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Sorry, Anti-Feminists: There’s No Such Thing as Misandry August 30, 2009

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its a modern, made-up word that makes you look stupid. and its misogynist as fuck.  so stop using it.

“misandry” is a word that doesnt represent any real thing, a kind of a placeholder in our consciousness for an experience that does not, and indeed cannot, exist.  so why have i been accused of perpetrating it about a million times in the last month?

i have come to see the word “misandry” as a euphemism for feminism, and “misandrist” as a euphemism for feminist, rather than anything that actually exists in real life, to any troubling degree, or in any meaningful way.  while anti-feminists and misogynists bandy the terms about with glee, in reality, its just another flaccid jab at feminism, and feminists, by privileged men whose perverse denial of reality leads them to believe (or pretend to believe) that they are on the receiving end of institutional sexism as much as they benefit from it.  and that they suffer relational abuse just as frequently as they dish it out.

heres an excerpt from the very excellent analysis in ‘adonis mirror‘: