no sense to me.

the environmentally-minded among us have been talking for a long time about “sustainability” by which they mean “this cannot go on forever.”  okay.  so, the thing (patriarchy) that cannot go on forever > meaning it has to stop > will stop.  so what?  its only logical.  the woman giving the above presentation said it took her years to get her intellectual mind around the inevitability of NTE caused by runaway feedback loops of “population overshoot” and related “resource extraction” but why?  once i first heard of it, it didnt take me long at all to “get my head around” the idea that men, because they will never stop > didnt stop raping and pillaging the world.  it didnt take a lot of mental or emotional energy at all to come to terms with the inevitability of and connection between this cannot last > this will not last, and then, i suppose > this stops.  duh.

the conversation in which non-feminist NTEs attempt to get their minds around what men have done is thought-terminating and painful, its gruesome in fact, as they gymnastically avoid the real issues and then ultimately truncate their thoughts out of exasperation and as it were, necessity — the issues being, obviously, patriarchy and male parasitism and male necrophilia.  these concepts/realities are literally unspeakable in nonradical space, so NTEs are in the uncomfortable position of being unable to talk or even think about whats really going on (all the while patting themselves on the back for hosting the “most radical conversation” on the internet or anywhere).  its painful, and embarrassing.  whereas radical feminists understand this reality intimately, and speak about it easily.  the nutty ones of us do anyway.

so in the end, after likely many missed opportunities over the years to save my own time and (therefore) my own life, by coming to radical/rational conclusions faster, without having to reinvent the damn wheel, this might be the first time i have gotten to use this shortcut thing and i have to say: if getting ones head around NTE is supposed to take years, the shortcut provided by a radical feminist understanding of the world has probably saved me some serious time (and apparently, horrible grief).  regarding NTE, i get it.  its logical, and unassailable.  of course men have destroyed the world, was there ever any other possible or likely outcome than that?

of course, i again find myself in the position of having little if anything to read on a topic i am interested in (because none of it goes far enough, meaning, it doesnt take its own evidences/thought processes/conclusions all the way to the beginning, or to the end).  but if whats on offer on the subject of NTE, after the science, is a bunch of bullshit gaslighting and jibberish about how “humanity” caused the end of the world; and how civilization patriarchy mens global reign of rape and torture has literally burned itself out because it was not sustainable to rape and torture this much for this long (there i fixed it for them); and how this finally ending is supposedly a bad thing…well its hardly worth my time.  is it.

i am, however, still interested in what radical feminists have to say on the subject, if anything.  i am going to leave comments open on this one, and see if theres anything forthcoming, as posting into the void really isnt my bag and it never was.  so, post em if you got em.  i am seriously running out of things to say.


1. Mary Sunshine - March 4, 2015

I joined the Near Term Human Extinction group on facebook to keep my finger on the scientific pulse of how long we may have left. I duck in every now and then to read. My main horror is with the prospect of my own imminent death.

Plus, I don’t trust males around female corpses. At all. It has always been my intention to die outside the social construct for that reason. No corpse to be found.

My theoretically perfect solution: the salt water crocodile. World’s largest carnivore. I think of it as a carcass disposal unit. I’ll find one while there’s still enough time left me to enjoy a good steak dinner myself just before I toddle off to feed the croc.

FCM - March 4, 2015

i dont trust them with female corpses either mary. no female should ever be subjected to male attentions in that vulnerable state, although some would say they no longer cared, being dead and all. i dont know if i care or not, or if i care enough to actively try to avoid it, (knowing how difficult that will be since they have colonized nearly every nook and cranny with their foul presence) but i know what they are likely to do to me and to all of us after we’re dead.

FCM - March 4, 2015

also, what do your fb “friends” think about the timeline? its probably stupid to ask….but since its just you and me here, why not lol

Mary Sunshine - March 4, 2015

Well, some of my fb “friends” (not many) are very aware of NTHE, and just don’t raise the issue in the radfem / radlez / lezfem mainstream. I stumbled upon the fb n.t.h.e. group and was pleasantly surprised to find a few of my friends there already.

I’m not into raising or responding to “issues” on fb any more. I go there mainly for the gout group ( while one is still alive, nothing can make one as physically painful as can gout ) and an occasional peek into n.t.h.e.

2. background spinner - March 4, 2015

In one way, I see the coming end as a huge relief, since I’ve been trying to escape this hellish dimension by varying means since I was 13 or so. I just don’t want the even greater misery just before the final chop.

It’s sadly comical to see these people traveling the world with their message of doom. What are they hoping to achieve? There’s no prepping for this, not really. Palliative care preparation is the kindest answer, I guess.

(Hey, nice way to see the world while you still can!)

3. Mary Sunshine - March 4, 2015

Oh! you meant the amount of time we have left? Plenty of folks think not more than 2 years because: climate change is well underway.
And: as the changes (drought, loss of food supply) work their way through the economy, social/economic infrastructure collapse quickly.
And: once the social/economic infrastructure collapse, extinction follows post-haste.

4. Mary Sunshine - March 4, 2015

Maybe if new-age fame had been on your bucket list? But why be famous amongst a quickly-extinguishing population?

FCM - March 4, 2015

indeed it is mary. the video i posted explained to my satisfaction what the california drought is all about as well as the bizarre frigid temps elsewhere. this is happening now. then when you see things on cnn like wealthy chinese women paying 50k to have their babies in the US so the children and families have an “out” of china specifically to escape the pollution there…yeah, this is happening now. there really is no excuse anymore for any of us not to see this and consider what it means, including the possibility of NTE. BTW its comic relief for me to hear the NTE gurus whining about how “truth telling” has bought them nothing but financial poverty and abuse. lol. welcome to our world asshats. and they arent even telling the whole truth. neither are radfems of course, if they/we dont also talk about the possibility of NTE and how male parasitism and necrophilia caused it. NTE or at least E is the logical outcome to radical feminist thought afterall. not the fun kind.

FCM - March 4, 2015

i meant “indeed it is well underway” ^

FCM - March 4, 2015

im also interested in radfems take on NTE activism itself — meta in other words. if anyone has anything to say about that, or anything really. reading nonfeminists talking amongst themselves has shrunk my brain to the size of a peanut.

Mary Sunshine - March 5, 2015

I know. The set intersection in the Venn diagram is like one point. (me). I would love to have a radical feminist meta-convo on the subject. I’d love to know what other radfems feel about their lives as we move through all this. These are the communications that I need these days.

My impression of NTHE-ers is not that they consider themselves to be “activists” so much as energetic peer-groupers. They energize each other to network to reach out to isolated “peers” – other NTHE-ers. It’s all about “human congeniality” because they want to huddle together for warmth. Hence, they avoid conflicts at all costs. They share no essential belief system, or desired outcomes.

5. JoJupiter - March 5, 2015

Here for the radfem view of NTE convo, working on a longer reply – I’ve seen that video, Jennifer did a wonderful job explaining the situation.

FCM - March 5, 2015

there is no intellectual honesty in huddling together for warmth (but you already know that). WRT NTE, “human congeniality” literally translates to antifeminism — keep the boat steady by pretending its womens fault (too) and/or ignoring the fact that this is all mens fault, and ignoring that men including NTE males continue to display the same male beliefs and behaviors that got us in this mess, which makes them actually dangerous now, in real time, to women, including NTE women. all of this makes them quite terrifying, but no more so than any male or group of males i guess? except for the mindfuck involved in them telling themselves and everyone that they are better and different than other men when they clearly arent. mindfucking is dangerous, very dangerous. its psychological warfare in fact. so NTE males are exactly as terrifying as all male activists. shudder.

as far as “energetic peer groupers” this is an interesting image, and makes me think that as men, they can only be counted on to suck women dry for their collective and individual “energy” like males always have. this is what i fear will be the result of this “hospicing” they seem to be advocating — women “hospicing” males, and coddling them to the very end, just like we always have. women need to do this with other women, obviously, whatever “this” ends up being.

how do radical feminists feel about their own lives as we move through all this? wow, thats more than meta, thats personal. 🙂 i dont think i can talk about that here. this might be a very short thread. oh well, we tried.

6. Mary Sunshine - March 5, 2015

This has been on my mind for years and years, so it was easy for me to jump in right away.

I suspect that other women may be trying to formulate thoughts right now, and be more ready to reply tomorrow morning.

Patience! ❤

7. JoJupiter - March 5, 2015

Agree with your assessment of the NTE’ers, of course – they never, ever get to the root. Pretty sure they can’t see the root, as they are either men or women who still hang around men, thus subjecting themselves to brain shrinkage, as you recently experienced just from reading their words!

I think maybe the nature of mens’ parasitism is that it removes the ability to see solutions that men wouldn’t want…. Or maybe it damages the ability to thrive, in a way, since most women throughout time have had such miserable existences and can only keep their eyes on the very next low-level Maslow item in order to survive to the next hour.
(And of course, baby-making requires all of one’s attention. If you don’t watch a kid, it’ll run into traffic, and that’ll be your fault as the mother.)

The only possible solution to the problem is really freaking obvious, though; right? (And I realize what I am conjuring with that ‘Solution’ word, but I don’t know how else to put it and time is short.)
At MichFest this year, I dared to mention it – in a radfem group, no less – and was shot down immediately and sharply with, “That’s not realistic!” Well, what’s realistic is that we are all going down (in 2 years your sources say, Mary – Wow!) then, since barely any of us are willing/able to imagine a world without any new men entering it.

To answer Mary’s question about how I feel about my life now –
At first it grieved me, because I love the Earth. The thought of all the wonderful creatures and plants no longer existing is still painful. I only hope that some survive, and that we don’t turn out like Venus.
That was my main feeling maybe a year or so ago. Now, I just putter along in my own personal radfem exile (So I agree with your musing on just never leaving the background being the only way out, FCM). In a way, it has energized me. I’m working on the garden, learning how use power tools, how to speak Spanish, how to merengue (’cause Emma Goldman, just in case of revolution). Filling my days with stuff that interests me, and hanging around women as much as possible.
But – I have to admit that some of this could be due to the fact that I finally sloughed my own personal parasite last year, and so have lots more energy and brain cells to devote to myself. So it’s possible that knowing about NTE hasn’t changed a darn thing I’m doing? And that actually seems OK with me, now that I think about it. I said here before that I felt like my brain was on a hamster wheel about this for a long time, because it’s natural to want to fix it; right? But this way is more relaxing, so I’m sticking with it until someone has a better suggestion.

Lastly, FCM: I love to hear you speak, even though I know there probably isn’t a lot for you to add… but I often re-read your old stuff, esp with regards to Sonia, and time, and the nuttier aspects of this stuff, as I think that’s the proper/useful way forward. So please don’t ever think you are speaking into the void; I’m always listening and I know others who are, too.

FCM - March 5, 2015

yes the “solution” is quite obvious, or at least at this point we can easily see how to ensure that women 15-30 years from now are not living in a post-apocalyptic hellhole being raped by men. right? right? lets do a little math shall we (don’t make me say it). the NTEs who believe that collapse/extinction is imminent, or within a similar timeframe (15 years, or by 2030 which seems to be the popular date) when they address the issue of impending rapes at all, they tell women (women!) to get sterilized. not men. of course sterilizing men would be silly because reasons. what reasons again? seriously, i want to hear them SAY IT.

it is disheartening that this conversation was shut down at michfest, and by radical feminists. they do love their mini nigels don’t they. also unrealistic? really? just like its “unrealistic” to believe that girls can get through puberty and young adulthood without being PIVed by men — this is why “abstinence” or anti-PIV or PIV critical education and discourse is problematic — what is realistic is that all girls and women will be PIVed by males regardless of what the girls/women want. otherwise known as rape. but those mini nigels are just so sweeeeet!

i like what you say about the nature of mens parasitism affecting womens perspective/perceptions of reality, specifically in seeing/not seeing solutions that men wont like! this is actually helpful to understand the phenomenon of women seeing through mens eyes. we know that some parasites living in animals can control the wants, desires and behaviors of the host etc. and aren’t the flora of the gut influential over how we feel and act, and over our personalities? i believe i have read this. at any rate, there is precedent for what we see here, which is that what we think of as “i” our “ourselves” is really not any authentic “us” but rather a complicated stew of bacteria, viruses and fungi as well as chemicals and environmental factors that we would never include in “us” but which in reality comprise us. we are not us, or how we would be or should be under different circumstances, and this rather thwarts all notions of “authenticity” and many times “female” perspective, which obviously isnt. thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

mary, i just meant that i do not know how many women will publically address your question, in this space. i don’t think i will, and i am often the one that keeps these threads going (perhaps much longer than necessary). so, it might be a short thread. of course i will keep comments open at least overnight and see what happens (if anything).

8. freefromsexpozzies - March 5, 2015

Thank you for opening the comments, I am aware of how stressful this is for you.

I , for one, am fully relieved that humans will all be killed; the only hard part for me is accepting that women will pay the same price, or worse, than the necrophiles that caused the extinction in the first place.

Even though those fated to die include me and my children, I hope it happens sooner than later. Not because I have a death wish- I dont, while imperfect, and full of male abuse, my life is good overall. No, its not that. I feel this way because every day industrial civilization (aka male necrophelia expressed as exploitation of nature) continues, women and girls suffer, species become extinct, the land is degraded. Right now, women are being utterly crushed and tortured in ways I cannot even fathom. The ending of patriarchy (aka male life) is the only way to stop this widespread horror.

I *am* terrified of death, but I’m more afraid of the future continuing this devastating path. And I am sure that even if some humans do survive, its not going to be my family. It will likely (and appropriately) be the indigenous groups living in remote areas. They are also the only humans left that truly know how to live in the land.

As for NTE’s, I never read the science, not will I. I already had this thought prior to ever being exposed to these ideas, as any woman daring enough to go to the end of the “why” will. I am curious as to how long there is left, but no one really knows and I am not interested in hearing male speculation.

I know people (not just men) are talking about what they can do to speed this up. While I find it very arrogant to think they have a plan that will actually take down a world wide system, I say go for it. In a real collapse (not eco, but civilization) most of the worlds poorest will be better off, either right away, or very soon after. Without mega corps to hurt them, they can take their lands back. But most of the worlds middle income people will be decimated, and I have a feeling the rich will be executed. I could be wrong, but I think I would rather be able to kill rapists, than be defenseless because of the law. People will still make communities of mutual interest, until the very end, which will be ugly in any case. I just don’t thnk prolonging civilization is much- if any- protection for women, because most men already disregard laws. You are most likely to be raped or assaulted IN state custody right now, so I don’t trust the system. And I am privileged and white. It is exponentially worse for every other woman out there already, so I think getting rid of civilization might be a win.

What do you think?

FCM - March 5, 2015

in general, i think that if men are excited about an idea, its best to run from it (and from them). and there are a lot of men who are totally psyched to commence various actions (allegedly) designed to bring industrial civilization to its knees. this does not sit well with me. at all.

and i think that if we can have the kind of convo mary envisions, it could be a wonderful thing. will it happen in this space, in full view of prying eyes, is the question. i suspect it will not, but i will provide the space the best i can just in case i am wrong. 🙂

FCM - March 5, 2015

The ending of patriarchy (aka male life) is the only way to stop this widespread horror.

also, this is perfectly said IMO. we have been saying for awhile that “culture” is just a euphemism for patriarchy, which it obviously is. now that youve said it, it also seems as if patriarchy is a euphemism for male life, and that these are the same thing. yes, i think so. thanks for that!

9. cherryblossomlife - March 5, 2015

Thank you for leaving comments open on this, although I do understand why you normally don’t. Internet dopamine hits can’t be good for our bodies, as you pointed out. They undoubtedly increase adrenaline leading to stress.

I also find it hard to believe that it could take years for someone to get their head around NTE. It’s kind of been in the air since we were children,
. When we were 13, my friend and I got hold of a copy of “Children of the Dust” which is based on a post-nuclear disaster world where there are very few people left and those still alive exist on subsistence farming, the bulk of which is done by the remaining women. And get this. In this book, written for teens, you find that the female author envisaged a post-nuclear holocaust society where men were STILL raping the women who were left. If I recall, the protagonist was a young teenage girl who had been protected from the holocaust in some kind of protective village, designed by her parent’s generation. She was one of the lucky ones who was born into this protected place. SHe escapes it, because being “protected” means being “imprisoned” effectively, and she goes out into the radiation zones where there she finds a blind woman with hardly any hair or teeth and a really really old man living together. They have children. Say no more.
My friend had a nervous breakdown after reading that book and one day she showed me all the cans and tins she had been storing under her bed and promised me not to tell anyone. I haven’t until now, and I know she won’t be reading this.

Anyway… no more to add, other than I do very much appreciate it when you do post FCM.

And tangential to Mary Sunshine’s point about female corpses. Yes, it does matter that they are not violated. It does. I have just finished reading a wonderful book by Ruth Ozeki, where a wayward teenage Japanese-American girl ends up back in Japan because her father was made redundant. She hates it and misses Sunnyvale, California. Anyway, she ends up living with her great grandmother Juko, who is a nun, in her private shrine in the mountains along with Juko’s best friend. Juko is 103. They take subsistence living to another level. When Juko dies, her granddaughter and friends gently bathe her body. She is dressed in a pure white cotton kimono, hand-stitched for her by her best friend. She is placed on the tatami with her head facing North, which is the position that only dead people are placed in. All her friends gather around her shrine and the ceremonies are carried out to make sure her soul doesn’t need to return to this world. She is then cremated.

Oh, the world women could have made if we had had any power at all…

10. Black Metal Valkyrie - March 5, 2015

My mind is trapped when I read about NTE bc it makes sense but I feel like I have tried so hard to be “okay” in this awful world and I would probably not even be alive in any other type. I feel like I have to fight this world endlessly and that my energy is better used resisting than accepting NTE.

11. Mary Sunshine - March 5, 2015

FCM, thank you for providing us with this unique, safe space to have this discussion. ♡( ^^)人(^^ ) ♡

Be well.

12. endlessleeper - March 5, 2015

damn, i have nothing good to say. i am pretty sure that the world is already completely dead and it’s only a matter of time before things all come to a horrible peak, but you have no idea how much i hope i’m wrong. i wanted to see the world but that might not ever happen. thanks men.
i wish so badly they would all kill each other right away. i don’t care about dying with the earth if it means dying with other women. i fucking hate men so much but it isn’t an angry hate, it’s just resigned. they will never, ever be happy, even when they get what they want. it is literal suicide to try to make men happy.

FCM - March 5, 2015

im still trying to figure out where the disconnect is for so many people between “this is not sustainable” and “this stops.” one naturally leads to the next doesnt it? i suspect it is womens learned behavior/habit to say “this has got to stop” or “somethings got to give” literally hundreds and thousands of time WRT males and the things they do whether its husbands, boy children or whatever…meaning “this is not sustainable” of course, but the thing that ends up “giving” in the end is the woman. the unstainable thing never stops, but the woman stops caring, or something else happens thats worse, or she gets caught up with something else, has another child etc. i will not speculate about whatever is mens excuse, because no matter what they say, including that they are very overwhelmed and upset by all this, or that they even care, i just assume they are lying.

endlessleeper - March 5, 2015

oh of course they’re lying. i know a guy who’s all about “political action” but still has a deathwish, mostly cities and other people’s of course. men are happy to watch the world die because they find it to be beneath them. men would literally not exist or survive outside of patriarchy and vice versa. seeing women quietly acquiesce to our slow male-caused doom must be utterly thrilling for them, the fucking sickos. it’s why they play video games and watch tv and porn and shitty movies–death and distraction are what they’re best at.
the clue is in the use of “sustainable” (still reeling at that one, goddamn are you a genius). even men know this won’t last. they don’t want it to. they want to die and they want to kill.

13. Mary Contrary - March 5, 2015

Hello FCM, long time reader off and on since 2010. I thought you would be interested to know that there’s evidence that the human population explosion happened 2,000 years ago – long before the “industrial revolution” that the NTEs consistently blame (along with both sexes, which we all know is bullshit). So, the explosion in human population isn’t the fault of a change of methodology under which the Patriarchy functioned; but the meta or attitudes which underpinned it all along.


My current blog is far from radical atm, it’s just a place for me to store my ramblings; but I am currently building a case for nonreformism, which includes a theory that the early Christian movement was a response to the population explosion much the way feminism in it’s second wave coincided shortly after the post-war baby boom.

Historically (or should I say, herstorically), Christianity was a movement financially and socially supported by women. It wasn’t until later that the men took it over even though a woman was meant to inherit the church. Mary Magdalene was a key player in not only providing Jesus and his disciples with food and lodging but also encouraging the disciples to continue preaching the gospel after Jesus’ crucifixion. Then Paul of Tarsus came along, and managed to take over the church despite having been the early Christian’s worst enemy in trying to kill them all off. The disciples trusted a blood thirsty, necrophilic persecutor over the woman who had fed, clothed, supported, and sheltered them. Go figure.

Anyway. The point being, that it was too late 2,000 years ago. 2,000 years ago the women saw what was happening and probably tried doing something about it, like they tried in the Middle Ages (dicks in the box). The Roman empire was in full swing, though, and would eventually be the foundation for the Western world we live in now – hence why we are all here in this situation today.

What also interests me about Christianity, is that it’s eschatology speaks about how there won’t be anything left of the Earth – there will literally be no oceans left, everything dried up (and here, at the end of all things, we know it’s not a sky god that’s going to cause that). There will have to be a “new heavens and a new earth,” which oddly foreshadows the science fiction concept of having to colonize a new world. Speaking of science fiction, the movie “Prometheus” alludes to the Engineers planning to send a payload of death to the Earth around the time of Jesus, because as Ridley Scott said, men were “running around in our skirts and swords, destroying things.” I think even some men – whether they be early Christians or science fiction writers – know, on some level, that all of this was to have an end and WHY it would.

The NTEs may claim to be these kind of men, but I doubt it. It appears the NTEs would rather live in denial about the destructiveness of unfettered male aggression than admit that the industrial revolution was just the logical result of what had come to pass before it changed our way of life. They say “humanity” destroyed the Earth. No, the Patriarchy did. MALE dominated socio-political engineering did. There has NEVER been a time in human history when women were in a comparable position of power, dominion, or organized to orchestrate the wholesale destruction of the Earth, ever (it can be argued, it’s just not in our nature). To pretend otherwise is fundamentally stupid of them, IMO.

Anyway, I’m interested in any thoughts you may have about the above, or any ideas of nonreformism having a web presence (if it needs one at all). And thank you for blogging over the years, you have been a tremendous help in many ways.

14. Sargasso Sea - March 5, 2015

It’s absolutely true that radical feminist critical thought is a shortcut to pretty much everything as it’s critical (therefore knowing) of the one thing that is at the root of all non-natural ills.

At this point it’s just a fact that there is no turning ‘back’ and I’ve come to the place in my own life that I’ll just continue on as best I can – I mean there’s very little point in planning for my long-term future as I don’t see it being very long-term in any scenario…

FCM - March 5, 2015

i am not sure when the NTEs believe the population explosion happened, from what i can tell, they think the problem of extreme pollution and extreme resource extraction was the result of the industrial revolution and that it was the tipping point for global climate change. the problem of “population overshoot” aka global overpopulation and over male population takes a back seat to that in general. i would think that the population started to become unmanageable 10,000 years ago, or at the very start of agriculture, where the appearance of food surpluses seem to coincide with widespread yet informal patriarchal arrangements including male authoritah in general, raping women thereby ensuring that males controlled reproduction, and keeping enemy women as slaves (and to rape and impregnate). this is my impression after reading gerda lerners “the creation of patriarchy” which we discussed here a couple of years ago. so its been too late for a long time. not sure why the 2000 year mark is particularly significant, except possibly someone wanted very much for something to correspond to the beginning of xtianity. i dont care enough about it to look into it, but if anyone else does i am sure they will appreciate the links.

as for a nonreformist presence, well, i would suggest to do whatever you want, and to stop as soon as it starts to feel stressful, or pointless. i wish i could go back and take my own advice, but sadly, it doesnt work that way. 🙂

15. darthvelma - March 5, 2015

Yay, open comments. I do have thoughts on Mary’s question that I’m willing to talk about. I’m still putting them together in my head and hope to have something worth saying soon.

Mostly I wanted to chime in to agree with the folks who think the end date is soon. And you don’t have to look to science or even NTE books/sites to know it. I think it’s staring people right in the face in current pop culture. The proliferation of post-apocalyptic books/films/television shows/video games over the last few years seems telling to me.

Men have written/filmed countless media showing us exactly what the future they want looks like…and I have learned to believe what men tell me when it’s about death and destruction and pain.

I do think figuring out that there’s nothing that can be done about has been freeing. I was never a particularly guilt-plagued person to begin with, but now I feel pretty much none regarding the fate of the planet. I understand now why I always felt like there was nothing I could do…because not only are women not in a position of power to change anything, I think that’s part of the reason for patriarchy in the first place. Men have always wanted to break the world and everything in it…forcing women down was necessary to that end. We could not be allowed to stand in the way.

I used to wonder why men are like this…why the fascination with breaking things just for the hell of it. But I’ve decided that it doesn’t matter. I don’t care if it’s because of “womb-envy”, or if it’s testosterone poisoning, or if it’s because they never grow cognitively beyond the age when they pull the wings off flies, or if it’s because some malevolent supreme being made them with defective souls. They’ve won. They will die and they will take everything down with them and they will laugh while they do it.

All we can do is try to make life as pleasant as possible for ourselves and other women in the mean time. And have a plan for how to end things on your own terms before it turns into the inevitable rape-pocalypse. (I hadn’t even really considered corpse rape – thanks for bringing it up so I can add it to the equation for when I’m checking out and how.)

I’ve rambled. I have a lot in my head about this. Like I said, I’ve been watching the way this is playing out in pop culture for a while now and having some place, finally, to talk about it is refreshing and bracing.

16. background spinner - March 5, 2015

In addition to wanting to slough off male-dom, in all its forms, and wanting to help all female life through what is sure to be a cataclysm of horror, I’ve been feeling huge confusion.

Move here, don’t think about moving there. Cos water, water, water. Get away from cities, but not too far away. Stay close to family and friends, but only if they support you. If not, go build another community.. somewhere. Prep, prep, prep, except don’t bother, because it’s futile. Turn your money into gold or silver or puka shells, since the banks are going to fail, except don’t do that yet. Wait until just before the end, which may be next year, or 30 years from now. Someone will let you know, or you might need to get in touch with your spirit guides and they’ll let you know. Or not.

In short, mega soul-draining, joy-leaching confusion. (How much of this is due to deliberate male-information, I’m not sure.)

17. Alexis Flamethrower Daimon - March 5, 2015

I also don’t ahve much to add.
NTE has been on my consicousness for about 2 years or so now, maybe less. Similar to freefromsexpozzies (i think it was her who said it), what it did was give me the strength to unapologetically put my Self first in my life. I do what interests me, as far as possible. I limit the energy I give men and their institutions as much as possible. I go out into nature as much as I can, just to listen to, and watch the earth and her creatures and for my inner voice.
Not sure if I’m looking forward to the apocalypse thing or not. I did, last year or th one before, when the reality of NEAR TERM extinction really reached me at gut level. It’s really has been in the air since I was a girl. I remember hearing in the radio that several (thousand?) people died one summer when I was 13 (about 18 years ago) in a heat wave because of climate change. I remember some died in Chicago, it said on the radio. And I remember wishing then that all humans would die, and stop polluting the earth and I remember thinking that humans deserved to die of course back then I didn’t realize it was men who did this).

Anyway, when I first realized this is going to end in collapse I was almost wishing it would happen already. Now, I’m not so sure. I re-learning to love my life, my solitude, my nature walks, my connection with goddess. There is so much I want to learn before The Hellish Times really start to hit here.

FCM - March 5, 2015

the opening sequence to the new series “better call saul” involves 3 teenage boys raping a corpse. they cut off the head and “do” all the holes. better call saul is a “dark comedy” and a spin off from breaking bad, where we learned that all men have a demon inside them waiting to come out. so yeah, they are really swinging their junk directly in our faces now.

FCM - March 5, 2015

i mean, this is where their heads are at. they fantasize about it, they sit in rooms and develop these storylines with each other. this does not come out of nowhere. pop culture really is a looking glass, or something, into mens minds. theres no “fantasy” about it except that its what men want, and all of them activate toward getting what they want at all times. its what they do, even if they have to leech off a woman to get it (the losers in moms basement are the king of the castle, getting 24/7 porn and violent “games” for free which is exactly what they want).

18. Alexis Flamethrower Daimon - March 5, 2015

By the way, Happy Full Moon to all of us!

19. darthvelma - March 5, 2015

Oh lord, don’t even get me started about video games. Among the recent spate of zombie games was one where the developers had a long detailed pre-release video about how it was different, it encouraged player cooperation and actively discouraged people just randomly shooting each other on sight.

I’m sure you can imagine how long after they went live it took before it turned into a bloodbath. I laughed my ass off.

You found another reversal…men pretend that the loser in mom’s basement is a sad and pathetic joke…but it’s actually what they all want to be.

FCM - March 5, 2015

2 articles that caught my eye on cnn today. 1 in 4 (and counting) american women are on antidepressants; and there is yet another giant crater found in siberia. these giant craters are believed to be methane release explosions/bubbles which is exactly what the NTEs are saying will happen. the antidepressant thing is women medicating and being medicated so they dont notice this and many other things. it takes prescription drugs to tune women out to reality. women are so perceptive despite all the brainwashing and reversals it is breathtaking.

re the timing element, i appreciate what background spinner said about planning (or not) based on the fact that we dont know when this is happening exactly, and there is a huge difference in human (but not geologic) terms between 6 months and 2 years, or between 2 years and 15 years, or 100 or 1000. i suppose the good news is that most women dont have the resources to “plan” anything and we never have. if you find you are facing a planning dilemma, count yourself lucky i guess? after that, i really dont know what to tell anyone to do. too bad no one can get credit cards and mortgages anymore, now would be an excellent time to buy things on credit (time). LOLOLOL

FCM - March 5, 2015

fwiw, i am no longer planning on a long term future, but i really never did. i stayed in school all those years because every time i dropped out (or graduated) i couldnt find a damn job. i kept going back to school to get student loans to pay the rent. school was the “job” i did to pay my current (not future) rent, through loans, along with whatever side gigs i picked up along the way. so if i had to decide whether to go to school now in the face of NTE i suppose i still would, but it was never the future that was first in my mind but the present. perhaps the “planning” aspect of NTE is primarily a (monied) male concern and we neednt really worry about it? just a thought.

20. darthvelma - March 5, 2015

All the planning and hoarding in the world will not help when someone bigger or stronger or with more people or more guns comes. And it certainly won’t matter when the grid goes down and the radiation comes.

I don’t want to spend what time we have trying to figure out how to be the last person on earth. Who would want to be? Seriously, they’ve even made a comedy about that (saw the advert for it last night.) A comedy. There were explosions and things being broken for no good reason because of course that’s how the last man on earth would spend his time…adding to the destruction and creating nothing.

They really do just put it all out there for anyone who looks at all critically to see.

21. background spinner - March 5, 2015

And notice that it’s always assumed to be the last *man* on earth, but given their determination to not let a woman get the better of them, even in such a grisly scenario, that may be accurate.

I’m only trying to plan for whatever future I have left so that I make the best use of the resources I have, especially in regard to helping women through what’s coming. In other words, not to squander an opportunity. I do realize I’m very fortunate to even have these concerns, relative to the vast majority of women.

22. Yvonne flueckiger - March 5, 2015

Yes, they try since about 7000 years to oppress, rape and wipe out women, girls, nature, animals and the future of this beautiful planet. But, we survived so far, and some animals and some nature did also. This planet has a beautiful soul herself. She has been raped and tortured too much, but she is hitting back now, no?
I do belief planet earth will find a way to get rid of her killers and rapists, as many women do as well. (1 million rising!) Nature and we will find ways to survive. We all have to help our planet to find the ultimativ solution, and this is hitting back the killers. Well, the earth is hitting back with a lot of hurricane, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, etc.

She will survive, but we have to help her.

She is us and we are her.


FCM - March 5, 2015

there will be no “helping” the earth, i dont think. i really dont even know what that means.

23. Yvonne flueckiger - March 5, 2015

It means love ourselves, love nature, love earth and avoid all destruction ourselves if possible. Avoid destructive ignorant and arrogant men as well! It means going back to our natural femaleness, which is in harmony with nature. Give us and her respect. Just going back to love, whatever the fuckers are up to or try!

24. bronte71 - March 5, 2015

Darthvelma, you wrote: “Men have always wanted to break the world and everything in it….forcing women down was necessary to that end. We could not be allowed to stand in the way…..They’ve won. They will die and they will take down everything with them and they will laugh while doing it.”

Almost the entirety of your comment reflects my own thoughts. So thank you and extra big thanks to FCM for opening up discussion space.
A while ago, somewhere else, I commented to the effect that men’s game/patriarchy has nothing at all to do with women and never did. We were just the very first line of ‘pawns’ that needed to be defeated or removed from the global board in order for collective male advance.
After that collective defeat of women- for millennia- we have only ever been ‘useful idiots’ in their schemes and slaves for them. Any and every periodic feminist uprising has been managed as only a minor disturbance or insurgency by the slave caste.
Or, as you wrote, “We could not be allowed to stand in the way.”

As someone who was taught to play the game of chess very young, my mind tends to see the world/planet as a chessboard. I have always tended to see what men are doing as movements and counter movements on a chessboard.
Consequently, the Endgame has been vaguely apparent since childhood but only recently become crystal clear.
I call it Last Alpha Ape Standing and, yes, I do see men laughing while they destroy everything; swinging their junk directly in our faces now to underline it.

In the meantime, I agree that all women can do is make life as pleasant as possible for ourselves and other women; at the same time having various plans for how to end things on our own terms. If nothing else, those contingency plans remove fear and make for a relaxed mind.
These days, I’m grateful for every single time across my lifetime that I’ve managed to be a thorn in the side to men. Didn’t change anything in the world although it was good for laughs. Much love to everyone.

FCM - March 5, 2015

i would like to suggest that every woman who is able, to move somewhere where medical or even recreational cannabis is legal. start to manage your health and wean yourself off big pharma now while you still can, and while you can still somewhat control your health outcomes, including whats going to happen when commercial medicines, supplements and balms etc are no longer available. plus it could be fun. 🙂

FCM - March 5, 2015

in other words, what we should have been doing the whole time. maybe this is where we all just say “fuck it” and do what we know we should have been doing the whole time. to whatever extent we can. this is my hope for myself and others.

25. slipperyslope - March 5, 2015

Thanks for leaving the comments open on this one. I have just discovered your refreshing website and have been reading prior posts and getting myself up to speed. Regarding NTE, it has been so reassuring to see that someone else has connected our patriarchal system to the environmental degradation our planet has endured. I think this connection first dawned on me a few years ago when I attended a sustainability presentation shown at a local college. One of the presenters was a retired geologist with the US Geological Survey. His pet project was oil depletion. He showed pictures of fracking operations, conventional oil fields and Canadian tar sands extraction. The pictures of the destruction of the boreal forests of Canada and the behemoth trucks and machinations required to squeeze bitumen from the dirt just so we can keep driving our cars and transporting box store shit all over the place really made me sick. Also, at the time I was reading a biography on Virginia Woolf. I think the combination of these two made me stop and think about how all of this madness started in the first place and I “saw the light” and it was men.

Their need for constant orgasm can explain the population overshoot all over the world especially the Middle East. Compulsory marriage and compulsory heterosexuality combined with a lack of understanding of exponential growth has brought so much misery to the world there is no way it can be undone without horrific suffering.

But before NTE and probably within the next five or so years, there will be a financial collapse. It is already happening in Greece and will soon be in the US. The greed of central banks and corporate run governments are coming to the end of their life. Resources are tapped out. There is no more money to be made. The market is saturated with debt. The earth is a finite planet but male greed and violence is infinite.

26. Liz McNamara (@Lizzy_aMac) - March 5, 2015

Thank you for your recent posts on NTE and allowing comments on this one.

I have no exposure to NTE as a community or any reading. I am very late to radical feminism, but very glad to have stumbled across it. I genuinely thought I was the only woman in the world who was seeing men and our male-dominated society for the monstrous horror of it. I am grateful that I will not die without having my knowledge validated by radical feminism. So, thank you, and your readers and sister bloggers so much. I may die soon, but I will die more sane.

I have thought for decades that the only way to save Earth, and ourselves, is to stop birthing males. If you conceive a male, abort it. If you conceive a female, carry it to term. One child only per woman. No exceptions. If we could have done this immediately upon achieving the technology of fetal sex determination, I do believe we could have crafted a sustainable environment for Earth and all remaining life forms. I never advocated killing live males, just stop creating any new ones.

I still preach this, but no longer imagine that pipe dream will ever materialize. Still, it’s fun to bait the men and watch them scream and run.

