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Happy Cranberries + Holiday Darwin Awards + I Love Melinda Dillon December 24, 2012

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this isnt late for christmas — its early for new years.  goes better with leftovers IMO but you can really eat it anytime.  i just made some just now.  and yes, i am a little drunk.

for HAPPY CRANBERRIES you will need:


whole orange


fresh cranberries

fresh or frozen raspberries

small box black cherry or raspberry jello

red wine



white wine or champagne

orange juice


note that ALL INGREDIENTS ARE TO TASTE.  i dont use recipes unless i absolutely have to.  for this one, my mother makes it every year and i know what its supposed to look, smell and taste like.  which is GOOD.  not bitter.  so do that.  🙂  it will be good.  and you will be happy!

first, mix white wine or champagne with orange juice.  drink.  😀   (ETA:  do not add orange juice and white wine to the cranberry recipe!  its for the cook to drink — if you add it to the recipe it will never set up right.  thanks mary.  i told you i was a little drunk!)

now.  in food processor (or pioneer-woman style — use a knife) chop separately and put into large bowl:

2 celery stalks; about a cup of walnuts; about 2 cups raspberries; 1/4 whole orange, including peel, minus seeds.

chop about 3 cups fresh cranberries and put into separate bowl with about 1/2 cup sugar.  set aside for about 20 minutes to let the sugar do its thang.

boil 2 cups red wine; dissolve jello in wine.

mix everything together and put in fridge.  let it thicken as much as you want to, then eat.  yum!

now, i have to tell you that i think 2 cups of wine is probably too much due to the water in the other ingredients and i am wondering if its going to set up right.  perhaps i shouldve only used a cup?  who knows.  if i made this more than once a year perhaps i would remember how to do it properly, gains from specialization and all that.  at any rate, i am drinking white wine and orange juice while im waiting.  we have a roast beef in the oven, red potatoes boiling, and fresh asparagus waiting in the wings.  24-hours of “a christmas story” is an hour and a half away.  linda radfem is making hilarious fun of the MRAs.  🙂  have a great holiday yall.

holiday darwin awards (aka. the “Y” chromosome in action):

i love melinda dillon:

“mommy’s little piggie” scene from “a christmas story” here:

“close encounters of the third kind” watch entire film here:

enjoy!  comments open.  see you in 2013!

Hate Song December 3, 2012

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when you talk, i basically tell you to shut up, or wish you would.  youre young and beautiful now, but you wont always be.  fortunately for me, you cannot move through the world anonymously even if you wanted to, and thinking about other men threatening your safety gives me a boner.

i want you to consent to PIV with me, when PIV is a hateful act which others you and pathologizes your female reproductive biology.  to help me fulfill my agenda, i am trying to confuse you with hateful reversals.  is it working?  also, its probably better (for me) if you dont think about what will happen if you say no.

look, something shiny!

more on PIV here.

Announcing a new blog: Radical Feminist Memes May 11, 2012

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click on image to visit Radical Feminist Memes

from the “About” page:


Thanks, Dickwads April 30, 2012

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mary daly reported that she often used phallocentric ideas and works as a springboard for her own work.  no reason to reinvent the wheel afterall, and phallocentric works are literally everywhere.  it would be difficult to even have a springboard in fact if you werent going to use men’s work for this purpose, seeing as how women were only allowed to learn to read and write very recently (and in many places, still arent).

so, to that end, i present these videos.  left on youtube as anthropologic evidence of male supremacy and rape-culture, but now also being used to illustrate the following radical feminist points:

1.  radfem writing and blogging is important.  not just “womens” writing and not just “feminist” writing but radical feminist writing specifically is important, and will be useful in challenging male supremacy, assuming that what works for men will work for us too.  granted, its a pretty big assumption and may be incorrect.  either way, it says something interesting about our plight; and either way, it supports us in doing it, in case any of us were wondering whether there is any reason to believe, any reason at all, that radical feminist blogging might help.

why?  because explicit language is known to create mutual knowledge, and mutual knowledge creates collective power to challenge dominance, and this dynamic is known and documented.  and radical feminists use explicit language.  radical feminists specifically do not pull our punches, and we do not use euphemisms to talk about what we mean.  we do not call intercourse “sex” for example, and we do not call male violence against women “violence” or “crime” or mutual combat or domestic discord or heated arguments.  we are the only ones who do this.  and while it is important that all women, any women are allowed to add theirs to the “marketplace of ideas” what radical feminists in particular are doing holds promise for creating collective power and challenging dominance (under patriarchy, this means collective female power to challenge male supremacy).  because of our explicit language.  according to dickwad video #1, anyway!

