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Is Eminem a Transwoman? August 29, 2010

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i knew i wasnt done with old eminem and his newest hit.  i knew it!  i knew that once i uncoiled from the fetal position and got up off the floor after seeing his new video for the first time, i would actually have something to say.  and after reading undercover punks latest, i knew what it was.  oh yes i did. 

now, i suspect old eminem himself would really, really fight me on this one (if i looked like megan fox he might even give me some of that sexxxay dangerous male attention before he “ironically” murdered me for being so uppity) but i think i may have cornered him here.  you see, i strongly suspect that eminem is, in fact, a transwoman!

i posted old em’s latest video here.  as we might recall (unfortunately its rather hard to forget) he waxes poetic about male sexual violence against women.  aka.  “domestic” violence.  in his latest work of art, he paints us a picture of an “abusive relationship” thats not real.  as in, he literally fantasizes about it.  he has two young female hotties domestic violence victims backing up his version of events, which appears to be that male violence against women is incredibly sexxxay, its not that bad, and its just as emotionally painful for the perpetrator, as it is physically painful for the victim.  got that?  good.

now.  undercover punk has repeatedly posted a quote from transwoman and transpolitical poor-me martyr extraordinaire, the male-assigned-at-birth who renamed himself “julia serano.”  cause hes a lady!  and it is absolutely the most egregious line of trans-bullshit i have heard to date.  in fact, it drives me mad, absolutely mad, and white-knuckled with rage, every time i read it.  again, we see a MAAB fantasizing and waxing poetic about male sexual violence against women:

When I was a child, I was sexually assaulted, but not by any particular person. It was my culture that had his way with me. And when he was through, he carved his name in my side so that I’d always have something to remember him by. It’s the scar that marks the spot where my self-esteem was ripped right out of me. And now all that’s left is a submissive streak that’s as wide and deep as the Grand Canyon.

thanks, julia!  in case anyone is rightly wondering what the living breathing fuck he is talking about here, old julia is telling us how emotionally painful it was for him to grow up male, in a world that is systematically hostile to females.  oh, someone get me a tissue, i am welling up.

he is also making a disingenuous parallel, between womens physical pain at the hands of sexually abusive men, and mens emotional pain, inflicted on themselves, due to self-hatred, patently irrational and unchecked rage against girls and women, and poor-me martyrdom.  got that?  good.

again, according to both julia serano and eminem, mens emotional pain, inflicted on themselves through their own fucked up attitudes about women, and their obsessiveness, perceived ownership of women and violence…is the same thing as womens ACTUAL, PHYSICAL PAIN, inflicted on women, BY MEN.  its just as bad.  in both cases, we see MEN, WAXING POETIC ABOUT RAPE, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, AND PSYCHOLOGICAL TERROR AND TRAUMA, things that only affect men as the perpetrators of these things *on* other people. ie. womens issues

so why the shared perspective, and shared compulsion to minimize female suffering at the hands of men, between eminem and julia serano?  this is a serious question.  is it because they are both transwomen?

of course, these things are only sexxxay and romantic from the perspective of the perpetrators, not the victims.  ie. from the perspective of men, not women.

see, from the perspective of the victim, male sexual violence is EXACTLY as poetic and beautiful as swallowing your own teeth when some MAN beats your fucking head in, and you live through MOST OF IT.  its EXACTLY as romantic and sexxxay as inhaling pieces of your own fucking skull and choking to death on your own blood, where the only person that knows what happened to you is the coroner, because mostly-surviving your own head-bashing and fighting back during it, is the ONLY WAY pieces of your own teeth and skull can wind up in your lungs, and only coroners really know that, because they see it with some regularity.  of course, thats IF they even find your body.  ie.  its not sexxxay, at all, for women.  quite the opposite.

and these things actually happen to women.  whereas men (and transwomen) fucking mentally masturbate to the image, and make disingenuous parallels between that, and their own “emotional pain.”  and of course…some men actually DO THIS TO WOMEN, in real life.  and its thanks to real-life murderers of women that transwomen like eminem and julia serano have such poetic, artistic images to mentally masturbate to.   and both julia serano and eminem both literally owe murderers and obliterators of women their livelihoods, dont they?  i mean, without real life violence against women, where would either one of them be?  unpublished, living in their mothers basements, without the ability to organize their thoughts, is my guess.

and importantly, the common theme among transwomen like eminem and julia serano is that male violence and female pain really arent that bad.  eminem makes this clear when he sets his unusually violent lyrics (even for him, and thats saying something) to images of sexxxay sex between skinny white kids who dont have a bruise or chipped tooth between them.  it tickles!  and serano, along with every other transwoman and trans-ally on the planet, actually believes that MAABs can trans-cend their pasts, including their social conditioning, as men.  which by implication also means that FAABs should be able to trans-cend our pasts too.  you know, the ones where most of us have been traumatized and permanently psychologically and physically damaged by aggressive, entitled men.  get over it already!

and that part is fucking ingenious, it really is: while mainstream males like eminem are telling us that male violence against women isnt that bad, self-identified “male feminists,” transpolitics and queer-theory all claim that we can transcend our pasts.  which is a nice thought.  but what we apparently arent supposed to recognize is that the new rules of the new game, according to them, is that FAABs should just forget about what MAABs have done to us.  which benefits all MAABs including transwomen, gender queers and “male feminists” directly, because you know, they are all men, and all want unquestioned, unfettered access to women, and womens space.  no matter how much some of them try to pretend they arent “male,” or that MAAB itself is a meaningless category.

so…in the case of old eminem, do i really think hes a transwoman?  no, i dont.  really, i think its pretty clear that julia serano is a man, and always will be.  and of course…that transwomen (and all MAABs) out themselves as aggressive, entitled, dangerous, and male, every time they open their mouths.  yet none of them, even in the interest of “passing” as something else, will ever just shut the fuck up.  just like the fucking men they are.

I Am So Passive, That I Literally Wouldn’t Mind If You Murdered Me. Really! I’m Okay With It. August 19, 2010

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i posted this in the “woman hating part 2” comments, but i thought it deserved its own post.  its not because i really hate eminem in particular, or that i am in the mood to dissect media portrayals of domestic male violence.  really, i dont, and i’m not. its that this song has literally been haunting me for a week, and i cant stop thinking about it.  in short, i am trying to pass this earworm onto you all…and spreading the pain around.  sorry!

i first heard this song in the car, without the video images.  i pretty quickly figured out it was eminem, waxing poetic about domestic male violence.  not exactly surprising, whatever.  the womans voice i didnt recognize (its rihanna, for anyone who has been living in a cave even darker and deeper than mine apparently is).  but theres a line towards the end of the song where old em says that if she tries to leave him again, hes going to tie her to the bed and burn the house down.

i am not kidding you, this line just absolutely punched me in the face.  it really fucking did.  and it might be more sick and hateful than anything ive subjected myself to lately, but i dont think thats what was so horrible and shocking about it.  this line doesnt come until the end of the song, but the woman’s voice has been saying “stand there and watch me burn; thats alright, because i like the way it hurts” the whole fucking time. its at this point that we realize that its LITERAL, and that she really wants him to murder her.  or at least, she wouldnt mind.  really!  its ok, dont worry about it.

i have never heard a more passive portrayal of a woman, i dont think.  have you?  *is* there anything more passive, than someone who literally wouldnt mind if you killed them?  if there is, i cant think of it.

and disturbingly, according to the female voice, she also likes his LIES. i dont know if any of you have ever been in a relationship with an addict or a compulsive liar, but i have, and its the lies that make you crazy, absolutely batshit crazy, probably more so than anything else. and here we have a womans voice the whole time saying not only that she likes him lying to her, but that she LOVES it! women love crazy-making too! oh yeah bring on the prozac and the funny farm, cause we LOOOOOVE that the most.

of course, the fact that its rihanna singing the female part added a whole new dimension of fucked up-ness to it, once i found out. i dont know why they used megan fox and the little dude from the hobbit (is that him??)  i mean, why not just have rihanna and chris brown play the abusive couple male batterer and his victim.  now that would be hawt.  and rihanna herself is taking some shit for participating in this, because since chris brown beat her senseless, she is supposed to be “taking a hard line” against “domestic violence” now. which apparently means that “domestic violence” (can i stop doing this now?) victims cant make a living in the music industry anymore, but ABUSERS can. oh the shit just keeps going and going on this one doesnt it?

and i might be the only person on planet earth (seriously) who hadnt seen the video first.  but the song, without the images, was fucking haunting. the womans voice saying she LOVES it, that its all okay, even him murdering her was okay with her fucking ripped me to my core. it really did. but when i watched the video…well it was all very sexy wasnt it? YAY PIV! yay volatile relationships! yay skinny white kids. yay playing house.

and…well the GUY is on fire, in the end. yes, HE is being burned alive by…his passion? while she is being tied to a bed and burned alive, for real. mens emotional pain inflicted on themselves through their own crazy-making obsessiveness and violence, is the same thing as womens physical pain, inflicted on women by men. its THE SAME THING.  its JUST AS BAD. it hurts JUST AS MUCH.

oh sure it does.

MRA Totally Pwns Domestic Violence! (Take That, Bitch!) February 10, 2010

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yeah, domestic violence, you bitch!  take my manly criticisms!  adore me while i make disingenuous parallels, and skew the stats in my favor!  and…make me a sammy!

these MRAs are something arent they?  even as they attempt to make a contrary point, all they really do is reinforce feminists observations about them.  basically, that they are aggressive, entitled assholes who only care about themselves, and how the vile, misogynist things men do affect *men* and not how *they* (aggressive, entitled men) affect their victims. 

according to the MRAs, for example, its “sexist!” to say that most perpetrators of DV are men…even though its fucking true.  and its “unfair” to paint “all men” as DV perpetrators, without qualifying that by also saying “but many men arent.”  who cares about you, dickwads?  sheesh.  get over yourselves already.  (and dont even get me started on their kindergarten-level understanding of what constitutes both “sexist” and “unfair”.)

of course, in the above video, this particular dickwadish MRA completely misses the point: that world-wide, women are brutalized at the hands of men, in ways and in numbers that simply have no correlate to female-initiated violence against men. 

perhaps most obviously, when this MRA dickwad focuses on the made-for-television bruised and battered faces (ooh, compelling!) he conveniently ignores the many sexual victimizations that happen constantly and arent even counted as DV (they are “merely” rape…resulting in unseen injuries including “mere” unwanted pregnancies and STD infections…and by “merely” i mean “doesnt affect men so who cares?”)

and whats “domestic” anyway?  how long do you have to be in a relationship with your abuser before its considered “domestic,” as opposed to just boring old “run-of-the mill” violence against women, by men?  is a month long enough?  how about a week?  how about a day, or an hour?  surely whatever time-period they are considering is long enough to include pissing off your GF to the point that she blackens your eye, but conveniently cropped so that all sex-work and “dating” violence wouldnt count?  how…disingenuous utterly unsurprising.

and like most MRAs, this asshole MRA’s western-privilege is coming through loud and clear, by including only stats from the american-government’s CDC on whatever they thought constituted DV at the time, instead of including findings world-wide of rape, torture and murder of women by their intimate partners AND MALE RELATIVES too.  again, bride-burning, villiage-gang-rapes and honor-killings dont affect men, so why count them?  i mean who cares about rape and murder, or what your father and brothers do to you, when that bitch blacked my eye, i feel so violated!!!11!1

and lets not forget for a single second that one of the biggest problems for women involved in DV situations is not even necessarily the batterings themselves (although these are absolutely not to be discounted).  the stress and fear that women live with every single day when involved in violent partnerships is conveniently ignored my MRA “DV activists” who only focus on “that bitch blacked my eye!” and dance around the cycle-of-violence inherent in true DV situations, which rises to the level of psychological and actual, physical terrorism, rather than the mutual combat bar fights and blackened-eyes that most men can relate to (and the MRAs ALWAYS AND EXCLUSIVELY REFER TO).  are we honestly supposed to believe that men are living in constant stress and fear for their lives, even if their GFs do slap them around?  i mean really.  are they constantly afraid that their wife will come home drunk and rape them to within an inch of their lives?  are they still having flashbacks and depression from the *last* woman that did this to them, or fear that their *next* sexual partner will beat and rape them, too?  this sums up the cyclical nature of true DV pretty well:


Don’t Blame Feminists for Your Misunderstanding of Roe vs. Wade: We Never Said Men Shouldn’t Have a Say in the Abortion Debate August 27, 2009

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its a misunderstanding that many people make regarding the meaning of Roe and its progeny, and frankly I am getting tired of hearing about it.

the real reasons that spousal and parental-consent laws, without a work-around, are illegal are not to exclude concerned parents and male partners from the discussion. its really very simple.

in a good relationship, the spouse or parent will of course be consulted in the event of an unplanned pregnancy. that goes without saying, and theres no reason to state as much in our abortion laws. but very clearly, the matter needs to be addressed, as often as its being misunderstood: in a nutshell, abortion laws giving women the ultimate decision-making power are meant to protect women and girls in unhealthy relationships, where the spouse/parent would not have her best interests at heart.