And it’s illuminating, in a horrible way, that sex determination and in-vitro fertilization technology has instead been used to increase the birth rate of males, so that in 2015, females are now a numerical minority. And that minority is growing rapidly.

Mens response to my recommendation is quite telling. Their personal affront, not that their individual life is in any way being compromised, at not creating more Mini Mees is phenomenal. This is what they hate us for, that we, women, have capacity to bring forth life, and they don’t. That we can procreate, we can reproduce ourselves, and they cannot. They would rather see us violently tortured and dead, each of us, than a single one of us be allowed to exist with power which they have never possessed.

But, back to NTE, I have reached a point where I value the continuity of a biologically diverse planet more than continued existence of humans. We all need to die, and the sooner the better.

Men will never give up their destructive power and violent behavior. Women will never survive the carnage they will wreck upon us. The essay circulating a few weeks ago quoting Robert Jensen [paraphrased] “Pornography is what the end of the world looks like” spoke more truth than it expounded upon. The point of the essay was to end pornography, which I obviously support, but the quote describes exactly what we will see: one woman, all orifices being fucked by a gang of men, choking, gagging, bleeding, eyes bulging and crying, cocks in both hands and between her tits, with an endless line of men watching, jerking off, waiting for their turn, fighting to get to the front of the line, so they can fuck her before she’s cold.

That’s how it’s going to end. We should “pray” for a man-made natural disaster global meltdown to take us all out at once.

So, I encourage the downfall of patriarchal systems in the only way I can: I have withdrawn myself from participation in their systems. I have taken my skills, talents, experience and intelligence off the market. I live hand-to-mouth, subsistence farming, keeping house and caring for the property of the man who owns it in exchange for room and board. I don’t make money. I don’t spend money. I don’t pay taxes. I don’t pay old debts. I don’t use any medical services although I have diabetes, breast cancer and a deteriorating renal disorder. When he kicks me out, I will be homeless, sick and unemployable. And I’m okay with that. I’m ready to go.

27. daughterdragon - March 5, 2015

Honestly, I still do have, some hope that things will work out—not that the world wont end, no, that is certainty happening soon—but that it is not The World ending, but mensworld, and that it is the best possible outcome. We know that the best thing a woman could do to improve her life, is leave all the men in her life. This works no matter how poor, disabled, or displaced she is, because men are parasites and suck woman dry of all their money, sanity, and energy. Even when men seem like they are protecting/helping/supporting woman, and they have convinced the woman that it is impossible to survive without them, she would undoubtedly be better by herself. This is true even in mansworld today, a system created by men.

This has been true in my life and, most dramatically, both my grandmothers lives (one of them, an extremely poor mother of two in NYC, and the other who has become even healthier after her abusive husband died, even as she’s grown older). So couldn’t we apply this knowledge to what’s happening now? I don’t find it unrealistic to believe that when the skyscrapers fall and everything starts happening things will just… work out for us, for the better (us being those who remain loyal to women/nature and only women/nature). Some more encouraging evidence: Other radfems have noted that male fetuses are especially likely to spontaneously abort when the mother is under stress. Also, male fertility is declining world-wide and, in general, extremely vulnerable to heat/radiation (which is exactly what’s coming). If some woman, somewhere, survive, why wouldn’t the species simply revert to parthenogenesis? The possibility is in our DNA, it’s just being blocked. Other species have done it, why not us? There’s no evidence it hasn’t happened before (imagine what would happen if a woman claimed a virgin birth? No one would believe her). I think that the great-trauma of the witchhunts, that you’ve written about before FCM, will be wearing off when mensword begins its final collapse. I believe in the strength of our sisters/nature in general, that not all is lost.

For more things to think about—the end-Permian extinction or the Great Dying—was very similar to what we are about to go through. There’s documentaries about it on Youtube. Animals such as cow-sized reptiles survived that (if my memory is correct), and life carried on, it recovered. Our primordial sisters survived this before and therefore we are not alone in this time and this space, our world has even been completely covered in ice before, and survived that too.
The worst thing we can do is throw our lot in with men, we are too strong, too courageous, too loving, to identify with their fate of death and decay. I believe that right now, utterly disregarding them is the best way to go… living our lives as far apart both mentally and physically as we can manage.

28. Sargasso Sea - March 6, 2015

You know, having grown up with the ‘women are earth/earth is women’ feminist/ecological paradigm I’m coming to the realization that it’s unfair (bullshit) to compare the two.

This planet exists within it’s own framework. There is no amount of DOing that women can DO to solve any of the planet’s problems. Sure, if there had been no men then we would have done far less damage here on the surface/atmosphere but our not-doing could and would never save earth from universal forces that will end it’s *life sustaining properties eventually – and those *life sustaining properties are only valuable to us, not the planet itself.

IOW women are not responsible for planet earth.

29. daughterdragon - March 6, 2015

I see what you’re saying, woman are not responsible to do anything but, we’re still a part of nature. I think it’s important to emphasize that and separate us from how separated men are from all life

30. dbrvnk - March 6, 2015

I’d also like to say thanks for this blog. Its archives have provided some of the most fascinating, thought-provoking reading I’ve seen in a long time.

One thing you’ve mentioned previously is knowing or sensing things to be true without needing ‘proof’ in the scientific (i.e. patriarchal) sense, e.g. in connection with the men’s search terms project (we *know* it’s men searching for those things, everyone knows it, even if they are demanding proof). The example that came to mind was the reality of death. People instinctively understand death I think—it’s not something that needs to be taught. We get it as a ‘brain download’ (thanks to whichever commenter introduced this term) at some point in childhood. And yet male culture is entirely based around the denial of this knowledge, a disbelief in death (not only evidenced by the various forms of necrophilia, but also the highly profitable religion industry men have set up, which is pretty much 50% flat out denying that death exists.)

Among members of my generation (I’m 23) I think understanding of the death of humanity is similarly instinctive, a knowledge everyone has locked inside somewhere. I don’t think we’re the first generation to have that; humans are short-lived and extinction has been underway for a while. Everyone knows it’s happening, particularly if one looks at human beings in aggregate—cultures all across the world have turned inwards and backwards, contemplating (or actively refusing to contemplate) their impending deaths. MRAs are openly celebrating that in between the collapse of industrial civilisation and the end of human life they’ll have the opportunity to rape and torture women with impunity. [side note: I really wonder how much overlap there is between MRA and NTE communities. They seem VERY similar] Part of the reason there’s so little literature about extinction is because so much of it is superfluous to describe in words—it’s something we can *feel* happening every day in lots of little ways, the world gradually closing on us & deciding humans just aren’t worth the effort anymore.

Another thing that seems to be sinking in gradually—or maybe not so gradually—is that men are obsolete. You’ve pointed out that if any humans are likely to survive it will mostly be females, and the climate crisis is caused by a global population of males that is way too high. I think both men and women know this, and men are starting to believe it. Hence all the ‘last man standing’ ‘break the world’ terrorism/nihilism/pointless things. Some kind of species-level (rather than individual-level) instinct that female biology is a survival advantage might also explain something I’ve never otherwise seen explained about trans: in the 1970s frequency of transsexualism was estimated at 1 in 100,000; a decade ago when I first heard of it the estimates had been revised to 1 in 4,000 and now people are saying 1 in 200 or 1 in 100. We know the vast majority of those are MTFs and the phrase ‘like rats from a sinking ship’ comes to mind. The instinct to feminise and the claims that male biology will ‘kill’ a MTF might, in fact, be completely accurate; female biology might be the best guarantee of survival in the coming years. (‘Natural law’ and everything.)

I don’t know, just some thoughts. No idea if these are helpful or of any value to anyone.

FCM - March 6, 2015

i think male trannyism is only more evidence of their necrophilia and woman hatred, and nothing more. i know it can be tempting to ascribe sanity and reason to males when there isnt any, but this is something radical feminists stop doing eventually, having realized that men are nothing like us. i suspect the increase of male trannyism is a function of the feedback loop of maleness and sick male values which is only getting worse. it is good to know what the younger peeps are thinking/feeling about all this. supposedly, we have been crossing tipping points left and right since 2007 (i think?) so we were all alive both before and after it was too late (unless you believe it was always too late, or that its been too late since the beginning of agriculture/food surpluses which does seem true). 23 year olds have lived almost their entire lives in the age of internet porn. if they “feel” its over and have always felt it, well, i think they would be right. there definitely seems to be “something” about internet porn and the sheer proliferation/saturation of it that evokes global destruction and death.

FCM - March 6, 2015

speaking of sustainability, i would like to note that nothing is sustainable where the benefits are separated from the risks/costs, or at least the way men operate this will never work because men are takers and they just take and take and take the benefits where they can get them. this means that mens subsidy model is a death-model and they apply this model to everything. (everything is a sweeping statement, but i believe we will find it is warranted). female labor subsidizes everything men do, including being born and existing, but also corporate and other lifestyles that require domestic labor performed by women to keep it afloat, the military where injured soldiers come home to be cared for by mothers and wives, and of course procreation. males only have the pleasure of orgasm (and rape) where women shoulder all the risks/costs of pregnancy and childbearing up to and including our own deaths. global overpopulation would never have happened if women were in charge of reproduction because women bear the full cost of it so would only choose to do it when it was worth the risk/cost to themselves to do so. so if anyone is examining the role of global overpopulation/unsustainable population growth in all of this, and trying to figure out where it went off the rails, i suppose it would have very obviously been the moment that males took control of reproduction away from females. it simply would not have happened otherwise. this had to have been at least 10,000 years ago at the beginning of agriculture and informal patriarchy where males began controlling females with rape, and when they decided that they needed offspring as a labor force where previously this was not the case. so yes, it seems as if we have been doomed for a very very long time in the sense of going down a bad road that can only end in one place. and the end of that particular road is where we find ourselves now. it would therefore seem pretty arbitrary to pick the industrial revolution as the tipping point for population overshoot although i am not sure NTEs think that (they picked the IR as the cause of global warming due to pollution and resource extraction, but not overpopulation i dont think?) as i said they do tend to be unclear/gloss over the issue of overpopulation so i am really not clear on what exactly they think about it. they dont address the problem of global over MALE population at all.

FCM - March 6, 2015

which is funny, because by definition, if overpopulation exists, there are indeed too many males. even without the problem of female infanticide skewing the numbers, global overpopulation means there are too many males (and females!) but they assume that the problem of too many females and too many males are the same problem (too many humans). because equality! there the radicals go being all liberal again. they really are a hot mess arent they.

31. bronte71 - March 6, 2015

Apologies for this second comment, but in your last post, you wrote of intuitions of impending global war and “the likelihood that it will be a war that takes us all out.”
While reading I thought, Sampson Option which is a war strategy (google-able) wherein the entire house/world is brought down by one of the warring sides if it appears that it is losing. Or, “If I can’t win, then I will destroy everything so no one wins.”

I keep thinking of all those (tens) of thousands of inter-continental nuclear missiles scattered across the world.
Men do not ever build weapons that they have no intention of using. I have read this many times. And they have always been stupid enough for the Sampson Option: on the entire planet.
Men do so love blowing up things- their big bangs- and I wonder to myself if they will refuse to allow nature to bat last.
Knowing men, they will want the last word and the last act on nature. Or am I just being too dark these days?

32. cherryblossomlife - March 6, 2015

Right because men are not resourceful and are not considered to be a resource by governments. They don’t produce children and they don’t produce labour. Factories and kitchens and care homes are populated by female work staff the so-called pink-ghetto. Men hold positions of power and skill literally because they’ve killed enough women over the years to enable them to bully their way into interesting jobs.
So yes, how many men are surplus when any “work” they do is supported by, or stolen from, women.

I am in the UK right now and apocalyptic signs are everywhere, for example my daughter asking me why the sea is brown (in Japan it’s blue). Also I was on the bus the other day and drove past the most enormous construction site the size of a football stadium. Somebody pointed out that it was a new children’s hospital. Jesus Christ, I hope the final apocalypse hits before that place starts operations. How many children do they WANT and ANTICIPATE to get sick?

33. freefromsexpozzies - March 6, 2015

About women in the past knowing about what was coming, and trying to stop it, or at least keep the number of males down: I found some info about widespread poisonings of huge numbers of babies, by women both upper class and poor and elderly, which apparently spanned centuries with these poisonings every generation (it supposedly ended, but that part was vague.) And by babies, I am pretty sure they meant males, because killing girls was a regularity, not worth writing down, and certainly no one was executed for poisoning girl babies. Every so often a group of women would get caught, tried, executed. I wasn’t sure if this whole things was an excuse to kill women, by men, or if they really did mass poison boys, but I decided the deaths did happen. There would have been no reason to cook up such a story to kill the women, they were fair game already. I do know men love their high drama, but this rings true to me. So, like “dicks in a box”, I do think centuries of Roman women looked around and said “this has gotta stop” and did the best they could.

(been wanting to tell u this since I read it!)

FCM - March 6, 2015

yes, men are surplus because they are only takers and do not create. but they also rape. so a problem of men means a problem of rape. too many men means too much rape, which only creates more men. this is a self reinforcing feedback loop, and NTEs are perfectly happy pointing out the literally dozens of such feedback loops WRT global warming, but havent seemed to notice the self reinforcing feedback loop of rapist males at all.

i would also like to add more about medical cannabis (marijuana, pot) in case it might be helpful for anyone. there is mounting evidence that cannabis is a “miracle drug” and that there are conditions for which it seems particularly useful including crohns and even cancer. google “rick simpson oil” for example. i would really strongly suggest for anyone who has “resources” and wants to help themselves and other women to think about moving yourself and another woman or 3 somewhere where you can be treated legally with medical cannabis. i know there are a lot of us who are sick, and its only going to get worse the more the environment becomes degraded. i believe that the GI problems that are coming up now are probably related to GMO frankenfoods and even radiation enteritis caused by radioactive pollution. all the “special yogurt” and probiotics in the world are not going to calm the “tummy grumbles” of a gut damaged by radiation. moving away from areas known to be polluted with radiation is probably also a good idea.

FCM - March 6, 2015

and to be clear, NTEs should reasonably be concerned with the self reinforcing feedback loop of rapist males because its what has caused global overpopulation, and global overpopulation (due to male sexual rapaciousness and males raping females) is related to global climate change. duh.

endlessleeper - March 6, 2015

holy shit, sorry for yet another comment, but this is one of the most horrific things i’ve ever fucking read. i’m actually welling up here. if this isn’t the comment that gets someone to realize men are actually, really, truly, for real poisoning and torturing vulnerable people and gleefully exploiting space and resources to do so, i don’t know what the hell will.

FCM - March 6, 2015

i think thats a reasonable conclusion FFSP. thanks for making it. i believe witchwind also found evidence of females and female elders murdering males, in that case i think it was adult men and was husbands and adult male children. it was apparently widespread.

thinking more about the dicks in a box thing, the “fact” that the dicks were “rooting around in boxes eating corn” is interesting to me. why the mention of corn? obviously dried grains (like rice, but maybe corn too?) dry out and preserve small items like cell phones (and dicks). so even the presence of corn in the boxes makes sense if the women wanted to preserve them and so they wouldnt stink. the “rooting around” part is a bit odd to me, and i wonder if the males made up that part to add to the accusations of magic/witchcraft and to bury/erase the reality of why there were dicks in a box (they couldnt admit what the corn was really for because it would poke at what the dicks were doing there in the first place). in the witch trials, the dicks were said to have been removed from afar from males who were also magically re-dicked later (meaning, they got their dicks back, and there was never an actual male or male body found without its dick). surely there were some de-dicked bodies somewhere, but they were irrelevant to the accusations which focused on magic. all to erase what the women actually did, so other women wouldnt get ideas, and start to make connections of their own.

FCM - March 6, 2015

i dont know why people are apologizing for making multiple comments? finding comments in queue is the only thing that makes checking comments worth it. so please, post em if you got em. as long as people are actively commenting/discussing, i will keep comments open. thanks!

FCM - March 6, 2015

heres the dicks in a box post in case anyone missed it https://factcheckme.wordpress.com/2015/01/19/dicks-in-a-box/

34. cherryblossomlife - March 6, 2015

re. cannabis. Looks like I’ve lucked out with my new neighbourhood.
[wry smile]

35. freefromsexpozzies - March 6, 2015

“Not sustainable” doesn’t lead to “will end” for everyone because of 2 things: most people still think there will be a way out, a “hail Mary” pass (always hoping a woman will fix it…), a tech fix, whatever. Second, when many of us look around, we still see abundant (to us) nature, and we can’t compare it to what it ought to look like. It’s just hard to picture the end from where many of us- the ones most likely to actually be able to be online to talk about it- are sitting. I’m sure this is not abstract to the women living in patriarchies worst war zones (slums, brothels, poisoned villages). If your well off enough to be online to talk, and have time and ability to do it, you are probably living in a place where privation and destruction seems far off.

As for running from mens ideas- I agree w this, because we all know they love destruction (even the mini ones- especially the mini ones) and never care for any women in their planning. I do find it so MALE that the solution is MORE destruction! (although turning their death urge to taking out shit that’s killing women is better than their usual crap)

But it doesnt have to be that way. There are other ways of trying to mitigate the harms that don’t require destroying anything (because we DON’T know how soon the end will be, nor how thorough it will be in killing)!
A woman* *did* come up with a much better plan to fix/mitigate the mess we are in (assuming for the next few paragraphs it can be mitigated) but no MAN is really pushing her idea because 1) men will never agree to it, because it’s life affirming and necessitates women controlling their bodies and being able to say no to PIV and babies 2) bombing shit is more fun for them, and they are constitutionally incapable of coming up w anything but more deathwishes.

Which brings me to…
-:- How utterly ridiculous is it that the freaking END of the (human) WORLD is barralling towards us, and it is inevitable simply because men will not give up control of women! In short- PIV WILL KILL US ALL. It’s so absurd I cannot believe it’s real. But it is. Whether it can be fixed or not is irrelevant, because any sensible way to fix things was always off the table.

Random note-
Everyday, I glance at the headlines in the Wall Street Journal (my ferrets need papers to poop on, I get stacks of WSJ from a neighbor). As WSJ is the pinnacle of patriarchial reporting, and doesn’t even pretend to give a crap about anything but exploitation, er, “profit”, it’s a look into the capitalist males mind. which is appallingly boring and awful.
I hate that with all the ways we could live on this most amazing planet, THIS is what men strive for. Banal. Ugly. Dirty. Hateful.

