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I Think I’ll Stick With “Plan C” But Thanks Anyway, Vaginal-Intercourse Extolling Heteronormative Asswipes December 27, 2009

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this is a commercial for the new “Plan B” emergency contraceptive, which was approved in 2006 to be sold over the counter to women ages 18 and up (and just became legal in 2009 for 17-year olds) without a doctors’ prescription.

the first thing i thought upon seeing this commercial for the first time was “where are all the guys?” these women are waking up alone the next morning, having experienced a “contraceptive failure” the night before. understandably, they are mortified. horrified. freaked. been there, done that. whats *not* immediately understandable is why they are *alone* and confronting the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy alone, their male partners nowhere in sight. the guys just got up and…what? went to work? went out for breakfast? went out with the doodbros? went home the night before? WHAT? where are they?

this is the very narrative of misogyny and heteronormativity. guys: ejaculate into a womans vagina, and leave. women: stay at home and deal with the aftermath of vaginal intercourse, alone. check, and check.

heres another commercial that didnt air here, but is available on youtube. i found it extremely triggery, but its worth watching in order to rip it to shreds afterwards: