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Sadistic? Check. Controlling? Check. Hate being laughed at? Check! (A Male Privilege Checklist) August 6, 2011

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men have been dressing up in womens clothes for centuries, as comedy.  it was always meant to be funny (because misogyny is funny) and now some men are doing it with straight faces and they demand that we all keep straight faces too.  its sadistic and controlling, is what it is, to change the rules right in the middle of the game *and* to say somethings not funny (or not funny anymore) just because they say its not.

hmm, sadistic and controlling.  and…hate being laughed at (unless they are trying to be *intentionally* funny of course.  more of that control-stuff).  what does all of this sound like, to you?

now heres a couple of classic clips where men dress up as women, as comedy.  you better not laugh; its not funny anymore.  its not, because they say its not.

and heres one specifically making fun of transwomen.  stop laughing.  its not funny.  because they say its not.

heres one with a man performing femininity.  badly.  strangely, no transwomen seem to want to perform *this* kind of femininity, so i guess its still funny?  i dont know, you be the judge.  but laugh at your own peril mkay?  the transactivists might decide ANY DAY NOW that they want to perform this kind of femininity too, and at that very moment, making fun of men who do this badly will cease to be funny.

and heres one of my personal favorites.  it is!  its a dood that dresses up and plays almost all the female parts himself, and its funny.  of course, real women get to play the hot chicks, cause you know, everyone can spot a man in a dress at a million paces and men in dresses arent part of the rape class so arent really sexy.  women are sexy, men pretending to be women are funny.  at least, this is the way its worked for centuries, people.  centuries!  (or decades, whatever, i dont know when real women were first allowed in theater at all.  my point is that men want to change the game NOW.  men pretending to be women are really women.  dont laugh!).

and all of this is very harmful to men, and definitely not to women.  and women are to blame for all of this, even though men are the ones doing it and they have been doing it (and making money off it) for literally centuries.  got that?  good.

And Now For Something Completely Different July 30, 2010

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still feeling thinky?  heres the antidote: youtube!  this first video just made me laff and laff.  it really did.  i originally posted it here, so i guess its not *completely* different…that was before i became TRANSPHOBIC! and only like 5 people even read my humble little blog, and twitter and reddit had never even heard of me.  HA!  anyway, this is probably the most idiotic, legitimately dangerous, and un-fun idea for a toy i think i have ever seen in my life.  i found it absolutely hilarious.

this is a little gem i like to call “spot the born-women.”  just kidding!  this is comedian liam kyle sullivan performing one of his skits.  i dont know why, really, but i love this video.  or at least i did, before i became all rad and stuff.  i wonder if i would still like it now?  one way to find out…yep.  i still do.  i think i would tag it “liberal dickwads” though, if it were on my blog.  which it is, i guess.  i mean really.  i dont think i will ever appreciate these things the way i used to, now that men dont impress me with their cleverness.   oh well!  its a small price to pay i guess.  so i dont appreciate.  sue me.

this is a political remix video, setting the trailer to “pretty woman” to a horror soundtrack.  makes sense to me, obviously.  the only question i have is…where does the mythical creature exist, who is both old enough to remember “pretty woman” and young and tech-savvy enough to be a vidder?  “go her” is all i can say about this intrepid un-fun feminist, who created this as a part of a senior thesis.  whatever the hell that means.  i guess she can forget about getting that gender studies Ph.D. though, because she doesnt seem to get fun-feminism i mean gender issues, at all.  its supposed to be, like, funner.  whereas this just makes me hate men critical of aggregate male behavior.

and this one caught my eye because it allegedly features a “goat yelling like a man.”  i always thought men bleated like goats, but perhaps its the other way around?  i dont know, and i dont know that much about goats.  you will have to tell me, actually, because the speakers arent working on my laptop, and i cant hear it.  does this goat sound like a man, or not?  i have to say, i am fairly curious.

Text Message Breakup September 4, 2009

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this is awesome. love love love this video.

this is by comedian liam kyle sullivan. he plays almost every part himself, but his “star” character is “kelly” a young woman who isnt exactly femme. although she tries. kind of. when she isnt being a big old roller derby dyke and verbally castrating her ex-bf. watch closely for margaret cho (towards the end). i also swear that elizabeth hurley is the woman writing in lipstick on the car.  one of my favorites. BETCH!