FCM - March 6, 2015

sorry but “unsustainable” and “will end” are inseparable conceptually. one does not have to be in the process of being baked to death in a man made desert to understand *conceptually* that unsustainable leads to STOPS. do people even hear and understand words anymore or are words just so much background noise? dont answer that. seeing as how “fucking” is the worst thing you could do to someone while simultaneously PIV good for women. and woman = man = woman (equality) and a man is a wo-man if he says he is! trans-atlantic is atlantic!

but seriously. conceptually, unsustainable cannot be removed from STOPS. its what the word means, or rather, its what the word evokes. adding TIME to the unsustainable thing leads to STOPS. women understand how adding TIME to things brings about inevitable conclusions…just like we understand the concept of exponential growth, eg. a teaspoon of semen will cause exponential cell division/growth that will become a visible abdominal lump in 5-6 months (srsly thats some good exponential growth right there — a teaspoon to a visible lump in 5 months whoa). i know people like to say and think that “humans” do not understand these things, but somehow, women understand them just fine. 1 in 4 american women have to be medicated to ignore it.

FCM - March 6, 2015

hmm, i wonder how many environmentalist/activist women are psychotropically medicated. that would explain a lot.

FCM - March 6, 2015

now that ive just insulted probably 1/2 my reader base. lol. theres no judgement i assure you. myself, i plan to spend the rest of my days stoned. i will probably stop blogging before then though. so far, all this kooky goodness is the product of a 100% sober mind. poisoned only by patriarchy and environmental pollutants of course. except that one xmas post i did. i had a little wine before, during and after writing that one as i (barely) recall.

FCM - March 6, 2015

you know what? how do you even reason with someone whos on fucking prozac? or paxil? or abilify? or any of the other psychotropic pharmaceuticals that women are known to be taking SO THAT they can ignore the effects of patriarchy? you cant. i dont even care about reasoning with men, although a lot of them are on some kind of reality-altering big pharma too. 1 in 4 american women are known to be living in an alternate reality, one in which the perception of patriarchy and male violence are deliberately, pharmaceutically blunted/dimmed.

36. freefromsexpozzies - March 6, 2015

I live in pot paradise, there is a weed shop on ever corner these days and you can grow your own too. It’s been great-except that all of these new weed businesses are owned by (you guessed it) white MEN. As usual, (per white supremist capitalistic patriarchy) women, brown people, and the poor, keep an industry afloat, suffering dire consequences (ie prison) aling the way. Once its pissible to profit without prison, gurss who comes in and takes over? Naturally, of those that kept weed in the hands of the public for a century of prohibition are not the ones profiting from legalization. Can’t have that! And white men also own most of the seed shops, the companies that make an sell other grow items, etc. So you trust them? Of course not.
As with everything, buy from women, and save your seeds. Don’t support another expansion of white mans profitmaking.

The modern medicine thing is important to think about. You’re right that so many women ate drugged just to survive. I personally take enough legal opioids, each day, to kill 6-12 people, depending on their size. And it’s no longer able to keep out the horrors, can you imagine? Now I’m quitting, because suddenly being without would be horrible, but seeing things more clearly without the warmth of pain meds is also pretty painful. Ah, choices!
Makes mr wonder what will happen when a world of women no longer have their false-happy making meds?

That image of a huge childrens hospital is chilling. Modern medicine is terrifying for the most part; even when it’s helping it’s hurting. It’s funny- for all the death men wish on every living thing, they are sure terrified of it for themselves!
(Did you know that there is something colloquially called “wimpy white boy syndrome”? White Boy babies are the weakest, sickest, least vigorous. And premature boy babies require so much more effort than the girls do. We breathe when they don’t. )

37. Sargasso Sea - March 6, 2015

This has no bearing on anything (or maybe it does) but a friend of mine started taking paxil – her sister was a legalized drug pusher/pharm rep – because she VACUUMED TOO MUCH and it was driving her HUSBAND crazy.


FCM - March 6, 2015

of course it sucks to have to buy stuff from men, including white men. it does indeed. growing your own is a good idea, just like growing your own food is a good idea if you can manage it. women going to jail for illegal drugs, and meeting with males in private to purchase illegal drugs, and males having the power to serve each other while denying women access are problems that can be avoided by buying it legally. this will reduce the stressfullness of it for women as well who always have so much more to lose when we do anything wrong, and stress is the cause/exacerbator of so many female ailments to begin with. i plan to start soon.

38. freefromsexpozzies - March 6, 2015

I know “not sustainable” and “must end” aren’t actually separable in real life. But many people really do not see the inevitability, and being able to sit in a nice forest on your lunch break really effects your ability to play word games.

Words don’t have fixed meaning in patriarchy, men change them at will. This is how we get the buzzword of sustainable slapped on as a marketing label.

I know this way of thinking because spent a decade in renewable energy, one of the biggest lies and mindfucks of modern business. Everyday I would hear people (the renewable energy industry is 98% male, 2% male identified females, like I was) talk about one eco disaster or another, and then pat themselves on the back thinking they were gonna save the planet. YES many really think this! How you could fail to notice that the very same men/ corporations that are making tar sands are the same ones funding solar panels, is beyond me.
But people are that (willfully) blind. I know I was, for a little while. I ate that shit up so I could tell myself that it would all be ok someday… (Well, I was also helped out by drugs, which make comfy delusions more possible)

Most people never make the jump to reality. I probably wouldn’t have accepted the inevitability of male led extinction without being a radical feminist first. It give you the agent and the framework needed to get a clue.

Pop culture-
I’m often amazed at the things men consider entertainment, at the ideas that they come up with. They are creative with their necrophilia and hate for life. I think men show us everyday what they think of us, and the world in general, but we are taught to hear only positive things. How could porn and video games of raping prostituted women be anything but a play book
for males, an illustration of their hate?

They do tell us everyday their vision of the world. Women need to listen so they can get away if they can.

39. endlessleeper - March 6, 2015

wrt nuclear grid failure, that is such a massively likely possibility. i live in a reasonably large city and guess what’s located extremely close to me? yup, a hidden nuclear plant. almost downtown, hiding in plain sight, apparently not a threat (so why is it hidden, mm?) yet still not decommissioned afaik. it seems to have been swept under the rug suspiciously quickly. what the fuck do men NEED a nuclear plant for???? why the hell would they put it in a major city in a densely populated neighborhood? actually, i don’t want to know why. men are so sickening and fucking horrible. gonna see with the marijuana seed possibility because god knows not being involved with “medicine” has drastically improved my health in MONTHS, as in, six years of illness (probably medical but you know) damage is healing and has been for the past three months with as little medical intervention as possible. the fact that men’s lobbies also oppose marijuana so strongly leads me to believe it really is a miracle drug. always reverse what they’re saying. the results are nauseating but accurate.

40. background spinner - March 6, 2015

Re the dicks rooting for corn, I wonder if they added that detail to make their “precious” seem active and vital, even in dismemberment, ha. Also, the fact that this bizarre detail hasn’t been deleted from the huge Male Blooper Reel of History just screams *coded message.* Nice catch on the preservative quality of grain.. makes even more sense.

41. Sylax - March 6, 2015

Thank you for your truly inspiring blog, FCM!

42. Alexis Flamethrower Daimon - March 6, 2015

Speaking of what the end of the world will look like for women:
This is the documentary about Jyoti Singh, the young woman who was gangraped, her intestine pulled out and left to die by 6 men in INdia in December 2012. It’s an unauthorized copy, no idea how long it will be up, best to watch it fast.

FCM - March 6, 2015

i was just reading something about the case alexis and i am always struck at how they use the rape-word when reporting on this. as far as i can tell the men did not use their penises, but rather “just” an iron rod with which they repeatedly stabbed/impaled and internally mutilated her and she died from it. calling this a “rape where the men used an iron rod to violate her” which is word for word how cnn describes it is not descriptive at all of this deliberate act of repeated stabbing with a metal instrument, torture, mutilation and murder. especially since everyone reads “rape” as just forced sex, and “violate” could mean about anything these days including that someone broke into your house and ate all your cookies (i feel so violated!). weirdly, cnn rarely uses the rape-word at all and instead says things like “sex” trafficking, “sex” slavery…but for this case, which was a murder accomplished by repeatedly stabbing her through the vagina, cervix, uterus and intestines with a metal tool, they say rape. i dont even know what to make of it except that it somehow manages to be minimizing and obscuring of both rape and murder. i hate them so much.

43. Alexis Flamethrower Daimon - March 6, 2015

from what I understood they raped her, taking turns and then also used that metal rod. They were prolly trying to push every single boundary they could think of, vile sick pieces of trash.

FCM - March 6, 2015

i know that is the impression one gets by the use of the rape word here, but is that really what happened? did they say that? i am really asking. because when i have cared to read about this, i have noticed that it hasnt explicitly been said whether they did or didnt.

44. Alexis Flamethrower Daimon - March 6, 2015

I watched the docu, and it said that she had bitemarks all over her body. The image I got was that they were in a “rape rush”, fucking her and biting her all over. And because she had fought back, the then wanted to punish her instead of “only” raping her and then throwing her out. Of course in the docu they never mention the iron rod, the rapists’ lawyer in particular imitates the teenage rapist shoving his hand into her and then pulling out her intestine. I think what is omitted is that after raping her with their dicks they then decided to “teach her a lesson” and, in their blood thirst, stabbed her with that iron rod, maybe even inserting their hands into the wound. You can never know with these monsters, the ideas they come up with.