BTW the good stuff starts at 7:48.  everything up to there is egregious rape-apologism and blaming women for rape, when men lie to us with the specific intent to isolate us and commit rape.  i told you he was a dickwad.

2.  women-only spaces are important and necessary to challenging male supremacy.  according to the second video, “good ideas” come from hunches colliding with other hunches, and this occurs when people interact with other people and their ideas play off each other.  this does not happen in isolation as frequently or efficiently as it does in shared spaces where people talk freely about their ideas and share knowledge.  and again, women who are having “hunches” and ideas of the radfem kind are going to help each other incubate and birth “good ideas” of the radfem kind.  this dynamic has particular significance to radical women, and radical spaces.

and i guess there is a third point being illustrated here.

3.  misogynists and male-supremacists will be particularly motivated to wipe radical feminist writing and radical spaces from the face of the earth.  the import of explicit language and idea-sharing is common knowledge among men, and this knowledge is passed among men through various media like youtube.  they know these dynamics exist and their potential for challenging dominance and generating good and even revolutionary ideas.  the fact that they are trying specifically to destroy radical feminist writing logically follows, and their acts in furtherance of that are not unconsidered or random.

even if radical feminist writing and spaces wont work for us because the rules are different for us, misogynist men are showing us, by attacking us, that they see what we are doing and *they* have every reason in the world to believe that it might actually work.  we are doing what they have always done, and their expectation (and fear) is that its going to work for us like its worked for them.

they might be wrong about that of course, as they constantly deny that the rules are different for us than they are for themselves, because patriarchy.  but as is frequently the case, their response tells us quite a bit about them, and whats motivating them.  for example, that their response is to attempt to destroy us tells us that they are, in fact, the dominant class, and they are demonstrating that they know it: assuming that these dynamics exist, and they know these dynamics exist — and according to them, they do — only a dominant class which was cognizant of its own dominance would have reason to behave as they are behaving.  their denial that patriarchy exists, that they benefit from it and any plausible deniability that they know about all of it — ie. its deliberate — are thoroughly debunked.

thanks to these videos and the dickwads who aired them in public, we now have some information and context that we can consider, and decide to do something with it or not.  of course, in the case of the first video, we had to sit through 7:47 of rape-culture to get there.  interesting, that.  its almost exactly as if we were supposed to dissociate due to the rape-references and stop listening before he said anything that might be helpful to us.


What Male Entitlement Looks Like March 5, 2012

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everyone knows that in relationships with women, men lie constantly.  constantly!  they lie about everything, from the smallest thing to the biggest thing.  especially the small things.  and…especially the big things.  they seem incapable of telling the truth, in fact, so much so that a cynical reasonable person might conclude about men, as we are told to conclude about alcoholics and addicts, that if their lips are moving, they are lying.  you can pretty much take that one to the bank.

and unless you enjoy the warm breeze generated by the lip-flapping, its best not to be in the way of a compulsive liar generally, because of the utter destruction and devastation they cause to everyone in their path.  get out of the way, would seem to be reasonable advice.  but instead, when it comes to men lying to women within the context of the het partnership, where mens lying completely devastates and wrecks womens lives all the time, we hear things like…”nothing is 100%.”  this from mama rivers to her daughter melissa, when melissa finds out that her live-in boyfriend of 3 years has been clandestinely trolling craigslist for sex, among other things.  and melissa is devastated, of course.  i really feel her on this one.  i do.

but the thing about “nothing” being 100%?  actually, thats not true at all.  men lie.  THAT is 100%.  and if any particular man hasnt lied to you yet, its only because at the present time, telling the truth works.  when the truth ceases to be useful to him for whatever reason, he will stop using it.

