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these are questions i have received on this site, or in life.  or, i made them up.

who are you?
are you cis-privileged?
what is PIV? what is FAAB/MAAB?
what does your handle “factcheckme” mean?
are you fat, ugly, single, humorless, and bitter, with a lot of cats?
what’s your comments policy?
what are you going to do to me, if i attempt to threaten, harass, or intimidate you on this blog, or stalk you across the internet, or in real life?
how can i contact you if i have a question or concern?

1.  who are you?

this is an anonymous blog, get over it.  or dont, whatever.

2.  are you cis-privileged?

no.  i dont accept the concept of cis-privilege, because its a gender-based privilege in which women are presumed to oppress men, and other women.  and thats just not how gender-based privilege works.  some people think that makes me “trans-phobic”!  but that also means nothing to me.  i believe that trans-identified persons deserve basic human and civil rights, and that they do not deserve to be harmed, in any way.  and i am not unreasonably afraid of them.  therefore, i am not transphobic.

3.  what is PIV?  what is FAAB/MAAB?

PIV refers to “penis-in-vagina” or what is almost universally considered to be “sex.”  sex is supposed to be a stress-reliever, good for your health, facilitate positive emotional attachment etc.  right?  but for women, PIV isnt “sex” at all, because its actually stressful (due to the risk of unwanted pregnancy thats not shared by men); is NOT good for our health (considering that most if not all of young-to-middle-aged womens health problems are directly related to PIV, including but not limited to STDs, urinary tract infections, birth-control issues, unwanted pregnancy, and pregnancy-related complications); and promotes trauma-bonding.  and thats decidedly un-sexy mkay?

FAAB/MAAB refers to “female assigned at birth” and “male assigned at birth” respectively.  some radical feminists have started using these distinctions because transsexual/transgender politickers have hijacked the words “man” and “woman” and male/female to mean something other than the sex a person was born with.  since womens oppression by men is almost universally characterized by our ability to become impregnated by men, radical feminists continue to center our discourse around sex-based distinctions, not gender-based ones.  and FAAB/MAAB also includes intersex children, almost all of which are assigned either one or the other at birth, and are socially groomed as members of either the impregnable or impregnator-class from the day they are born.  social grooming, identity and performance (aka. gender) is *also* important to radical feminists, but we stress that it is a *different* analysis than a sex-based one.

4.  what does your handle “factcheckme” mean?

factcheckme means “look it up yourself.”  i usually dont post a lot of links or cite sources, if i do it at all, because demanding “sources” is a standard trolling tactic, when much of the easy stuff is readily available online.  like rape and DV stats for example.  men rape and commit DV way more than women do.  look it up if you must, but most people already know these things.  if you dont, you should consider the possibility that you are a troll. sorry!

5.  are you fat, ugly, single, humorless, and bitter, with a lot of cats?

yes.  therefore, everything i say is false.

6.  what’s your comments policy?

having been here for awhile and after gathering a terrific readership and people who comment well, and not feeling the need to go over basic shit anymore or repeat myself, my comments policy is essentially this:

the mainstream view goes without saying, on this blog. this is a counter-culture blog, and its a space for a counter-culture view. comments have to add something to the discussion, and not espouse anything mainstream, that all of us already know, and flatly reject WITH GOOD REASONS that have already been gone over like a thousand times. thats pretty much it.

believe it or not, this has actually proved to be an extremely high bar, which results in many comments not getting through.  if your comment didnt get through, just give up, because your perspective is mainstream.  sorry!  really, i am.  dont keep trying over and over, thinking there was an error.  and, maybe read more.  thats the only thing i can think to tell you.  i spam comments all the time.

7.  what are you going to do to me, if i attempt to threaten, harass, or intimidate you on this blog, or stalk you across the internet, or in real life?

it will be handled appropriately.

8.  how can i contact you if i have a question or concern?

you can go to the “contact” page and use the contact form to fire a message off into cyberspace, which may or may not ever reach me.  thats the best i can offer at the moment.

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