45. Alexis Flamethrower Daimon - March 6, 2015

I meant she had bite marks all over her face and upper body.

FCM - March 6, 2015

interesting. but it is still only an image/impression you have, correct? how weird that they never say it. like just fucking say it. i am sick to death of all these fucking euphemisms so no one ever knows what really happened, or how horrible it was. both for the victims sake so someone might empathize with her, and for the sake of “society” and in particular women so that we know the truth about what men do to people like us. aka females. anyway, i have read accounts of object-rape where the men didnt use their dicks bc they didnt want to sully themselves with the other mens ejaculate or her blood and shit or whatever (when the victim dies, she will evacuate her bladder and bowels, some men care about this and try to avoid touching it so will use an object instead, and some of them think its hysterically funny and just keep right on fucking her after shes dead, despite the blood, urine and shit). they use various words for this, depending on what will make the men look better or the woman look worse, or less dead or something.

FCM - March 6, 2015

jesus. that needed a trigger warning. why didnt someone warn me that i was going to remember that. 😦

FCM - March 6, 2015

for real though, i do not think most people know about the laughing part of it. how men will be cracking up laughing while they are raping a woman, or when she dies right in the middle of it and they end up covered in her shit. the men are cracking up laughing the whole time. i think the victims who survive, and then the people involved in the legal aspect of it if it goes that far (law enforcement, lawyers and juries) are really the only ones who get to hear that part of it. and the perpetrators know of course. when you hear a group of men cracking up laughing it should make your blood run cold. exit the area if possible.

FCM - March 6, 2015

this is why cops tell young women not to dress like sluts (aka do not attract the attentions of men). because they know what men do and what they are. cops are rapists too of course, and rape apologists, but they also tell the truth about men once in awhile. leave it to the fun fems to not heed a reasoned warning when they hear it (slutwalk).

46. sistercoffee - March 6, 2015

Thank you FCM for continuing to explore this topic. I admit, the first few times you wrote about it that I didn’t really accept it being true beyond a mere “possibility” that could happen. Now I am really starting to seriously consider if this is something that actually WILL happen. That slideshow you provided really spelled things out for me in a way that makes sense. I like how the woman in the slideshow had enough respect for her audience to just give everyone the FACTS about the situation (which really are compelling, I just gasped when I heard about the “polar vortex” or whatever broke in halves early last year in 2014 as I remember thinking that I could FEEL the arctic back then…that it just wasn’t a “cold” winter….and I was right! That shit’s real. Its even on dikipedia for christsakes…if you just…fact check it.) I can now see what you mean about referring to radical feminism as providing a type of “hospice” for women now that men may of irreversibly destroyed the planet. I guess if that’s true though, then radical feminism was just a hospice for women all along…making women’s lives better, but not radically altering patriarchy, not truely liberating women. That seems like such a sad thought to have but really I do think its all worth it if it makes women’s lives better, and it has certainly made my own life better. I like what you said about the “shortcut” that radical feminism provides in understandanding NTE and why it will most likely happen. It must be awful to be a woman NTE and wonder why “humanity” has succumbed to this and probably no doubt may even see herself as part of the problem. That’s such a lie. It was men that did this…and are continuing to do this as they KNOW that NTE is a possibility but are continuing on with business as usual. If women were the ones in charge (not that we would ever do something like this, or be in charge in a patriarchy) we would most certainly at least TRY to do something about it.

47. dbrvnk - March 6, 2015

Re “23 year olds have lived almost their entire lives in the age of internet porn.”
When my family first got wireless internet I was 13 and my mum advised me extensively on how to behave—don’t give out your name or information, don’t upload pictures of yourself, don’t click any links to websites you don’t recognise, etc. There was the unspoken and *not needed to be spoken* knowledge between us that e.g. porn is a bad thing, the internet is not a safe space and full of predatory males, nothing you read should be trusted etc. It was thus very surprising for me to discover the bizarre alternate universe that internet people were living in, where ‘everyone’ watches porn and those who claim to be uninterested or critical of it are lying, where the internet is the only safe haven from the horrors of real life etc. (Not to mention that anyone claiming to be female was really a man pretending to be a woman, which was actually true about 85% of the time in a lot of the forums I frequented between 2004-8. I definitely do see a sort of continuity from the numbers of men pretending to be female for sexual gratification online ca. 1990s-2000s and the explosive rise of transgenderism ca. 2000s-2010s) I now realise that the internet is basically the class consciousness of class:male born after 1985 and am a bit horrified at how happily I waded out into it as a child with nothing but my mum’s knowledge as protection.

Re psychotropic drugs
I have actually been on some kind of SSRI or MAOI for my entire adult life :/ Needless to say they haven’t actually helped my depression and currently I’m being transferred off one and onto another one. Every time I stop taking them I basically start sleeping 12-16 hours a day and stop eating. Oh and I have almost no memories prior to age 12 or so. There’s a case study for you! lol (of course they don’t do any long term studies on these things, who cares? we’ll all be dead in 20-30 years anyway)

Re nukes
This is one of the few things I’ll recommend New Zealand for: no nuclear power plants, low population density and a fairly healthy environment. And we’re pretty far from most of the ‘important’ countries. Apart from the volcanoes, earthquakes and massive hole in the ozone layer, it might be a decent place to live out the time we’ve got left

Re “rape with an iron bar”…”i dont even know what to make of it”
I don’t know, once we accept that men think PIV = sex = rape it doesn’t seem very far to accept that men’s definition of sex=rape is ‘violently sticking things into fuckholes’. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a penis or something else being inserted. Men talk about ‘banging’, ‘nailing’, ‘pounding’ (hell even the word ‘fuck’ probably comes from a word meaning ‘to strike or hit’) and boast about how sore their fucktoys are afterwards… sex=rape doesn’t have anything to do with pleasure for men. It’s all about showing their dominance over other men, using women as props. ‘Sex=rape’ with an iron bar or any other kind of weapon is totally consistent with that. This is also why we talk about men ‘having sex with’ corpses or animals or inanimate objects even though what they are doing bears no resemblance to actual sex=rape.

might just be way too desensitized from growing up in the age of internet porn! heh

48. sistercoffee - March 6, 2015

Oh and what you were saying about the “laughing men”….have you ever looked at the men in the audience during a Guy Mcpherson Q&A? They have glee in their eyes! Glee, I tell you! How could anyone have glee within them after hearing about NTE? Men, apparently. I actually remember being in high school (I was in 11th grade I believe?) during the September 11th attacks, and the teachers ended class for us to watch what was happening on t.v. (I actually saw the second plane hit the building, btw :/)….and I remember very clearly….looking across the room and meeting a boy’s eyes…eye to eye…and I remember seeing…glee and plesure in his eyes…and I remember feeling violated by that moment…and now I can see why…maybe he (and other men) are just waiting for it all to collapse, so they can fully be their own rapey selves, without consequence.

FCM - March 7, 2015

still lolling about “sustainable” being used as a marketing tool. hahahahahaha. perhaps the perfect illustration of the concept, and the willful failure to grasp the concept of unsustainability as evoking an inevitable ending (rather than a beginning…of your new life in your new car! where somehow you rack up $40k in debt buying an automobile and it buys you…not more work…but a bunch of leisure time in which to actually use it going on vacations and stuff! yay!)

also, i just remembered something i havent thought about in years. my first night in the dorms, i was settling in and heard a ruckus happening outside in the parking lot. i called 911 and they asked me what was going on, and i said i didnt know, the dispatcher said well what do you hear, and i said well theres a group of people out there, some guys and a girl, and the guys sound like theyre just messing around, but i cant tell if the girl is having fun or not. the dispatcher, a female, said OH. I UNDERSTAND. so…this has got to be one of the worst kept secrets out there, that men laugh hysterically when they rape. we all know it.

FCM - March 7, 2015

btw the steubenville guys were laughing on the video of their committing rape as well. and the opening sequence to “better call saul” where the guys were raping a corpse…giggling all the way. its a dark comedy afterall! har!

FCM - March 7, 2015

anyone else?

49. freefromsexpozzies - March 7, 2015

Taslima Nasreen did a post about the things one of the gang rapists said, about the rape he committed, publically. It’s very eye opening to see what one of these men really think. (sorry for the FTB link, but I think it’s worth it, plus I like Taslima.)

Does anyone watch Preppers? Its on Netflix, so I have seen a few episodes. I would never think like that because I have never had resources to save, nor have I ever wanted to live during or past such a collapse.

But recently I have been thinking that
there are some sane, low effort/time, even enjoyable, things that could help. Like weaning off meds and learning alternatives, learning local plants, making a network of local women, getting to know any local wild places, etc. Stuff that would benefit you regardless, and only improves your life right now, without adding stress.

I feel like IF we get lucky, and the men DO start dying off, and not being reborn, it would be good to be able to take advantage of this.

50. endlessleeper - March 7, 2015

late night thought to add: four years ago, long before i cared about radical politics, i had a dream where men had finally killed the earth and it was going to catch up to us eventually and to distract us and make sure we didn’t take resources they set up monitors and cameras everywhere. while walking around trying to find food i met three women in white dresses and the dream ended with me knowing that as long as we stayed together we would be nourished, safe, okay, and literally in the background–we were always in the middle of a crowd or there was nothing behind us. i can’t believe i had that dream so long ago and that it was so prescient. i tell all my female friends to pay attention to their dreams and feelings because only good will come of it. we have them for a reason.

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