men lie to women.  end of.  its a funny, funny joke, haha.  everyone that matters, chuckles about it, and moves on.  the destruction, when it happens to women, literally does not matter.  and make no mistake: the destruction is often very, very bad.  its not that its just a little destructive, thats not why its situation comedy-fodder.  its a lot destructive, and the “joke,” if you can call it that, is that the jokes on women.  this is what men do and its what men are.  and so many women have literally no other choice but to put up with it.  some women dont recognize that they have another choice, and even more women really dont have any other viable option, they are literally trapped with men who lie and they arent hallucinating about being there and being trapped.  so many women are *that* vulnerable, and without other viable options.  and *that* is fucking hilarious, to everyone who hates women.  which is pretty much everyone.

but why do they do it?  why do men lie to women about everything?  well, in a word, entitlement.  men lie to women because for their entire lives, since they could first cognate, boys and men have imagined what their lives would look like, and there was a woman there.  maybe a nice boat, a nice house, a good job, a nice dog, some small and large appliances, maybe even lots and lots of sex with other men!  but in addition to all of that, there was a woman.  it was part of the plan.  since they were first able to wrap their minds around the concept of a future-self, and im not sure at what age that happens, most men (even gay men!) knew that a woman would be part of the equation, that a woman was part of the package to which they were entitled.  because they are men.  and a woman is there, among all the other objects and appliances because women are just objects to men, nothing more.  think of male entitlement as a big boat, loaded with cash -n- prizes, where one of the prizes is a woman, and the men are the skippers.

and lying to women is part of the steering mechanism?  i guess?  men want their lives to go a certain way, and lying to women is partially how they accomplish that.  if things are going well, and telling the truth would keep him heading in the direction in which he wants to go, and would keep the woman there, great!  maybe he will tell the truth.  but the second the truth would cause choppy seas, where telling the truth would throw the life he imagines he is entitled to off-course, he will lie.  because keeping his entitlement on track is his goal.  his goal is NOT to be a good partner to a woman.

and if the woman bails (or is tossed overboard), he just gets another woman, and starts lying to her as soon as it becomes necessary.  the women are as interchangeable as any other object, it could be anyone.  dont take it personally, would actually be pretty good advice, because in this scenario, you arent a person.  you might be the boat, but you arent the captain and you arent the first mate either.

this is men steering their own individual completely loaded with pirate booty barges through the navigable waters known as “life” when you are a man.  they are trying to get somewhere, dammit, and they leave many, many female bodies in their wake.  and to the extent they care about that, its only because they might find themselves stalled, or even going backwards for half a second while any particular storm passes.  but thats all it is.  any guilt or regret or “i’m sorry” you might get from a man, has nothing to do with a “conscience” or any other emotion or cognition evoked where one human being either “accidentally” or on purpose (or “accidentally-on-purpose,” yes thats a thing) wrongfully destroys another person and hurts them perhaps beyond repair.  its nothing like that.

the only way a woman might understand what this feels like, from mens perspective, is to imagine how she would feel if she destroyed a very useful object she owned, either accidentally or on purpose.  can you feel it?  can you?  good.  this is “empathy” afterall: feeling what another person feels.  if you thought a man in your life was feeling anything more than that, when it came to you, well, you were wrong.  and youve probably been projecting this whole time, not empathizing.

the look on melissa’s face when she realizes what has happened to her, is what a moment of clarity looks like.  she knows EVERYTHING at that moment, on an individual and probably a systemic level.  this is what a breakthrough looks like, and no, it aint pretty.  and the rage and extreme sorrow on joan’s face as she is witnessing the events happening to her daughter are very revealing too.  joan knows whats up because she has doubtless seen the same thing countless times before.  too bad they will both promptly forget the whole thing.  or pretend to.

and meanwhile, melissa is attempting to raise a son, and is concerned about how this man has hurt her boy-child.  surely she also knows that this man was her son’s teacher, since her son is a skipper-in-training, and that her now-ex has actually helped her son out quite a bit by showing him how its done?  the look of unbearable agony tells me that she probably knows that, too.